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VIDEO. situacion 1 : David is talking with Tomomi when Monica comes into the room. ________________ are meeting for the first time. David and Monica David and Tomomi Tomomi and Monica David, Monica, and Tomomi .
VIDEO. Situation 2 : Ken and Nancy are at a restaurant. Ken ______________ is having steak tonight stopped eating steak eats steak a lot prefers chicken to steak .
VIDEO. Situation 3 : Karen calls Jason’s home. Jason’s father answers the telephone. Karen is going to______________ speak with Jason at work call back in an hour wait for Jason to call send a written message .
VIDEO, Situation 4 : A reporter is giving today’s weather forecast. It will be clear in __________ the Northeast Seattle Boston Miami .
5. In Seattle, the weather is__________ hot snowy cool rainy .
VIDEO. Situation 5 : Bill invites Jennifer to go to dinner and a movie. 6. Jennifer doesn’t accept right away because she can’t__________ eat a late lunch go to dinner see the movie Leave work early .
7. They’re going to__________ leave work a little early go to the movie before dinner see the movie tomorrow have dinner at 7.00 .
VIDEO. Situation 6 : Linda is asking Jim about his plans for the summer. 8. In the summer, Jim usually__________ stays in the mountains takes trips with his family visits his parents goes to the beach .
9. This summer he’s planning to __________ st ay at home go to the beach fish with his dad hike in the mountains.
VIDEO Situation 7. Phil is talking with Susie about money 10. Phil is upset because__________ Susie can’t lend him any money his parents won’t give him money Albert hasn’t returned his money his friends never lend him money .
11.Albert______________ didn’t borrow $ 100 isn’t working now doesn’t need the money can’t return the money yet .
12. Susie doesn’t lend money to friends because__________ she has just enough for herself lending money can change a friendship people won’t lend her money her friends don’t need it .
Situation 8 : Natalie and Chuck are talking about their experiences abroad 13. Chuck went backpacking__________ in Brazil by himself after high school with his father .
14. Chuck says he « would have liked to have seen Portugal ». He means that he _____________ went there, and he liked it didn’t go there, but he wanted to went there, but he didn’t like it didn’t go there, and he didn’t want to .
15. While Natalie was in Japan, she _________ traveled all over the country lived with a Japanese family learned Japanese quickly got very homesick .
16. Chuck doesn’t want to_________ travel anymore learn a foreign language stay at home live abroad .
Situation 9 : Diane and Conrad are talking about their careers 17. Conrad got into advertising because he_________ studied advertising in college heard about a job opening liked to help people. was tired of his old job .
18. When he was young, Conrad wanted to__________ work in advertising become a doctor stay in school go into business.
19. Diane’s parents didn’t want her to__________ start her own business finish college be too successful change her career .
20. Conrad______________ owns his own company enjoys working in advertising thinks his job is boring wants to leave his job .
Betty Chan : I usually stay home on Sundays and take it easy –read, clean the house, do stuff like that. But today I’m at the mall. I’m buying some things for my kids. 21. Betty is_____________ today shopping reading cleaning resting .
Tony Perez : I’m a flight attendant with a major airline. Flying isn’t dangerous, but it can be stressful. When I’m up in the air working, I always have something to do. I like it because I meet a lot of interesting people. 22. Tony’s job is_____________ busy easy relaxing boring .
Dear Sally, Greetings from France‐ it’s so good to be back here again ! We left the kids with their grandparents in Chicago, andwe’re biking across the French countryside by ourselves. We brought a tent and sleeping bags,so we can camp out if we want to, but we’re really enjoying the small hotels we find along the way. Love, Michael and Paula 23. Michael and Paula___________ have been in France before took their children with them are visiting their grand parents prefer to sleep outside .
You ‘re deeply involved in atask and can ignore everything around you – ringing telephones, your neighbor’s TV, even your own hunger ‐‐‐ and still do things in record time. This is similar to what athletes call the « zone » : the power to concentrate so hard that you can ignore everything else. This ability can bring success in any field, but in athletics it can mean all the difference between winng and losing a game or event. 24. In this re ading, the « zone » refers to a person’s ___________ state of mind neighborhood physical condition intellligence .
25. Athletes in the « zone » are more likely to_________ fall compete win relax.
Henry Ford became famous and rich because he found a better, faster way to build cars. This is shown in the history of the Model‐T.When the Model – T was first introduced in 1908, it took 14 hours to build and cost $ 850. After Ford introduced into his own factory the mass – production techniques that he saw in a meat‐ packing plant, the time for buildinga Model‐T was reduced to less than two hours. As a result, Ford was able to drop the price of the car to $265. By 1927, he had sold over 15 million Model‐Ts. 26. The first Model‐T was expensive because it______ was new was very popular took a long time to build was built in a factory .
27. The Model‐T became so popular because it was___________ than other cars Newer faster better cheaper .
When it comes to body weight, Americans stand out. Most visitors to the United States, no matter where they go across the country, comment on the size of many Americans. In fact, these impressions are backed by numerous statistics. For example, the average 5’4 ‘’ American weighs 162 pounds, or 15 pounds more than the average person of the same height from Western or Central Europe. Another comparison : At 150 pounds, the average 5’ 4’’ American woman is 24 pounds heavier than her Japanese counterpart. Why are Americans so heavy ? Some blame the American diet. Certainly it’s true that Americans eat more high‐fat foods – meat, dairy products, and processed food – and fewer grains and vegetables than people in other countries. But fat isn’t the whole story. Lifestyle factors ‐ including the tendency for Americans to drive rather than walk or ride a bicycle to work,,to snack throughout the day, and to have so many labor‐ saving devices in the home – appear to contribute to the problem. 28. According to the article, visitors to the United States often comment on the size of the __________ population cities country people .
29. According to the article, the average Western European weighs __________ more than an American more than a Central European less than an American less than a Japanese person .
30. In comparison with Americans, people in other countried eat more_________ meat dairy products processed food grains .
31. The article implies that Americans would lose weight if they_______ snacked more often rode bicycles to work stayed at home more ate fewer vegetables .
32. According to the article, the main function of small talk is to__________ show our own importance get valuable information relate to other people talk about major issues .
33. « Start with the obvious » means that you should talk about things that you___________ have in common enjoy doing want to understand know everything about .
34. You need to be careful when complimenting someone because most people_________ don’t like compliments don’t dress very well can’t change how they look haven’t done anything interesting .
35. You should avoid monologs because other people________ have no interest in what you say already know a lot about you like to talk about themselves, too. prefer to discuss neutral subjects .
36. This article discusses the ____________ tiny minority of people who have headaches history of medical research into headaches causes and remedies for headaches physical problems caused by headaches .
37. A tension headache can result when___________ the neck and back muscles relax people get injured in an accident the flow of bblood is restricted too much oxygene goes to the brain .
38. Migraine headaches__________ are the most common kind of headache usually last only a few minutes can cause extreme pain have one main cause .
39. Medicines for migraines____________ relax the head and neck generally relieve tension increase the flow of blood cause blood vessels to contract .
40. Headaches caused by serious physical problems__________ can’t be treated don’t cause much pain have no symptoms are not very common .
41.___________ several good restaurants in our neighborhood. There They’re There are Their .
42. The gas station is________ Main Street. on at next close .
43. « I can’t swim very well. » « I can’t _________. » too either so neither.
44. I enjoy_________ out two or three times a week. to eat eating eat I eat.
45. These days,____________ women keep working after they get married. most most of almost the most .
46. My new job is very__________ excitement excited exciting excite .
47. After finishing college, I hope ______ married. get that get getting to get .
48. Mt Everest is _________mountain in the world. the high high as higher than the highest .
49. Bob’s never been skiing,_____ he ? is has does was .
5O. I’ve run out of money. I wish I ________ more. I am saving have saved had saved will save .
51. Could you tell me where _________________ ? is the post office the post office is is it the post office it is the post office .
52. If I had known about the accident, I _____________ it to the police. reported would have reported was reporting have been reporting .
53. Yolanda ________ part time for several years now. has been working Is working works was working .
54. The Taj Mahal is really worth___________. to see seeing you see it see .
55. If I went to live in a foreign country, __________my friends. I’d miss I’m missing I missed I mis .
56. Would you mind_________the window ? open opening to open I open .
57. I was interested__________ the violin. to study study in studying studied .
58. Before a film is finished, it needs _________ they edit it to edit to be edited being edited .
59. By 2O2O, scientists _______________a cure for cancer. had found will have found are finding have been finding .
60. « What happened to Kate ? » « She must ___________ about our appointment. » forget be forgetting forgot have forgotten .
61. We’re not used ________ our own meals. cook to cook cooking to cooking .
62. Chicago, ____________ is nicknamed the Windy City, is the largest city in Illinois. It which what that .
63. __________John, I like to cook. Unless Except Instead Unlike .
64. Before __________ breakfast, I usually take a shower. eat to eat eating that eat .
65. I’m taking a class _________ learn more about my computer. so that in order in order to that .
66. For me, mathematics is________ difficult than biology. more the more most the most .
67. I would rather ___________ evening classes. don’t take not take no taking not taking .
68. I feel sick. I shouldn’t ___________ so much. to eat eaten have eaten eating .
69. Jim’s boss demanded that he ________________ to work earlier. has come coming is come come .
70. The earlier children learn to read, __________________ for their education. good the good the better the best .
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