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Some people need glasses to see well. True False.
Sandals are popular in the winter. True False.
You need trainers for sports lessons. True False.
Gloves protect your feet. True False.
Umbrella are types of jewellery True False.
A watch shows the time. True False.
A suit has often got a jacket and socks. True False.
Orange juice is healthy. True False.
A spider is dangerous than a fly. True False.
An elephant is a big animal. True False.
Grandparents usually are young. True False.
A commercial plane is fast than a combat plane. True False.
Dogs have 10 legs. True False.
a river is bigger than a stream. True False.
three plus eight equal eleven True False.
founded is the past tense of found. True False.
scarlet is a brilliant red colour. True False.
'B' is the first letter of the alphabet. True False.
Yellow is a color. True False.
you can use improve as a noun and as a verb. True False.
dozen is equivalent to 20. True False.
the past tense of find is found True False.
equivalent to is (more or less) the same as equal to. True False.
the sun is very hot. True False.
Is China the largest country in the world? True False.
Is Venus the closest planet to the Sun? True False.
Spiders have 6 legs. Is it true or false? True False.
You hear with your nose. True False.
Up is the opposite of down. True False.
We isn´t students, but we work at the university True False.
five plus nine equal fourtheen True False.
Watching horror movies doesn‟t cause any reaction in your body. True False .
The study of stars is called astronomy. True False.
Sharks are mammals. True False .
Mars is the closest planet to the Sun True False.
There are seven continents in the world. False True.
Saturn is the largest planet in the solar system. False True.
Honeybees are the fastest flying insect. True False .
Canada is the second-largest country in the world True False.
Australia is both a country and a continent. True False.
Mount Everest is present in the Himalayas True False.
Vatican City is the smallest city in the world. True False.
Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system True False.
Elephants are the biggest mammals in the world. True False.
Meat is consumed by herbivore animals. True False .
The human body is a perfect machine. True False.
Humans have 4 senses. True False.
There are 20 countries in the world. True False.
The Equator is the latitude that runs through the center of our planet Earth. True False.
31st January is when the Sun is closest to the Earth. True False.
Africa is also called the Dark Continent. True False.
Water vapor is a colorless gas. True False.
Do you need oxygen for breathing? True False .
The full form of CVD is cardiovascular disease? True False.
French is the official language of Brazil. True False.
Penguin is not a bird. False True.
There are seven players in basketball. True False.
The national flag of America has stars and stripes on it. True False.
Nails are made of keratin. True False .
A dozen is made of 12 units True False.
Spiders have 6 legs True False.
Ecuador has 4 regions. True False .
Do we find terminal hair on our heads? True False.
Quilotoa lake is located in Cuenca True False.
Computers are mammals. True False.
Math, English, Music are video games True False.
Second floor is considered as a flower. True False .
Lunch room is a space where people eat food. True False.
Brain means cerebro. True False.
Crocodile is a wild animal True False.
Vatican City is the largest city in the world. True False .
a panda bear is bigger than a mouse. True False .
Pneumonia is a kind of infection that affects the lungs. True False .
Meat and vegetables are consumed by omnivores. True False .
Children like puzzle games True False.
Penguins are considered to be flightless birds. True False.
grasshopper is an insect. True False .
Carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, beans are fruit. True False .
The smallest particle of an element is the molecule. True False .
Ice cream is a delicious dessert. True False.
Smoke is dangerous for the environment. True False.
Small is the opposite of big. True False.
The sense of touch is activated by the eyes. True False.
The capital of Spain is Madrid. True False.
Snacks are not healthy food. True False .
There are a lot of stores in a city. True False.
“Stop” is a traffic signal True False.
“Twist” is a verb. True False.
Twins are two different people. True False.
“Strong” is the opposite of “fat”. True False.
Triangles, squares are geometric forms. True False .
New York is also known as „The Big Apple‟. True False.
You use your eyes to see True False .
You use your ears to smell. True False .
The sun is too hot to be touched. True False.
One hundred thousand consists of five zeroes. True False.
“behind” is considered a preposition. True False .
A is the first letter in the range of alphabet order? True False.
Sheep don‟t have wings to fly. True False.
A dog has 20 legs. True False.
Mercury is the hottest planet in the solar system. True False.
Violet is a colour. True False .
Cherries are red. True False.
Does the rainbow have 7 colours? True False.
left and right are verbs. True False.
Sandcastle is made of grass. True False.
Tank is a place where fish can live. True False.
Children like to enjoy in a playground. True False.
“Jump” is an adjective. True False.
Fingers, ears, hands are parts of the human body True False .
Up is not the opposite for down? True False .
three plus four equal seven. True False.
Washington DC is the capital of France. True False.
Spaghetto is the term used for a single strand of spaghetti. True False.
Lungs are not important to breathe. True False.
Power is not the ability to do work. True False.
Cotopaxi Mountain is a cold place to live. True False.
The hardest natural mineral is not diamond. True False.
Light common multiple is the full form of LCM. True False.
A butterfly is not a bird. True False .
Penguins are not birds. True False.
1 kg is equal to 1000 grams. True False.
Butterflies are birds? True False .
Italy is the capital of France? True False .
Einstein was the first person to walk on the moon? True False.
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