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English test

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English test

In the test are 60 questions, you have to choose answer correctly

Manuel, Pavel, Nykole, Frida
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Número preguntas: 60
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When _____ your birthday? is am are .
He ____ tall is are am .
She is _____ mexican mexico .
What ____ do you do your homework? time when is .
They ____ family is are am .
Where is the flag from? French Francia France .
She appears to be angry happy sad .
She _____ brown eyes? has have .
They are ____ colombian columbia.
_____ is the party? When Who What .
When ____ the store open? do does .
The baby is ____ short tall .
She is from _______ Canadian Canada Canad.
He is Mario and ____ hobby is play soccer his has are .
What are you ______? do doing mean.
What´s this Go past the school Go past the bank Go around the post office .
What´s this ? intersection left rigth.
What´s this ? right left intersection .
What´s this ? left right straight.
Jorge is Italian. Where is he from? Germany Italy Brazil .
Nykole is chinese, where is she from ? China Grek Canada France .
Tanya is from Greece. She is____ mexican greek greecen .
Frida is from U.K., she is ____ ucranian british london .
It´s quarter to six quarter past three quarter past five .
It´s six o´clock quarter to six five to six .
It´s half past two half past one quarter to three.
Choose the correct answer I You He She It They We.
_____ old are you ? What Who How .
______ are you from? Which Where Who .
_____ is Pavel? When What Who .
Joe Biden was from United States. He was.
Manu is from China. He is_____.
Lino is from Portugal Portuguese Lisbon .
What´s this ? Intersection left right .
What´s this ? Go down the street Go up the street Go pass by .
What´s this? Go straight on Go up the street Go pass by .
What´s this? Intersection Traffic lights Street.
Benito Juarez was from Mexico. He was ____.
Unscramble the correct question: is / ? / your / name / what is your name what ?.
Unscramble the correct question: name / is / your / Carlos is Carlos name your.
Choose the correct answer China Colombia Chile France .
Unscramble the correct question: last / ? / your / what / name / is is name What your last ?.
Unscramble the correct question: ? / is / what / name / your name your What ? is.
I´m from Cuba Colombia Mexico .
Unscramble the correct question: job / ? / is / what / your ? your is job What.
What´s this ? Go up the street Go down the street Left .
Ana _______ like she is sweet look looks is .
Laura _____ long black hair have has are .
what ______ she describing? is are am .
Do you get up at five o´clock ? Yes, I do Yes, I does .
They _____ six computers has have is .
Who has black hair ? Ana Lucas Lola .
Who has a mostache? Mario Juan Lucas .
Who has grey hair ?.
Who is wearing glasses?.
Who is the oldest ? Mara Juan Mario .
Who is wearing a tie? Mario Juan .
Who has a black beard? Carlos Rogelio Gilberto .
Who is bald? Francisco Andrea Sebastian .
match the person's name with the color of their hair Enrique Franciso Berenice Luis Ismael.
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