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When Ashley feels "stressed," how does she feel? young motivated sick.
My father never answers the phone. You should send ________ an e-mail, then. her his him.
Kate: Did you live in the dormitory? . Ana: I ________ in a dormitory my first year. Then I _________ to an apartment. have lived / was moved was living / am moving lived / moved.
Kate: What ____________ "surprise" party? do you mean does mean is the meaning.
A: Who's the girl ________ to Clark Kent? B: You don't know her? That's Lois Lane. speaking speaks spoke.
Read the email. Choose the correct answer. "Ahoy! Mail Date: Tue, 30 Oct. From: ""Zoe Brown"" To: ""Elizabeth Watson"" Subject: new job! Hi Beth! I have great news. I got a new job! Thanks for being a reference for me. The interview went well (There were lots of questions, but, luckily, I knew the answers!), but they finally called me TODAY! I heard that there were five other candidates, so I am very happy! I start tomorrow! I found out that the company's location is in a nice neighborhood near a bus stop and a subway. The company even has a health club! No more excuses! I'm so excited! I'll call you tomorrow and tell you about my first day. Talk to you soon, Zoe" Why is the office's location a good one? It is near a subway It is near a restaurant It is near a health club.
One of the major processes that takes place in schools, of course, is that students learn. When they graduate from high school, many can use a computer, write essays with three-part theses, and differentiate equations. In addition to learning specific skills, they learn to think critically, to weigh evidence and to develop independent judgment. The extent to which this development takes place is related to both school and home environments. Teachers who are more open to new ideas and less authoritarian produce students who have greater intellectual flexibility and higher achievement test scores. Studies show that teachers are most demanding when they are of the same social class as their students. The greater the difference between their own social class and that of their pupils, the more rigidly they structure their classrooms and the fewer demands they place on their students. It is stated in the passage that teachers who are more open to new ideas__________. produce more successful students in terms of test scores and intellectual flexibility often come from a lower social class than their students are more authoritarian towards students.
"Dear Chris, I'm writing you from Buenos Aires, Argentina! I can't believe that I'm finally here. The flight was horrible! First, it was overbooked. The agent had to ask for people to change their tickets. When we departed, I felt sick because I waited too long to eat. Fortunately, the flight attendant was very helpful, and he got me a glass of water and something to eat. When we finally arrived, it was 3:00 in the morning. The next day, I began to explore Mar del Plata, the biggest tourist city in the country. I went to the beach first. The beaches are much longer than the beaches in the States. In Argentina, they love the ocean so much that they have a festival to celebrate it, called La Fiesta del Mar. In this celebration, the main event is a huge concert on the beach. The crowds of people there are incredible! And the scenery is absolutely beautiful! Today, I'm going on a tour of the city, and I will see the town square. I'll take lots of pictures. Talk to you later, Ana" What does Ana say she's going to do later? She's going to send postcards She's going to buy pictures She's going to see the city.
Choose the sentence that is correct according to the given words. the / Maria’s / around / do / grandparents / not / live / corner / bank / from / the. Maria’s grandparents not live around the corner from the do bank. Maria’s grandparents do not live around the corner from the bank. Grandparents Maria’s do not live around the bank from the corner.
A: _________________________. B: I think I’ll start with an appetizer. Are you starving? What would you like to start with? Do you like snacks?.
Choose the sentence that is correct according to the given words. at / Nancy’s / 10h00 pm / was / daughter / on / Mexico / in / born / Saturday. Nancy’s daughter was born in Saturday at 10h00 pm in Mexico. Daughter Nancy’s was born at Saturday at 10h00 pm on Mexico. Nancy’s daughter was born on Saturday at 10h00 pm in Mexico.
A: __________________________________ B: Yes, he did. Jorge lost his luggage at the airport last month. Where did Jorge lost his luggage last month? Did Jorge lose his luggage at the airport? When did Jorge lose his luggage at the airport?.
A: ____________________________________ B: My family and I were on vacation last week. Where were you and your family on vacation? How long were you on vacation? When were you and your family on vacation?.
Wait for me. I need to go to the ________ and wash my hands. laundry room restroom showroom.
Terry: Mom, can I miss school next week to go to a Shakira concert? Terry's mom: No. I don't want you to miss school for a concert. Terry: What? ! _________________I never get to have any fun. Don't let it get to you You can't be serious Keep cool.
Dean: Keep your voice down, Jackie! Dean told Jackie to keep ______ voice down. her his your.
Choose the correct answer. valuable / The thieves searched / that looked / the house / for anything The thieves searched the house for anything that looked valuable. The house that looked valuable for anything the thieves searched. For anything valuable the house that looked the thieves searched.
What happened in your life yesterday? I could be home now. After I got up, I had breakfast very quickly and I left home. Unfortunately I missed the bus. I will be waiting for the bus to go to the university.
It was_________ bad experience that I just want to forget it. such a a such so such.
Amy: What did you do last night? Lynn: I _____ to sleep as soon as I'd finished dinner. had go had gone went.
Ann _____ to Patty at the juice bar this morning. spoke were spoken was spoken.
Talia: It's all my fault. I blew it! Tony: ____________ Talia: Yeah, I guess you're right. Thanks. What does Tony probably say? I'm so ashamed. I made a terrible mistake I can't believe you did that. How could this have happened? Calm down. There's nothing you can do about it now.
Talia: It's all my fault!, I should've been more careful! Amy: __________ Talia: Yeah, maybe I'm overreacting. What does Amy probably say? I guess you're right. You shouldn't have done that. Stop beating yourself up. It's not that bad. You shouldn't have let that happen.
Dom: Hey, Sally. Could you ________ me set up table number four? I'm really busy. Sally: Sure. I'll be right there gets help have.
Nick is a star soccer player. He _____________ on the national team since he finished college. was is going to be has been.
My mother convinced ________ my grandparents during my summer vacation. to visit me to visit me visiting.
If the restaurant hadn't been so crowded, the service might have been faster. This means that . The restaurant wasn't crowded The restaurant was crowded The service was very fast.
If you are traveling to France, you should buy a French phrasebook. It is _______ to speak to people if you have one! easier than easier easy than.
My apartment is nice, but your apartment is _______ nicest nicer more nice.
Choose the correct sentence: morning / There / Saturday / a / is / on / great / university / the / concert / at. There is the great concert on a university at Saturday morning. There is a great concert at university on morning the Saturday. There is a great concert at the university on Saturday morning.
Amy ______ very hard and _______ manager of the company last year works / becomes worked / becomed worked / became.
Yeah, I think it's a good idea to _______ about Dean and Jackie for now. keep going keep going to keep go.
I managed to__________ quite a lot of Italian while I was on holiday in Rome. pick up drop off pick off.
After you ____ the subway station, _______ right. are leaving /to turn leave / turn leaving, turn the.
A: I am going to swim in the pool, mom! B: Ok Mike. Don´t forget to wear ______ sunscreen toothpaste a flashlight.
I like this red dress, it is _________ the blue one beautiful than more than beautiful more beautiful than.
A: What are you going to do with your car? B: I think I´m ________ it! go to selling going to sell going to selling.
What´s your __________ next week? cancel check in schedule.
He has _______ potential than anyone thought big bigger the biggest.
When the fire alarm went off, we left the school and ______ outside for the fire brigade arrive. They only took three minutes. will wait wait waited.
Do you like _________ ? bedtime snores naps.
Which of the following adjectives, are superlative? more relaxing / more exciting / cheaper the most affordable / the warmest / the largest friendly / unusual / scenic.
A: Did you by the math´s book at the library next to my house? B: Yes, I did. It was ________ the one in the new library. less expensivier than expensivier less expensive than.
He ________ laughing when he realized his mistake broke into explode in burst out.
Frank, what´s _____ animal in the world? slow slower than the slowest.
A: Are Emil and Lisa married? B: No, but they´re ______. They getting married next year!! single proposed engaged.
A: Did you study French last year? B: No, I didn't. I ______ German were taking took take.
I don´t want _______ mustard! any a some.
The Doctor _______ Emi right now! examine is examining examines.
A: Do you want to go out for lunch with me? B: Sorry, but I can´t right now. I _____a lot of work during the middle of the day am always having should always have always have.
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