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English test-Review

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English test-Review

Topic review

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Lino is from Spanish Spain.
Andrew was from Venezuela. He was Venezuelian Venezuelan .
What is the correct nationality of Australia? Australian Austrian .
The country that belongs this nationality Mexican Mexico Mexicano .
Abraham is from Brazil. He is .
Ordene la frase correctamente: Meza/from/France?/Is Meza from France? Is.
You are Mitchell? Name of yours Mitchell Your name is Mitchell.
Sebastián was from Japan. He is Mexican Japanese.
Countries and nationalities China Japan Mexico USA.
Cristiano Ronaldo is from Portugal. He is.
Mbappe is from France. He is .
Lizeth is from Mexico Mexican .
Ordene la frase correctamente: Mexico/Sebastian/from/is Mexico Sebastian is from.
I'm from_____,I'm_____ Colombia/Colombian Mexico/Mexican USA/American.
Unscramble the question: your/address/email/What’s /?.
Unscramble the question: Where/you/are/from/? .
Unscramble the question: are / old / How/you ?.
The country in Egypt, which one is the nationality? Egyptian Egiptyan Egyptiano .
Unscramble the question: last/What/name/your/is/?.
If you are from Colombia, What is your nationality? Colombiano Columbian Colombian.
Alfredo is Mexican, What is your country? Colombia Mexico Argentina.
Unscramble the question: is/number/phone/What/your/? is your What number? phone.
Unscramble the question: are/you/How/? How you? are.
Unscramble the question: name/is/What/your/? name? your is What.
She ___ black hair is are has.
He has blonde hair eyes.
Has he have a brown hat? Yes, he has No, he hasn't.
Thasha has ____ eyes Black Blue Brown.
Leila has short hair eyes.
Leila has short ____.
Keira has ______ hair short wavy straight.
Luis has a shirt _____ green blue red.
What is the correct height? He is She is .
How old is...? Kevin Cindy Susan .
What is the correct weight? Fit Thin Fat.
What is the correct weight? Fit Thin Fat.
Whats this? Go pass Intersection Right Left.
What's this? Intersection Left Straight Right.
What's this? Traffic lights Left Intersection Right.
What's this?.
What's this?.
What's this? Go straight Take the first turning on the left Take the second turning on the left.
What's this? Go down the street Go pass by Go straight on.
What's this? Go straight Take the first turning on the right Take the first turning on the left.
What's this? Go around the post office Go past the church Go past the post office.
What's this? Intersection Go up the street Go down the street.
What's this? Go over the bridge Intersection Go pass by the bridge.
What's this?.
When does Luigui eat dinner? Between 5 ó clock pm and 6 ó clock pm At 9 ó clock pm At 10:30pm.
Does Luigui get into PJs between 8 ó clock and 9 ó clock pm?.
Does Luigui take a nap at 4 ó clock pm? Yes he does No he doesn't.
Ordene la frase correctamente: moving Luigui between 9_ó_clock and 8_ó_clock get.
When does Luigui draw? At 10 ó clock am He doesn’t draw Between 1 ó clock pm and 2 ó clock pm.
Does Luigui play baseball at half past seven pm? Yes, he does No, he doesn’t play baseball No, he play baseball at 5 ó clock pm.
Ordene la frase correctamente: play outside ? At does hour what Luigui.
Does Luigui play a board game between 6 ó clock pm and 8 ó clock pm? No, he doesn't Yes, he does.
Match correctly Six ó clock Ten to eight Half past four.
Ordene la frase correctamente: brush ó theeth clock 8 and his 7 ó clock between Luigui.
Does Luigui cook at 5:30pm? No, he cook at 5 ó clock pm Yes, he does No, he doesn’t cook.
Match correctly Five thirty A quarter past seven Ten ó clock.
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