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liking something so much that you do not want to stop doing it or having it.
someone who works for an employer for a fixed amount of time in order to learn a skill.
a container for heating water, that provides hot water in a house or steam for an engine.
to have enough courage or confidence to do something.
a type of fine soft wool.
a short video that is shown on the internet, or a short part of a film or television programme that is shown separately.
an instrument that shows the direction you are travelling in, with a needle that always points north.
sure that something will happen in the way you want or expect.
someone who paints houses and puts paper on the walls as their job.
become less, or to make something do this, to become smaller in size or number.
when something is taken to a place, or the things that are taken.
if an area develops, or if you develop it, it gets more industry, businesses etc and more houses, offices etc are built there .
a situation in which you must make a difficult choice between two things.
a bad feature of something, which causes problems or makes it worse than other things.
to meet someone when you did not plan to.
someone who starts a new business.
doing something to the greatest possible extent.
to behave as if you are sexually attracted to someone, but not in a serious way.
special equipment, clothing etc that you need for a particular activity.
stop doing or using something because of problems.
drinks such as beer or wine that can make you drunk.
someone who belongs to the highest social class.
to make your income and expenditure equal in amount.
dishonest or immoral behaviour, especially by people with power.
physically harmed, broken or spoilt.
very pleasant to taste or smell.
to leave.
a police officer whose job is to discover who is responsible for crimes.
the amount of space between two places or things.
a piece of equipment that plays films, pictures, sounds etc that have been recorded on a flat round object called a DVD.
the process of teaching and learning, usually at school, college or university.
using or relating to electricity.
the things you need to do a job or sport.
a particular race of people.
to take part in a war or battle.
if a computer screen freezes then nothing happens when you press the keys.
a machine that uses radio signals from satellites to show your exact position on the Earth.
to sound similar to something or someone else.
someone who knows a lot about a subject.
to be driving faster than the legal limit.
relating to sports.
a place where streets meet.
a mobile computer larger than a mobile phone, which you use by touching the screen.
someone who pays taxes.
to put your fingers or hand on something.
a system or method for carrying passengers or goods from one place to another.
a sports competition that tests the ability of people who want to be included in a team .
not treating everyone equally, or in a way that most people think is right.
unusual and strange.
growing old.
in spite of the fact that something is true.
the feeling of being very worried about something.
if the police arrest someone, the person is taken away because the police think they have done something illegal.
to like someone or something very much because you have known them for a long time.
a list of things that you have bought or that someone has done for you, showing how much you have to pay for them.
if a machine or a car breaks down, it stops working.
someone whose job is making and repairing wooden objects.
the force that makes objects fall to the ground.
when someone is homeless.
to make someone feel unhappy or upset / to cause someone or something to feel pain.
a small sign or picture on a computer screen that you choose when you want the computer to do something.
based on a situation that is not real but might happen.
a small piece of plastic or stiff paper that says who someone is.
to put something into someone’s body by doing a medical operation .
very difficult to believe, or too strange to be believed.
not affected by the laws of gravity, so things and people float instead of falling to the ground.
a piece of moistened tissue that you use to clean your hands and face.
working without being connected physically by wires.
a mobile phone which you can use to send emails and access the internet by pressing buttons and icons on the screen.
having the ability to communicate your thoughts directly to someone else’s mind without speaking or writing.
to remain in a romantic or sexual relationship, usually after a problem in the relationship.
a shop where you buy office supplies like paper and pens.
running shoes, which have studs on the bottom so that they grip the ground better.
a piece of equipment used on roads to take photographs of cars driven faster than the speed limit.
a nickname given to a part of California where many computer companies have their offices.
to officially tell your employer that you are going to leave your job.
to add software to a computer again.
a large container where you put glass, paper etc so that they can go through a special process and then be used again.
a round flat piece of plastic that music is stored on / to write down information or store it in a computer so that it can be looked at in the future.
a set of numbers, letters or symbols that gives information about something.
part of a magazine or newspaper giving readers advice about their problems.
to stop running a machine or playing a film or music for a short time before you start again.
clothing worn on top of your other clothes to keep you warm and dry.
a political party that is not part of the government.
someone who commits a murder.
to kill someone deliberately.
someone who attacks and robs someone in a public place.
unusual andsomeone who likes a style of art, decoration, design, music or way of living that is very simple strange.
the treatment and study of illnesses and injuries.
the state of being unhappy because you are alone.
an official document that gives you permission to do or own something.
the action of taking someone somewhere by force, especially in order to get money for returning them .
someone who takes someone somewhere by force, especially in order to get money for returning them .
a large tropical forest with trees and large plants growing very close together.
based on feelings rather than facts.
a book that tells you how to do something, especially how to use a machine.
hard work that you do as a punishment, usually while in prison.
someone who takes things from shops without paying for them.
to take things from shops without paying for them.
the job of being an accountant.
wanting to do new, exciting or dangerous things.
games played with a ball.
a web page containing information or opinions from a particular person or about a particular subject, to which new information is added regularly .
the crime of going into a building in order to steal things.
to go into a building and steal things.
relaxed and not angry or upset.
someone who has done something wrong or illegal.
having no children.
an old police case that has not been solved.
a place where people from the same area can go for social events, classes etc.
the state that something or someone is in.
something that you must agree to or that must happen before something else can happen.
causing a lot of disagreement among people.
designer clothes are made by a famous fashion designer.
a camera that uses a system in which pictures and sound are recorded and stored in the form of numbers.
without other places, people or processes coming between.
an official card that says that you are legally allowed to drive a car.
the test for measuring whether you have the skill to drive a car.
relating to trade, industry and the management of money .
an electronic device fastened round a criminal's ankle that shows where they are.
doing something using equipment with microchips that runs on electricity.
believing that there is nothing you can do to prevent things from happening.
to put or fix something in the place where it will be used, or to be the right size or shape for someone or something.
to repair something.
a scientist who studies the process of ageing.
the group of people who govern a country.
a member of a legion.
someone who makes speeches intended to make people eager to do something.
to trust or depend on someone or something .
safe from attack or harm.
to move up and down or from side to side with quick movements.
someone who is shopping.
a structure built in space where people from the Earth go to live and work.
someone who has a strong stomach can see or hear about terrible things without being made to feel nauseous.
a place that has been made for people to swim in .
to discuss a problem with someone before deciding what to do.
very strict.
to feel unable to do something because it is so unpleasant .
to let someone join an organisation, university course etc.
to find and use information, especially on a computer.
very serious or severe.
if you have debts, or if you are in debt, you owe money to someone.
to deal successfully with a problem, illness etc / to hit someone or something violently many times.
if you are better off, you have more money than many other people.
to lose your temper.
to disobey a law or rule / if something breaks, or if you break it, it separates into pieces, usually because it has been dropped, hit etc.
something that tests your skill or ability, especially in a way that is interesting.
work that someone does to help other people without being paid, especially as a punishment for a crime.
a good feature which something has, which makes it better or more useful than other things .
not agreeing with something.
a CD, record or tape with several songs on it.
to say that someone can do or have something.
to examine or think about something carefully in order to understand it.
a piece of computer software which does a particular job.
suitable for a particular time, situation or purpose.
the size of a flat surface.
not morally right or acceptable.
someone who keeps thinking about a problem or about something bad that might happen so that they do not feel happy or relaxed.
if a machine works, it does what it is meant to do.
to decide or plan something in order to solve a problem.
a building with a large flat central area surrounded by raised seats, used for sports or entertainment.
a situation in which people speak angrily to each other because they disagree about something.
a file that you send with an email message.
the average amount is the amount you get when you add together several figures and divide this by the total number of figures.
a bag used to carry things on your back, especially when you go walking.
an occasion when you cook and eat food outdoors.
a fight between two armies or groups, especially in a war.
an extremely large number of things or people.
to say or think that someone or something is responsible for something bad.
someone whose job is to protect an important person.
a weapon made of material that will explode.
a small shop that sells fashionable clothes.
the name a company gives to a product it makes.
an important new discovery or development.
to deliberately frighten or upset someone who is smaller or weaker than you, especially to make them do something you want.
a small part on a machine that you press to make it start, stop etc.
used to describe what should happen if things are done fairly or correctly.
when doctors cut into someone’s body in order to remove or repair a part that is damaged.
to become quiet after you have been angry, excited, or upset.
when you have a holiday in which you sleep in tents.
the punishment of killing someone who has committed a serious crime.
a worry or problem.
a place where people who are old or ill can be cared for.
to continue doing something.
something that is being dealt with by lawyers or the police.
money in the form of coins and notes.
to make something happen, especially something bad.
to do something enjoyable because it is a special occasion or because something good has happened.
the smallest part of a living thing.
used by or relating to the army, navy, or air force.
the minimum amount, speed, number etc is the smallest that is possible.
a politician who is in charge of a government department.
someone who has great power and influence in a particular industry.
in a way that is the result of nature, not of someone’s actions.
a woman whose job is to take care of a family’s children, usually in their own home.
feeling that you are going to vomit, or making you feel this way .
someone who owns or works in a shop selling newspapers and magazines.
to succeed in controlling a feeling or solving a problem.
an area of land that is not built on and is available for people to use.
a place where people go late in the evening to drink and dance.
if something is optional, it is available but you do not have to choose it .
an area of land or sea under which there is oil.
the action of attacking and robbing someone in a public place .
existing first, before any changes were made.
a small container made of paper or plastic that something is sold in .
a medicine that reduces pain.
to feel so frightened that you cannot think clearly or behave sensibly, or to make someone feel like this.
showing very strong feelings or ideas about something.
with very strong feelings.
a deep hole in the ground from which oil or water is taken.
to consider someone or something carefully in order to make a judgment.
people who have a lot of money or possessions.
a machine that washes clothes.
when there is fighting between two or more countries or between opposing groups within a country .
a small flat case in which you carry paper money, bank cards etc.
a section on your social networking site where people can leave messages for you.
to leave a place suddenly because you are angry.
working without being paid, especially to help people.
made, done, seen etc on the Internet or on a computer, rather than in the real world.
a violent storm/earthquake/explosion etc is one that happens with a lot of force.
someone who has been hurt, attacked or killed because of something bad.
someone who is trained to give medical care and treatment to sick animals .
a ship or large boat.
something you do as a joke to make people laugh at someone / something you do in order to deceive someone.
the number 1,000,000,000,000.
in or from the hottest parts of the world.
the belief that someone or something is honest or good / to be sure that something is correct or right.
a group of things or people that are similar to each other in some way .
someone who uses their power in a cruel and unfair way.
rare or unusual.
clothes that you wear next to your body under your other clothes.
when prisoners were moved from the UK to Australia as a punishment.
someone who makes arrangements for people to travel or have holidays.
a way of behaving towards someone or of dealing with them.
when you use something or someone for a short period to find out whether they are satisfactory.
when someone does not have a job.
to disconnect a piece of electrical equipment by taking its plug out of a socket.
to change written or spoken words from one language to another .
showing that you understand and care about someone’s problems .
to attach a tag to something or someone.
to do something that involves a risk.
a ship or vehicle used for carrying liquid or gas.
the taste of food or drink is what it is like when you put it in your mouth, for example how sweet or salty it is.
money that you pay to the government and that is used to provide public services.
how hot or cold something is.
the amount of an area that is empty or available to be used / the area beyond the Earth where the stars and planets are.
an organisation or club with members who have similar interests / all the people who live in the same country and share the same laws and customs.
computer programmes.
a piece of electrical equipment in which food is kept frozen.
a small tool or machine that helps you do something.
the action of making the ball go into the goal.
when something gets bigger or develops.
something that you do regularly or usually, often without thinking about it because you have done it so many times before.
to kill someone by dropping them with a rope around their neck, or to die in this way, as a punishment for a crime.
to stay in one place without doing very much.
the action of killing someone by dropping them with a rope around their neck, used as a punishment.
when someone is happy.
a piece of equipment in a computer that can read and store information.
to damage or hurt someone or something.
unkind, cruel, or strict.
the general condition of your body and how healthy you are.
used to say what someone or something looks like, or what features or qualities they possess.
a feeling of great happiness.
to travel to places without paying by asking people who are driving past to take you in their vehicle .
an activity that you enjoy in your free time.
to make something stay in a particular position.
something that is given to a person to show that people respect them and admire their achievements.
a loose jacket or top made of soft material, which has a hood .
a fixed period of time in the day when a particular activity, business etc happens.
work that you do to look after a house, for example cleaning and washing.
the houses that people live in.
used to introduce an idea, fact etc that is surprising or unexpected after what you have just said.
something official that shows your name, address etc, usually with a photograph .
something that you think of, especially a plan or suggestion.
to deliberately not pay attention to someone or something.
the money you get back when you pay more than something costs.
to deliberately damage things, especially public property.
a machine that cleans floors by sucking up the dirt from them.
used to say that something is used for for a particular purpose.
if something is urgent, it is very important and needs to be dealt with immediately.
relating to people who belong to the highest social class.
the rules of an agreement.
careful to check or test every part of something .
to make an object such as a ball move quickly through the air by pushing your hand forward quickly and letting the object go.
someone who is time-poor has very little time to relax and enjoy themselves because they are working so hard.
a small electric lamp that you carry in your hand.
a machine used in a shop to show how much you have to pay, and to keep money in .
to mark something with a tick (✓).
to steal money or other things from a bank, shop or person .
someone who steals money or other things from a bank, shop etc.
a machine that can move and do jobs like a person.
shaped like a circle.
the usual way that you do things or the things you do regularly.
a PC.
someone whose job is to help people decide what type of exercise is best for them and show them how to do it.
allowed because of a rule or law.
used to emphasise that you mean all of something.
the person who controls a court of law and decides how criminals should be punished.
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