Etapa 3 VCOI

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Etapa 3 VCOI

Examen de practica VCOI etapa 3


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Mathias is a hairdresser: He treats patients He puts out fires He cuts hair He Works in a restaurant.
Which sentence is correct: The children learn new things at school The children learns new things at school The childrens learn new things at school The child learn new things at school.
Choose the correct preposition. 6 o’clock in on at.
April in on at.
the morning in on at .
wednesday in on at .
Is your birthday in the fall? Yes it is. Yes, I am Yes you are Yes he is.
Do you have lunch at school? Yes I am No Im not Yes it does Yes I do.
Are you with your family at christmas? No he’s not No I’m not No I don’t Yes I do.
What time is your yoga practice? It is 8 o’ clock It is not The time is seven thirty It’s at 8 o’ clock.
_______her parents speak french? does do are aren't.
______Hector work in a school? is are do does.
I ___ early in the mornings. live take get up look at .
Choose the sentence that is true A waiter works in a restaurant A waiter plants trees A waiter drives a taxi A waiter plants trees.
Choose the sentence that expresses possession Ernie loves being with Friends Ernie’s Friends are very funny Ernie likes staying at home Ernie is a policeman .
What goes in the kitchen? Sink, microwave, fridge, cupboard Sink, microwave, playground, fridge Armchair, sink, microwave, table Rug, mirror, sink, couch.
What goes in the living room? Rug, armchair, bed, sink Table, rug, armchair, microwave Rug, armchair, couch, lamp Chair, fridge, table, sink.
Are there any books in your school? Yes, they are Yes, there are any Yes, books are in the school Yes, there are.
Is there a microwave in your kitchen? No, there are many There are not many No, there isn’t It isn’t a microwave.
Yes, there is a small one in my apartment. Is there a garden in your apartment? Is any garden in your apartment? Are gardens in your apartment? There are gardens in your apartment?.
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