Exam lesson 7 book 4

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Exam lesson 7 book 4

Mixed Grammar tenses

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Complete the sentence: (Bethany______(present perfect)(be)a surfer since the since the age of 5. have been has be has been .
Commplete the sentence. "At the age of 13,________(past simple) (rank)8th in the world". rank rannked ranked .
Complete the sentence: " Her future_____(simple past)(look) bright" looks loked looked .
Complete the sentence: "On October 31st 2003 she____(simple past)(go) surfing with her friends at the beach" goes went go .
Complete the sentence: "She ___(past progressive)(wait) for a wave. were waiting was waiting was wait.
Complete the sentence: " She suddenly_____(simple past)(feel)a sharp pain in her arm. feels felt feeling .
Complete the sentence: " She_____(simple past)(be) the victim of a shark attack" been was being .
Complete the sentence: Bethany___(simple past)(lose)60% of her blood but she managed to escape death" loses lost losed .
Complete the sentence. Bethany____(simple present)(be) lucky to be alive. be is was.
Complete the sentence: She____(present perfect)(promise) herself no to let anything stop her. have promise has promised has promise .
Complete the sentence: "a few months later she_______(simple past)(win) the Nationals in 2005. wined won wins .
complete the sentence: "Bethany___(present perfect)(not-return) to the beach. have not return hasn`t return hasn`t returned.
Complete the sentence: " When I__ (look)out of the window, I __(see) John. was looking and saw looked and see .
I____(not see) him for two days. don`t see did`t see haven`t seen .
They_____(live) this house since 1987. have lived has lives live .
My father _____(wash) his car while my mother and I_____(prepare) dinner. washed and prepared was washing and were preparing .
I think that they_____(arrive)to London now. will arrive would arrive will arrived .
He _____(buy) a new car last year. buys buyed bought .
When he___(try) to open the door , He_____(drop) his keys. tired and dropped was trying and dropped were trying and droped .
_____you_____(meet) her yesterday Is and meeting Did and met Did and meeted .
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