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TEST BORRADO, QUIZÁS LE INTERESEexamen de ascenso a crl - 2024 - I

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examen de ascenso a crl - 2024 - I

test de ingles

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Your dad never smokes, _______ he? isn’t doesn’t aren`t is does.
The boy has a high fever. He ______ be feeling terrible. might not must isn’t can’t may not.
When I got to class, I ________ eaten yet ‘m not hadn’t wasn’t won’t didn’t.
They would both like to eat ice cream, _____ they? won’t hadn’t would wouldn’t will.
Vicky hadn’t _______ to her older cousin for years. speak spoke speaking speaks spoken.
.I won’t _______ you after school today. able to meet be able to meet be able to met able be meet to to meet.
It’s bad table manners to pick up a soup bowl and drink soup from it. rules for polite behavior when eating the habit of being on time usual or traditional rules for polite behavior in society direction to get to a place.
I called the doctor’s office, but I got no answer. She ______ be in today could will mustn’t must have.
Mrs. Johnson, my neighbor, is still feeling a little weak after her surgery. feeling you are to vomit terrible pain short of breath happy times not strong, without energy.
The dentist ____ be able to see you today, but I’m not sure. will must would had may.
Thank you very much for fitting us in. making time for an appointment right now arranging time to come what the problem is helping.
A: What are the patient’s ______? B: She feels dizzy and short of breath. treatments medications symptoms emergencies pills.
A: What are the side effects of this medicine? B: It might cause ______. symptoms decongestant therapy nausea diagnosis.
By the time our train arrived in Boston, the tour bus had _____ for the city. yet left already left already leave left yet still leaving.
My arm aches. It’s ______ from the shot I got this morning. very sure not probably so.
Would you like to tell me _____I can buy a good watch? that where whose who whom.
Selena will get her brother _______ her hair dryer. to repair repair repaired repairs repairing.
The secretary is having some letters _______ right now. copying copied copy copies to copy.
Why don’t you have the waiter _____ your hat and coat? take to take taking taken takes.
A: Have the students done their homework yet? B: I ________. think not think don’t so don’t think so not think so think.
I’d like to know ______ anyone can recommend reading this new novel. who that what which if.
It’s taking me a long time to read these statistics because they are _____. page-turner travel book hard to follow trash a cliff-hanger.
Could you ______ us what you heard at the conference? say told said tell to say.
I’ll have the secretary ______ a note for you. wrote writes to write write writing.
A: Do we need to set the table now? B: I _____. I’m very tired. don’t hope hope not hope don’t hope not hope.
Choose the CORRECT sentence. I wonder who new friend is Sophia. I wonder who is Sophia’s new friend. I wonder who Sophia’s friend is new. I wonder who Sophia’s new friend is. I wonder who’s Sophia new friend is.
I always get my pants and suits _______ at Lava Clean. to dry-clean dry-clean dried-clean dry-cleaned dried-cleaned.
I bought a book which was a fast read. very popular easy to read too many pages difficult to understand really cheap.
I didn’t know ______ your grandpa had written this book. than what which that who.
A: Are you going to repair the microwave? B: I __________. don’t believe it so believe don’t believe so believe don’t so believe don’t.
You __________ loved your grandma very much. She was so nice may had should have would have must have could be.
Roxana _______ to marry Bob, but she changed her mind. would is going wasn’t going was going.
A harvest festival is an example of a ________ holiday. seasonal political religious historical social.
Jimmy was born with talents in both music and art. experience skills qualifications responsabilities requirements.
We _________ taken the train instead of this slow bus. could be couldn’t must to have could have must not.
John White was the first neighbor ______ moved in here some years ago. who’s which when who where.
Bastille Day is a historical ______ that is celebrated in France. holiday experience art parade march.
The flowers ______ arrived yesterday were really beautiful. than who that whose when.
We thought we would be late, but ______________. we won’t we weren’t we were we would we did.
A ________ holiday is related to people’s beliefs. religious seasonal get together historical happy.
Oscar wanted to be a rock star, but then his tastes ________. change to change changes changing changed.
Beatriz _________ studied Italian because she speaks it very well. should have may not have could have must have shouldn’t.
Keith shouldn’t _________ that big pickup truck. It uses too much gas. has bought had buy have bought had bought have buy.
Miguel thought he would get a good grade, but he _______ the exam. won’t pass didn’t pass haven’t passed passed passes.
We all believed the politician was telling the truth, but ________. he is he did he wasn’t he didn’t he does.
If I ______ you, I would get a new blender ‘m be were been am.
We decided ______ the new movie. our friends to see see not see to see seeing.
Health ______ more important than money is are be been were.
I wouldn’t have gone to class if I _______ I had the flu. had known known have known knew know.
That movie is too violent for the child _________. for see for seeing to see to seen see.
If television _____ invented, I would have read more when I was growing up. hadn`t be hadn’t been had been wasn’t were.
Some people don’t like _______ about politics. to talked talking talked talk to talking.
This area of the beach is not safe enough ______ because of the sharks for swim swimming to swimming for swimming swim.
If you saw an inexpensive TV set, ______ you buy it? would can will ought does.
Our mother always encourages _______ a good breakfast. us to eat to eat eat eating ate.
There are tons of mosquitoes in the mountains this time of year. a large number a few some several any.
If I had lived 200 years ago, I __________ a farmer would been would be would have been would had been ‘d be.
There are a lot of bears around here. It’s ________ for you to hike alone too safe too worse too high too late too dangerous.
Honolulu is ______ the island of Oahu ______ the state of Hawaii on – in at – of in – of of – in in – on.
Our family won’t be able to manage _______ on time. to arrive arriving arrive arrived to arriving.
Samuel seems to be interested _____ becoming a lawyer. in on at of about.
The students ________ to do homework. reminded were remind remind were reminded are remind.
Mr. Brown gave up ________ many years ago to drink drinking drink drank drinks.
Joseph has been _______ to rock music _______ he was a little boy listening – for listened – since listened – for listening – since listened – from.
Many women volunteered _____ as nurses in the war. to work working worked work works.
A: Have you been playing the guitar lately? B: Yes, _______: I did I had I have I was I do.
We have always been taught _______ with our mouths full of food. not talk talking talk don’t talk not to talk.
.I’ve already ______ three memos for my boss this week written been writing wrote write to write.
Rebeca came to our party wearing eccentric clothes. strange new regular conventional normal.
The passengers were advised _________ at the airport at noon. arrive arriving to arrive arrived have arrived.
A: ______ have you been doing Activity # 2? B: 15 minutes. How much How many How old How long How far.
._______ the workers required to be back from lunch at 2 pm? Do Was Were Did Is.
Japanese and Chinese characters are just _______ symbols to me careles powerless painless timeless meaningless.
Betty was so _________. She couldn’t sleep. restful careless helpful restless careful.
What they really liked about the song _______ the message. was are were does has.
My dad’s car was fixed, painted, and _______. sell selling sold to sell have sold.
Juliet wishes she _______ those cheap sneakers. hasn’t buy hadn’t bought didn’t buy hadn’t buy doesn’t buy.
My bicycle is gone. I should have _______ it in a safe place. leave left leaving leaves to leave.
We heard some weird voices coming from our neighbor’s house. known popular tough light strange.
I have ________ of nice jackets, but I never wear them to the office. much any a great deal a good number a little.
By Monday morning, the electrician ________ all the work. will have finish will finished will have finished will finishing will has finished.
This new machine is so hard to put together assemble take apart separate disperse split.
None of the kids stayed in their houses. ______ them went to the park. A great amount of A great deal of Any of All of Some of.
I’ll have finished _______ these chairs by the end of the day. paint painting to paint painted to painting.
The five of us chipped in and bought a gold necklace for mom. took away interrupted sold contributed delivered.
Why ____ Paul wish he hadn’t bought that second-hand motorcycle? will does is can should.
Cesar usually doesn’t have ______ time to share with us. some many few enough lot.
_______ of the children were invited to Pedro’s birthday party. Much A Little Any Little Most.
By this time next year, Susy expects ___ enough money to buy a new car. to have saved having save save have saved saving.
That girl wears really funky clothes. modern and attractive temporarily popular unchanging style of high quality old.
Uncle John was brought up to be thrifty and never to get into debt. extravagant prudent generous big spender funky.
I knew her as a hard-working, modest, and honest lawyer and politician. simple arrogant generous self-confident complex.
The money might be ______ somewhere in this room. hide hid to hide hidden hiding.
Josh doesn’t want ______ after 10 pm being disturbed be disturb to be disturbed disturbed disturbing.
It is not easy to put up with people who are irresponsible. refuse oppose tolerate hate be.
A: _______ can be prepared in advance? B: The salad. Who What Where How When.
Neither Ms. Jameson nor her sons _______ Italian. speak speaks speaking spoke spoken.
We expect ______ when there is a change to the schedule. being told to be told telling told to tell.
Neither my sister nor my mother ______ willing to cooperate. are is were does do.
A: ______ the assignment have to be submitted tomorrow? B: I guess so. Can Do Does Has Was .
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