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1. Complete this sentence: Hi! My name is Katy, What's is ____________ my name? his name? your name?.
2. IF YOU WANT GET IN TO THE CLASROOM, YOU SAY: May I go out? May I help you? May I come in?.
3. IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION, YOU SAY: I have a question I have an answer I have a class.
4. COMPLETE THIS CONVERSATION: *Hello! -Hello! _____________? * I'm fine thank you, and you? - I'm _____________ - What's your ________? * My name is Sandy. - Nice to meet you Sandy * __________________. how are you? - fine too - name - nice to meet you too fine too - name - how are you? - nice to meet you too how are you? - name - fine too - nice to meet you too.
5. ¿How do you spell KEYBOARD? uay - i - kei - bi - ou - ei - ar - di kei - i - way - bi - ou - ei - ar - di kei - ai - way - vi - ou - ei - ar - di.
6. CHOSSE THE CORRECT NUMBER: Two million one hundred twenty thousand, four hundred and forty nine 2,120,449 2, 125,449 1, 220,449.
7. CHOSSE THE CORRECT SENTENCE FOR THIS NUMBER: 35,621,893 Thirty five million, six hundred twenty one, eight hundred and ninety three Thirty five million, six hundred twenty one thousand, eight and ninety three Thirty five million, six hundred twenty one thousand, eight hundred and ninety three.
8. IF YOU NEED A NOTEBOOK, YOU SAY: You can lend me a notebook please? Can you lend me a notebook please? Lend me you a notebook please?.
9. IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO SAY "SALON DE CLASES" IN ENGLISH, YOU ASK: How do you say "salón de clases" in english? How do you write "salón de clases" in english? How do you spell "salón de clases" in english?.
10. IS AN ORDINAL NUMBER: Nineteen seventy four Twenty second Five hundred after christ.
11. CHOSSE THE CORRECT MATH OPERATION: 35 + 45 = 80 thirty five minus forty five equals eighty thirty five plus forty five equals eighty thirty five times forty five equals eighty thirty five divided by forty five equals eighty.
12. ANSWER THE QUESTION: What are you doing to do today? I'm sorry, I'm late Can I go drink water? I need to listen to the lesson 5.
13. COMPLETE THE SENTENCES: I need to do my ___________ Can I go to the ___________ I need to correct my _______ Can I answer my _________ errors - bathroom? - exam - cell-phone? exam - bathroom? - errors - cell-phone?.
14. CONNECT GREETINGS a. Buenos dias b. Buenas tardes c. Buenas noches 1. Good night 2. Good evening 3. Good morning 4. Good afternoon a-1 b-4 c-3 a-2 b-4 c-1 a-3 b-4 c-1.
15. WRITE THE SENTENCES AND CHOOSE THE CORRECT IN ENGLISH: 1. Esta es una engrapadora 2. Eso es un teclado 3. Estos son lapices 4. Esos son libros a. That is a keyboard b. Those are books c. These are pencils d. This is a stapler 1-a 2-b 3-c 4-d 1-d 2-a 3-c 4-b 1-d 2-c 3-a 4-b.
16. CHANGE THIS SENTENCE INTO A QUESTION: This is my classroom and those are my books Is this my classroom and are those my books? Is this my classroom and those are my books? This my classroom and those are my books?.
17. CHOOSE THE WORDS IN PLURAL FORM: 1. Men 2. Woman 3. Foot 4. Children 5. Teeth 2-4-5 1-2-5 1-4-5.
18. CHOOSE "A" OR "AN" FILL IN THE BLANKS: 1. _____ orange 2. _____ apple 3. _____ door 4. _____ eraser 5. _____ house 1- An 2- An 3-A 4-An 5-A 1- An 2- An 3-A 4-An 5-An 1- A 2- A 3-An 4-A 5-An.
19. ANSWER THE QUESTION IN NEGATIVE FORM: Are these chairs? No, these aren't. They are tables No, these aren't. These are tables No, they aren't. They are tables.
20. ANSWER THE QUESTIONS IN AFFIRMATIVE FORM: Is that a window? Yes, this is. It's a window Yes, it is. It's a window Yes, this is. This is a window.
22. ANSWER THE QUESTION: What is you favorite color? My favorite color is red My color favorite is red My favorite color red is.
23. CHOOSE THE CORRECT ANSWER Is the board white? Yes, it. The board is white Yes it is. Is the board white Yes it is. The board is white.
24. CHOSSE THE WRONG ANSWER: What color are the scissors? The scissors is blue The scissors are blue.
25. CHOOSE THE CORRECT QUESTION FOR THIS ANSWER: They are orange What color is the chairs? What color are the chairs? What color the chairs are?.
26. CHOOSE THE CORRECT ANSWER FOR THIS QUESTION: No, it is. It´s black Is the car white? The car is white? Are the car white?.
27. HOW DO YOU WRITE: "¿Cómo estuvó tu fin de semana? How was my weekend? How was your weekend? How did your weekend?.
28. HOW DO YOU WRITE: "¿Puedo ir al área de recepción?" Can you go to the reception area? I can go to the reception area? Can I go to the reception area?.
29. CHOOSE THE PERSONAL PRONOUNS: 1. You 2. Are 3. He 4. They 5. Is 6. Am 7. She 1-3-4-7 1-2-4-7 1-3-4-5.
30. COMPLETE THE SENTENCES: 1. ______ is my sister 2. ______ is your pet 3. ______ are my books a. It b. She c. They 1-c 2-a 3-a 1-b 2-c 3-a 1-b 2-a 3-c.
31. SUBSTITUTE THE NAMES FOR THE PRONOUNS HE, SHE, IT, WE AND THEY 1. Carlos is a boy 2. Pulgas is a dog 3. Diana is a doctor 4. Luis and Pablo are mechanics 5. Andrea and I are friends 1-She 2-It 3-He 4-We 5-They 1-He 2-It 3-She 4-They 5-We 1-He 2-She 3-It 4-We 5-They.
32. CHOOSE THE CORRECT ANSWER: Is Jorge a boy? Yes, he is Yes, she is Yes, it is.
33. ANSWER THE QUESTION: Are Carla, Nancy and Paula best friends? Yes, she are. Yes, we are. Yes, they are.
34. CHOOSE THE CORRECT QUESTION FOR THIS ANSWER: No she isn't. She is a teacher Is Lalo a student? Is Mony a student? Are Mony and Lalo students?.
35. COMPLETE THE SENTENCES WHIT "AM", "IS", OR "ARE" 1. Laura _____ beatiful 2. You and I _____ nice 3. I _____ a boy 4. Pepe _____ tall 5. Ana and you _____ girls 1-is 2-are 3-am 4-is 5-are 1-are 2-is 3-am 4-is 5-is 1-is 2-is 3-am 4-is 5-are.
36. YOU USE THIS EXPRESION FOR SAY: "What are you talking about?" ¿Qué quieres? ¿De qué hablas? ¿Estas bromeando?.
37. HOW DO YOU SAY "Que tengas un buen día!" Have a very much day! Hava a bad day! Have a good day!.
38. SUBSTITUTE THIS SENTENCE USING 'S This computer is of Katy This is computer´'s Mary This is Mary´'s computer This is Mary´'s of computer.
39. WHO IS WHO? 1. Brother 2. Sister - in - law 3. Parents 4. Son 5. Step mother 1-Hermano 2-Cuñada 3-Padres 4-Hijo 5-Madrastra 1-Hermano 2-Hermana 3-Padres 4-Primo 5-Madrina 1-Hermana 2-Cuñado 3-Abuelos 4-Hijo 5-Madrastra.
40. ANSWER THE QUESTION: Who is Paty's husband? Lalo is Paty's husband Lalo is Paty husband Lalo are Paty's husband.
41. WHO IS WHO? 1. Sister 2. Grandparents 3. Father - in - law 4. Daughter 5. Wife 1-Hermana 2-Abuelos 3-Suegro 4-Hija 5-Esposa 1-Hermana 2-Abuelo 3-Padrino 4-Esposa 5-Hija 1-Hermano 2-Abuelos 3-Suegra 4-Hijo 5-Esposo.
42. ANSWER THE QUESTION: How old is your cousin? My cousin is seventeen years old My cousin is very fine My cousin is Pepe.
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