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examen de marketing húngaro

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What is a basic contradiction of marketing? the conflict between buyers and sellers the conflict between competitor firms the conflict between interests of mass production and individual demands the conflict between business goals and environmental constraints.
The central component of any marketing philosophy is selling as much as possible to earn profits as much as possible to serve consumers as well as possible to develop new products again and again.
Which of the following is NOT an element of the marketing mix: pricing policy product policy marketing communication marketing research.
To solve a consumer’s problems and to follow, in the same time, social responsibility principles is vital in which concept: production concept product concept marketing concept social marketing concept.
Which of the following is NOT a marketing-oriented statement: „If we are not customer-driven, our cars won’t be either.” „Customers can buy any colour of car they wish from me, supposing that they wish a black one.” „We produce cosmetics in the factory, but we sell hope in the shops.” „We produce fertilizers. Our mission is to fight starvation and hunger worldwide.”.
Which market competition form is the most frequent in the economy of the 21st century? monopolistic competition oligopoly monopoly free competition.
What is a typical marketing strategy under the conditions of kinked demand curve: price competition product differentation mass marketing concentration on a special segment.
Competing with fair prices, good brand names, special features of the product, additional services, good quality means: price leadership concentrated marketing differential advantage social marketing .
Stars, question marks, cash cows, and dogs appear in which business portfolio model: Ansoff matrix GE business screen BCG matrix Market-product matrix.
A product having a high market growth rate but a lower relative market share is a: dog cash cow question mark star.
A product line having a high market share and a dynamic, growing market is called: star cash cow question mark dog.
To change the features of a product, according to the needs of the target segment is called: market segmentation product positioning targeting market positioning.
A culture respecting time as an important resource, and thinking „time is money”, is a: mono-chronic, m-time culture poli-chronic, p-time culture high language context culture low language context culture.
What is the difference between image and attitude in consumer behavior: Attitude is measurable, but image is not measurable, it is highly subjective Image is a relationship between two attitudes, product attitude and self-attitude Attitude is a relationship of two images, product image and self-image of the consumer Image is measurable, whereas attitude is not measurable.
Which category of the following is NOT an element of the 4Cs concept by Kotler: cost consumer value control communication.
Marketing Information System consists of the following elements: market analysis, research planning, implementation, control internal databases, marketing research, decision support system internal databases, marketing research, marketing intelligence, information analysis primary research, secondary research, surveying.
Which statement of the following is true? Secondary data collection is more cost-intensive than primary research Primary data can usually be obtained more quickly than secondary data Primary data are usually more reliable than secondary data Secondary data offers a direct relationship with customers.
The basic primary research (data collection) methods are: mail survey, personal survey, telephone survey, online survey survey, observation, experiment, simulation focus groups, consumer panels, Nielsen test test marketing in laboratory, market testing, data bank.
The main advantage of personal surveys is: the possibility to influence answers high rate of return low cost representative sampling.
A segment of the population selected for marketing research to represent the population as a whole is a: market segment sample focus group panel.
Motivation, perception, beliefs and attitudes are …………………. influencing factors of consumer behavior. cultural social personal psychological.
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has social needs in the pyramid. Social needs are on which level from the bottom? first second third fourth level.
A consumer would like to have a good glass of his favourite beer in his favourite pub, as usual. He always saves some money for having it when going home from work. This phenomenon is called: need want desire demand.
The first step of consumer’s buying decision process is: wants formation information search need recognition image creation.
Whiplash effect explains one important feature of organizational markets. This feature is: geographical concentration of markets more professional decision making increased sensitivity to market changes group decisions in the buying center.
Costs and risks are the highest, marketing activity is the most important in which buying situation: modified rebuy straight rebuy new task purchase systems buying.
Users, influencers, buyers, decision-makers, gatekeepers, initiators are elements of a: buying center buying process buying situation B2B marketing.
A company sells product „A” to a specific market segment with a certain marketing mix. A new product „B” will be sold paralelly, to an other segment with an other marketing mix. This strategy is called: undifferentiated marketing differentiated marketing concentrated marketing differential advantage.
The intangibility of services can make promotion difficult since services cannot be stored for future periods services can often be performed only at the customer’s location consumers may only judge a service’s quality after the service is completed services may be associated with the service provider.
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic that distinguishes the marketing of services from the marketing of goods/commodities? perishability inseparability intangibility labor intensiveness.
A service firm may help consumers perceive its offerings in a more tangible manner by operating an independent firm rather than a franchise paying more attention to the atmosphere establishing a tangible representation of the service, such as a membership card standardizing services via mechanization and automation.
In comparison to a multiple branding strategy, a family branding strategy allows a manufacturer to maintain a uniform image. seek access to multiple market segments limit risk to a brand’s overall reputation from a poorly performing product maximize retail shelf space.
A risk that a firm may face when using a brand-extension strategy for a new product is that a poor product may tarnish the firm’s current positive brand image brand recognition for the new product will be low customers will not associate the new product with the company many stores will not give the product sufficient shelf space.
A manufacturer seeks to generate dealer support for a new product by consumers ask for the good. The manufacturer hopes that dealers will then seek out the manufacturer. This illustrates a ………………… srategy. pulling pushing vertical integration dual channel.
The three broad categories of wholesaling are merchant wholesalers, agents, and brokers full-line, limited-line and merchant wholesalers manufacturer wholesaling, merchant wholesaling, agents and brokers full-service wholesalers, limited-service wholesalers, agents and brokers.
Prototype stores and a uniform marketing strategy characterize rack jobbers wholesale cooperatives franchise wholesalers general-merchandise wholesalers.
Which of the following is NOT a limited-service merchant wholesaler? cash-and-carry wholesaler mail-order wholesaler drop shipper rack jobber.
A diversified supermarket that sells a broad range of food and nonfood items is a convenience store warehouse store conventional supermarket superstore.
The total physical characteristics of a retail store that are used to develop an image and draw consumers comprises its trading area atmosphere image perceived image.
A source develops a message, transmits it to an audience via some medium, and obtains feedback from the audience in the promotional process the channel of communication the media analysis personal selling .
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