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What is the text about? There is no secret to turning a dull, straight news story into a bright, interesting one. It simply take good look at all the facts available, a decision on the most interesting aspect to the story and so imagination to turn that aspect into an eye-catching lead. -Judith L Burken. Introduction to Repor How to get a bright story of boring news Bright decisions to make when life is dull Imagination could be dull, real life couldnt Writing stories changing real facts for imaginary ones.
Which information is included in the menu? There is a combo with drink included Spaghetti is only prepared with one kind of sauce Kids have to pay for every glass of milk they drink There are four drinks available for kids.
What is the title of the text? Jeremy is an extremely intelligent man who is making a successful career for himself as an engineer addition, he is able to make a clear assessment of complex problems and make good decisions. At tim Jeremy tends to act a little impulsively affecting the relationship with his colleagues. However, he is a valuable asset to the company. A workers strengths and weaknesses A workers knowledge assessment Description of a meticulous worker How to be a successful engineer.
What is the purpose of the text? Our company offers a full time secretary position. Applicants must have two years experience in su position, computer skills, 20 to 45 years old and speak English fluently. Apply in person at 17 Summer St. Seek for a native English speaker Find the person that fulfills the requirements Look for a female secretary Search a man who is ready for commitment.
What is the purpose of the text? Condor International Airships Condor International Airships are more than just a way of travelling - theyre destinations in themselves. A Condor International flight is truly a travel experience without boundaries, one guaranteed to broaden your horizons and provide memories to last a lifetime. Call to begin your experience of a lifetime today. Havent you waited long enough? Give directions to locate an important airport Inform about flight destinations Persuade people to fly with this air company Complain about an airline service.
What is the purpose of the message? From: Ivan Purvis To: Dr. James Reeves Dear Dr. Reeves I have called you several times but nobody has answered the phone. I have been feeling sick for th days. My head hurts and I cough a lot. Would you please tell me when I can see you in your clinic? Regards Ivan Purvis Complain about the doctors absence Make an appointment with the doctor Describe symptoms of an illness Ask for medical advice.
Which sentence describes an action that happens at the same time that the conversation? Justin: Hello, Mrs. Wilson. Can I speak to Tom, please? Mrs. Wilson: He isnt at home. Hes at Jays house. Right now, theyre studying for an exam. You should c him on his cell phone. Justin: I did, but he didnt answer. Mrs. Wilson: Do you want Jays home number? Justin: Yes, please. Mrs. Wilson: Its 555-0679. Justin: Thank you, Mrs. Wilson. 1 2 3 4.
Bob: Where _______ she _______ right now? Beth: On Main Street, she _______ there with my sister. do-live-live are-living-live does-live-lives is-living-lives.
There are different kinds of students in my classroom, for example: Jonah is very smart but Jeremy is _______, Cindy is _______ than Peter in maths, but the _______ is Jeremy. smarter- best- better smartest- better- best smartest - best - better smarter - better - best .
Order the sentences to get a coherent conversation. 1. Well, I suggest you try this cream. Ill write you a prescription 2. Let me have a look at it. Thats a nasty rash. When did the problem start? 3. Thank you, doctor. When should I come to see you again? 4. It was a week or so ago, I think 5. Ive got a problem with my hand. My skin is very dry and sore 6. What can I do for you? 1, 4, 3, 6, 2, 5 2, 1, 6, 3, 5, 4 3, 6, 4, 2, 1, 5 6, 5, 2, 4, 1, 3.
Relate each question with their answer. J.K. Rowling Joanne Rowling [...] worked as a researcher at Amnesty International among other jobs. She started writing the Harry Potter series during a delayed Manchester to London Kings Cross train journey. Harry Potter & the Philosophers Stone (the first book of seven) was first published by Bloomsbury Childrens Books in June 1997, under the name J.K. Rowling. The "K", for Kathleen, her paternal grandmothers name was added at her publishers request who thought that a womans name would not appeal to the target audience of young boys. 1a, 2c, 3b, 4d 1b, 2a, 3d, 4c 1c, 2d, 3a, 4b 1d, 2b, 3c, 4a.
—Grandpa, if there wasnt internet when you were a student, how did you get the information needed your homework? —I used to read books and _______ to the library. —Then I am sure you didnt have time to chat with your friends. —You are wrong. We used to _______ a lot but we used to do it face to face. We used to _______ a lot of ti playing in the street or doing homework together. go-talk-spend went- talked- spent going-talking- spending goes-talks-spends .
According to the text, which is Mr. Smiths profession? Ladies and gentlemen, it is my privilege to welcome our speaker, Mr. Ethan Smith. It is indeed a gr honour and pleasure to have such a distinguished guest. Mr. Smith really needs no introduction, he is w known for all of us in the guild and for his last book in which he discovers a new theory that will help understand this disease. Lawyer Doctor Engineer Archaeologist .
According to the ad, which are the qualifications needed for the job? Description The Digital Advisor is the main point of contact for their portfolio clients and is responsible for build and maintaining excellent relationships with The General Manager at each customer site. Throu proactive contact with customers, the Digital Advisor will advise clients on their digital marketing strategy. Requirements • A bachelors degree in a related field is preferred, but 3-4 years of relevant work experience acceptable substitutes • Excellent written and verbal communication skills • Competency with computer applications and programs Bachelors degree is a must, masters in computer science, middle aged Bachelors degree in education, reading skills, introverted, computer skills Bachelors degree or 3-4 years of experience in the field, excellent oral and writing skills, outgoing 3-4 years of experience in written and verbal communication, self-centered, knowledge on computer programs.
What is the text about? At night from an aeroplane, the great gambling resort of Las Vegas looks like a twinkling golden river in the black vastness of the Mojave Desert across the High Sierra from Los Angeles. Alongside the ranks of slot-machines in the small airport there is an automatic machine that, in exchange for a dime, it gives you back a quick shot of pure oxygen. - Ian Fleming. Thrilling C- Tourist information of a trip to Los Angeles Review of a blackout in the Mojave Desert Description of a typical arrival to Las Vegas Recount of a journey to Golden River.
What is the mood of the second speaker? A: So, what are you up to these days? B: Not much. Ive been busy putting some web pages together. A: What about? B: Conversations in American English. You know, slang, common expressions, etcetera. A: Cool! Could I take a look? B: By all means! Actually I was going to run them by you. You got a few minutes? A: Absolutely! Angry Engeged Thoughtful Concentrated .
Complete the dialogue. A: Whats wrong with Miriam? B: Last year she _______ all her money and now she _______ to work again. spend-had spent-has spends-have spent-have.
Ecosystems will shift as those plants and animals that adapt the quickest _______ into new areas to compete with the currently established species. Those species that cannot adapt quickly enough_______ extinction. Scientists note with increasing concern the 21st century could see one of the greatest period of mass extinction of species in Earths entire history. Ultimately, global warming _______ life on Earth in many ways. But the extent of the change is up to us. move -will face - will impact is going to move - is going to - is going to will move - will face - will impact move - face - impact .
Complete el diálogo. Laura: _______ you ever _______ to Europe? George: Yes, two years ago. Have - gone Has - gone Have - been Has - been .
Lea el texto y conteste la pregunta. Fantastic Mr. Fox In his first animated film, Wes Anderson proves to be the perfect filmmaker to bring this childrens st to the screen. Mr. and Mrs. Fox are a married fox couple who live an idyllic life with their son Ash and their visit young nephew Kristofferson. But, after 12 years, the country life proves too much for Mr. Foxs w animal instincts. Soon he slips back to his sneaky ways as a chicken thief, and in doing so endang not only his own beloved family, but the whole animal community. Trapped underground with enough food to go around, the animals band together to fight against the evil farmers Boggis, Bun and Bean, who are determined to capture the audacious, fantastic Mr. Fox at any cost. Andersons film is a superb animated film that is uniquely entertaining and enjoyable. The voices of characters include George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Bill Murray and Owen Wilson. Fantastic Mr. Fox will be first screened at the BFI 53 London Film Festival in the Opening Gala. Who is Wes Anderson? the leading actor in the film the director of Fantastic Mr. Fox a relative of Mr. and Mrs. Fox a judge at the London Film Festival.
While climate change in the past _______ a result of natural causes, the current scenario _______ larg _______ by human behavior. has been - is being - caused was - has been - caused has been - is - causing was - had been - causing.
What is the text about? As soon as we received the notice of her arrival, everything became a whirl of excitement. We had to prepared so we practically changed all our usual way of living. We called her "Storm" because of energy and vital restlessness but we certainly missed her when she wasnt home. The arrival of springtime Organizing the visit of someone Moving to another house The coming of bad weather .
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