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Exposición de Ingles - Home

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Exposición de Ingles - Home

Questions of the topic of home

Julieta, Drake, Brisayda and Nancy
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1. A house that can often be rented for a vacation. a) Apartment building b) House c) Villa.
2. A large building that contains offices. a) School b) Office building c) Factory.
3. Today, I went to the _______ to watch the stars. a) Clinic b) Institute c) Observatory.
4. A building, which people can go for medical care. a) Clinic b) Farmhouse c) Prison.
5. A building where electricity is produce. a) Power plant b) Observatory c) Institute.
6. A large building divided in apartments. a) Apartment building b) Office building c) Cabin.
7. I learned a lot at _____ today. a) Office b) Clinic c) School.
8. The main house of a farm, where the farmer lives. a) Villa b) Farmhouse c) Clinic.
9. A set of buildings where large amounts of goods are manufactured using machines. a) Power plant b) Factory c) Office apartment.
10. How many + ______ a) Noun b) Plural Countable noun c) Uncountable noun.
11. Which one is a countable noun? a) Sugar b) Sand c) Books d) Salt.
12. Which one is an uncountable noun? a) Chairs b) Students c) Days d) Salt.
13. When do we use how many? a) When we want to know the quantity of something b) When we want to do it c) When we use uncountable nouns.
14. How ____ chairs did you buy? a) Much b) Many c) At d) Books.
15. “How many sugar did you put?” Is this question correct? a) Yes b) No.
Ordene la frase correctamente: Where from? come you you from? Where come.
Ordene la frase correctamente: like? your is What house like? is your What house.
Ordene la frase correctamente: is color What house? your your is house? What color.
Ordene la frase correctamente: have Does yard? a your house your have yard? a house Does.
Ordene la frase correctamente: small? or is your big house house big Is small? or your.
Ordene la frase correctamente: Do house? like you your house? like Do your you.
Ordene la frase correctamente: an in a you apartment? or house Do live Do house or you apartment? in a live an.
Ordene la frase correctamente: your describe house? would you How you How describe would your house?.
Ordene la frase correctamente: house your Is far? Is house far? your.
Ordene la frase correctamente: you do live? Where live? Where do you.
What are some types of rooms within a house? Laundry room, home, cinema Bedroom, game room, kitchen Dining room, food.
Which room is used for eating? Bedroom Dining room Kitchen .
What can we find inside a kitchen? Scissors Blender Paper.
What room is used to rest? Bedroom Living room Game room.
Most frequented rooms Kitchen and bedroom Game room Cinema and game room.
Why were the rooms created? For better comfort To be healthy To eat.
What can we find inside a bedroom? Home Pillows Lantern .
In what kind of room will we find video games? Game room Kitchen Laundry room.
What does room mean? Compañero de cuarto Habitación Casa.
Match each word with the correct answer Bedroom Laundry room Game room Kitchen Living room Dinning room.
Ordene la frase correctamente: your rooms does house many have? How many How rooms your house does have?.
Ordene la frase correctamente: bathrooms your have? How does many house How many house bathrooms does have? your.
Ordene la frase correctamente: Do a have garage? you Do garage? a you have.
Ordene la frase correctamente: furniture? have lot a you of Do of a have furniture? Do you lot.
Ordene la frase correctamente: your have house? in Do plants you have Do in plants you your house?.
Another name for sitting room Office Living room Kitchen.
What are room types? There are different types of room whitin a beach There are different types of room whitin a park There are different types of room whitin a house.
Where can you find dirty clothes? Laundry room Kitchen Living room.
Where do you live? In the Marquez de Leon In a market Under a bridge.
Where is your house? Brown In the first street Av. Dimond between the street A Big, Blue and 2 floors.
How many houses are there in your neighborhood? There are 24 In the street A It's big and has 3 windows.
What color is your house? Small Big Blue.
How are your neighbors? They are good people His name is Pablo I have 23 neighbors.
Your street is pavement? Red Yes it is Just in the night .
Ordene la frase correctamente: there neighborhood? Is park a your in there neighborhood? your a park Is in.
What do you use to vacuum? A vacuum cleaner A broom A knife .
What do you use for cook? A carpet A stove Socks.
What do you use to wash your clothes? Steamroller Washing machine Fire .
What do you use to make coffee? Spoons Eggs Coffee pot.
What size is your bed? Queen size Blue Nasty .
What color are your table? Small Brown Wood .
Where do you sleep? In a Bed In the Kitchen In the washing machine.
What item you can find in the living room? Lamp Bed Clothes.
A small, simple house made of wood Room Cabin Villa.
An organizartion where people do a particular type of work. House Cinema Institute.
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