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To describe people, personalities, and values

Ministerio de Educación Ecuador
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Hardworking is someone who .... works very hard helps people in need loves a particular activity.
Successful is someone who.... works very hard gets recognition for his or her labor shows love for others.
Brave is someone who.... loves a particular activity. helps people in need has great courage.
Passionate is someone who... helps people in need. loves a particular activity has great courage.
Compassionate is someone who.... gets recognition for his or her labor has great courage helps people in need.
Socrates (470-399 B.C.) He ....... one of the greatest philosophers in history. was were is.
Pablo Picasso was a Spanish painter. He was really.......... because he and his work were admired and respected. successful passionate brave.
Galileo Galilei was interested in the planets and the stars. He was a ......... astronomer. Every night he was at his observatory. compassionate passionate easygoing.
He was more intelligent than other children, but his education .......different from any other Athenian. wasn´t weren´t.
His main subjects at school ....... arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and Greek poetry. were was.
His favorite activities ....... speaking in public and asking questions were was.
Unscramble the question: Columbus? Who was Cristopher.
Unscramble the question: he from Was Genoa Italy?.
Unscramble the question: Simon Bolivar born? was When.
Ordene la frase correctamente: the was Marco´s last navigator name? What.
Match the expressions with their meaning: a. Against all odds b. The sky is the limit c. A losing battle.
Where was the indigenous leader Tupac Amaru born? In Mexico In Peru In Ecuador.
Who was the leader of the independence of Chile? Simon Bolivar Jose de San Martin Francisco Pizarro.
How important..... women in ancient history? was were.
She ...... a female pharaoh from Ancient Egypt. were was.
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