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Final test 9

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Final test 9

Final test

Jorge Becerra
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What of the following is a tag question? Why do you like traveling? Do you like traveling? You like traveling, don`t you? Did you like traveling? Will you like traveling?.
Which of these options is a short question? You are from Madrid, aren’t you? What are you doing? Can he speak Italian? Why do you like milk? She is Colombian, isn’t she?.
What is the importance of the intensifiers already/yet? They help to use a complement of the sentence. They help us to justify. They help the sentences to look more fun. They permit to know if the action has been completed very recently. They make the sentences look more beautiful. .
The present perfect is used to... refer to the future. refer something happened in the past. narrate events that have occurred at a specific time in the past and reaches the present. refer to the present. narrate something about future. .
What is the structure of a sentence in present perfect? Subject + auxiliar verb to be + verb in ing + complement. WH + main verb + subject + complement. Subject + verb to be in past + main verb + complement. Subject + auxiliar verb have + past participle + complement.
What sentence is NOT in present continuous? I’m writing a poem now. She is leaving tomorrow morning. She is a little special. I’m watching TV right now. She is playing volleyball this afternoon.
What is the structure of a WH Question? Subject + WH + Complement + ? Main verb + subject + WH question + ? Complement + subject + main verb + ? WH + auxiliar/verbo auxiliar/verbo modal + subject + verbo + complemente + ? Subject + complement + WH + ?.
Which of the following is a tag question? You’re from Madrid, aren’t you? He is singing a song? They are cooking pasta now? They heard just one song? I’m reading a new book about Africa? .
Complete the following question in past continuous: What _________________ last night at eight o’clock? was you doing were you doing you was doing you were doing were you do.
What sentence is NOT using the verb to be: She is very beautiful. My dog is brown. Peter was running. They are not in the room. He watches TV.
What of the following is an open question: Why do you like traveling? Do you like traveling? You like traveling, don’t you? Did you like traveling? Will you like traveling?.
Completa la oración en pasado continuo: You were _________ soccer last night. playing played plays play will play.
Escoge las DOS preguntas formuladas en pasado simple: Did you stufy here? Were you at home last night. Do you like playing soccer. Does she want to play? Will you play soccer?.
Escoge las TRES oraciones escritas en pasado continuo: I'm working now. She is working now I was working last day. We were working last night. She was working last week.
What of the following sentences is used to express a habit? Study in the morning. Go to the beach Go to the cinema.
Match the sentences correctly: I have You were Were you Did you You.
To formulate a short question in English, I have to... put the auxiliar/auxiliar verb/Modal verb in the beginning of the sentence. put the subject in the beginning on the sentence. put the question mark at the beginning of the sentence. put the main verb at the beginning.
Answer the following question: Do you like to eat hamburger? Yes, I do. Yes, I will. Yes, I was. Yes, I did. Yes, I have.
The adverb already is used to reinforce that an action has occurred before. It is used in affirmative sentences. True False.
We use this adverb to express that an action haven't finished. It is used in interrogative and negative sentences. Yet Already Fast Quickly Recently.
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