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Test de exposicion (UABC)

Ángel Felipe Hernández Huerta
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1.-The dog runs______ fast. a)really b)very c)too .
2.-The water is ______ hot c)too a)really b)very.
3.- She's a ______ nice person b)very c)too a) really.
4.-I had a ______ good time at the party. c)too a)really b)very .
5.-I ______ love the music. a)really b)very c)too.
Completar la frase I am ____ tired I'm _____ tall to fit in there I _____ love the music.
Completar la frase You're _____ short to play this game Sarah is ______ creative I am ______ happy.
Completar la frase He's ____ tired to go out They _____ want to know you you are ______ pretty .
Completar la frase he is _____ handsome coffee is _______ hot You work very hard and he do ____ .
Completar la frase I am _______ sad I read that book, ____ I ______ like this food .
Ordenar la palabra correcta: girl very the was beatiful girl was The very beautiful.
Ordene la frase correctamente: very / is / the / expensive / house expensive. very The house is.
Ordene la frase correctamente: very / he / worked / quickly very He worked quickly.
Ordene la frase correctamente: she/ fast / very / runs very fast. She runs.
Ordene la frase correctamente: much / very / you / thank very much thank you.
What are the resources available to my company? a) Money c) Material b) Employees.
What is what every company has to pay monthly? a) payroll b) invoices c) taxes.
What is the name of the informant of the company's resources? a) Manager b) Accountant c) Supervisor.
Where are you going to collect the signed documents that they use to pay? a) Bank b) exchange house c) ATM.
5.- What is it called where they deposit you and you deposit yourself? a) card b) bank c) bank account.
Unir las palabras con su traducción money credit card check document counter .
Unir las palabras con su traducción payroll staff administrator taxes means .
Unir las palabras con su traducción costume paperwork Watch .
Unir las palabras con su traducción cost effectiveness business should .
Unir las palabras con su traducción sale margin delay .
Ordene la frase correctamente: are/resources/what/to/the/available/my/company my resources available are company the to What.
Ordene la frase correctamente: do/owe/what/I I owe What do.
Ordene la frase correctamente: sells/it/services/or/goods/the/produce/to/company/your/costs/it/what/you/do/know or Do your costs you to the sells? goods what services it it company produce know.
Ordene la frase correctamente: is/gross/the/margin/what gross is margin the What.
Ordene la frase correctamente: much/how/company/money/my/to/owed/is How to my is company money much owed.
1.- The clothes in that shop is a little bit ______. bargain rip off boring pricey.
Karen has been ripped off from that seller, she didn't realize the shoes that she bought for $250 is fake. bargain best buy pricey rip off.
3.- I shouldn't have bought tickets for that movie, it's so ______. boring pricey rip off.
This signature bag is a real ______. I only paid half its original price. boring bargain best buy.
5.- This detergent is always the __________ in any shop that I go to. bargain pricey best buy rip off.
Unir la traducción Bargain. Rip off. Pricey. best buy. .
Ordene la frase correctamente: winter/on/is/sale./All all sale. on is winter clothing.
Ordene la frase correctamente: the/best buy/made/sister/my the buy. sister best made My.
Ordene la frase correctamente: was/I/with/a/$450/that/work/./didn't/robbed/watch was robbed work. I $450 watch with that didn't a.
Ordene la frase correctamente: expensive/tv./was/offered/an/My/mom/an mom My offered was expensive an tv.
1- in______ store the price is lower A)this C) car B)boat.
2- Did you ____ that in Walmart the apples are cheaper? A)gato C) duck B)pero D)know.
3-_____ mariauisa the strawberrys are much expensive A)In C)cj .
4- at ____ store there are more things to buy A alexa's C) diurex B) loro D) dinero .
5) in ____ they have better ofers A Best buy D)link C) koala E) pasa .
Unir la traducción Bargain. Rip off. Pricey. Better .
Unir las palabras con su traducción Product margin delay objectives Ofer .
Unir las palabras con su traducción Apple taxes administrator Chair staff .
Unir las palabras con su traducción Bank Employer Axe .
Unir las palabras con su traducción Oven Money .
Ordene la frase correctamente:How/they/are are they how.
Ordene la frase correctamente:Did/know/you/that/apples/the/cheaper/Mariana's/are/at/store the store did apples know are that at marianas cheaper you.
Ordene la frase correctamente:You/get/can/pocket/if/you/trade/plastic/your/bags can you pocket if plastic you money your bags get trade.
Ordene la frase correctamente:Come/im/on/to/talking/you talking you on to come in.
Ordene la frase correctamente:be/you/watching/Ill ill watching you be.
Ordene la frase correctamente:motivates/What/you/job/in/? in you motivates What job? your.
Ordene la frase correctamente:has/a/major/been/What/your/in/career/achievement/working/? has career? working in major been a achievement your What.
Ordene la frase correctamente:Tell/a/when/dealt/time/about/me/client/with/a/difficult/and/demanding/you/seccessfull when about a Tell you difficult time a dealt with demanding successfully me and client.
Ordene la frase correctamente:do/How/others/view/persuading/you/your/of/about/go/do/to you do go about point your others to view? How of persuading.
Ordene la frase correctamente:about/me/Tell/teamwork/approach/to/your approach about me teamwork. Tell your to.
Which of these is a financial term? Compound interest Watermelon Business.
What is important in a job? Documents Money Potato.
What does it take to apply for a job? Pencil Papers Job application .
Which of these is a large company? Ruz Coca-Cola Almer.
Examples of financial terms: Net worth Personal finance Current account.
Unir con la traducción: Desk Papers .
Unir las palabras con su traducción Carpeta Cheque Empresa .
Unir las palabras con su traducción Oferta Finanzas Términos Demanda .
Unir las palabras con su traducción Mejor Empleo Registro Ventas Compra .
Unir las palabras con su traducción Empleado Asiento.
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