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An airplane is controlled directionally about its vertical axis by the Rudder Elevator Aileron.
Allerons 2 The chord of the wing is measured from Wingtip to wingtip Wing root to the wingtip Leading edge to the trailing edge .
Where is fuselage station No. 137 located? 137 centimeters aft of the nose or fixed reference line 137 inches aft of the zero or ground reference line Aft of the engine .
Which statement about Airworthiness Directives (AD's) is true? AD's are information alert bulletins issued by the airtrame. powerplant, ar companert manufacturer Compliance with an AD is not mandatory unless the aircraft is affected is for hire AD is mandatory and must be recorded in the maintenance records in the maintenance records.
In brake service works, the term "bleeding brakes" is the process of? Withdrawing air only From the system Withdrawing fluid from the system for the purification of the air that you have entered the system Replacing small amounts of fluid in reservoir.
How long should you wait after a flight before checking tire pressure? At least two hours At least three hours At least four hours.
When a properly operating fuse plug has been allowed to deflate, the tire Should be Replaced Externally inspected for damage Removed from the wheel and inspected for carcass and tread damage.
The fusible plugs installed in some aircraft wheels will Indicate the tread separation Prevent overinflation Melt at a specified elevated temperature .
What turbine engine section provides for proper mixing of the fuel an air? Combustion section Compressor section Diffuser section.
What elements must be present for a fire / combustion to occur? An ignition source, fuel and nitrogen An ignition source such as heat or a light and oxygen spark, fuel and oxygen any combustion element, a light and oxygen.
The turbine section of a jet engine: Increases air velocity to generate thrust forces Utilizes heat onergy to expand and accelerate the incoming gas flow Drives the compressor section.
When starting a turbine engine A hot state is indicated if the exhaust gas temperature exceeds specific limits An excessively lean mixture is likely to cause a hot start Release the starter switch as with the indication of light-off occurs .
What are the two functional elements in a centrifugal compressor? Turbine and compressor Bucket end expander Impeller and diffuser .
What must be done after the fuel control unit has been replaced on an aircrat gas turbine engine? Perform a full power engine run to check fuel flow Recalibrate the fuel nozzles Retrim the engine.
What is the first engine instrument indication of a successful start of a turbine engine? A rise in the engine fuel flow A rise in oil pressure A rise in the exhaust gas temperature .
The basic gas turbine engine is divided into two main sections: the cold section and the hot section: (A)The cold section includes the engine inlet, compressor, and turbine sections. (B)The hot section includes the combustor, diffuser, and exhaust sections.Regarding the above statements; Only No.1 is true Only No. 2 is true Neither No 1 nor No 2 is true .
Which of the following engine variables is the most critical during turbine engine operation? Compressor inlet air temparature Compressor RPM Turbine inlet temperature .
What is the proper starting sequence for a turbojet engine? Ignition, starter, fuel Starter, ignition, fuel Starter, fuel, ignition .
The purpose of a bleed valve, located in the early stages of the compressor, in an aircraft gas turbine engine is to: Vent some of the air overboard to prevent to compress stall Control excassively high RPM to prevent to compressor stall Vent high ram air pressure overboard to prevent to compressor stall.
Which of the following would be used to accomplish internal inspection of an assembled turbine engine? 1)Infrared photography 2)Ultrasound A borescope 3Fluorescent penetrant and ultraviolet light 1,2,3 1,3 3.
What publication would you like to determine an aircraft, engine or propeller's, type design and its limitations? Type Certificale Data Sheet Supplemental Type Certificate Technical Standard Order .
What kind of publications is used by aircraft manufacturers to notify owners of design defects product improvements or changes that affect the safety and performance of the aircraft or engines? Service bulletins, Service letters and Service Instructions AD's , MMEL, TC, STC AFM, FCOM ASM, AWDM.
What is the purpose of an Airworthiness directive? it's a mandatory document issued to specify instructions for the maintenance of a particular aircraft It's a mandatory document issued to correct an unsafe condition found in aircraft, engines propellers or appliances To specity to the major aiterations that have been made for a certificated aicraft .
Ifit is determined that spongy brake action is not caused by air in the brake system, what is the next most likely cause? Worn brake lining internal leakage in the master cylinder Deteriorated Flexible hoses.
Ater performing maintenance on an aircraft's landing gear system which may have affected the system's operation, it is usually necessary to: Conduct a flight test Re-inspect the area afler the first flight Make an operational check with the aircraft on jacks .
The correct inflation pressure for an aircraft can be obtained from: The manufacturer's specifications The aircraft service / maintenance manual The information stamped on the aircraft wheel .
On most Aircraft, the oil level And air and oil shock strut is checked by : Removing the oil filer plug and inserting a gauge Measuring the length of the strut extension with a certain air pressure in the strut Releasing tha air and seeing the oil to the level of the filler plug. .
In the following sentence: Turn the connector backshell counterclockwise with your hand to apply the initial the load on the connector The word 'counterclockwise' means : Contrarrestar A la derecha A la izquierda.
Which allows free fluid flow in one direction and no flow in the other direction? Check valve Metering piston Shutoff valve.
The removal of air from an aircraft hydraulic system is generally accomplished Through automatic bleed valves on individual components during system operation by operating the various hydraulic components through several cycles By allowing the system to re-use inoperative for several hours .
1 When servicing aircraft hydraulic system, use the type fluid specfied in the aircraft's manufacturer's maintenance manual on the instruction plate affixed the reservoir unit. 2. Hydraulic fluids for aircraft are a specific color for each type of fluid Regarding the ebove statements; Only No.1 is true Only No. 2 is true Both No. 1and No. 2 are true.
A unit which transforms hydraulic pressure into linear motion is called An actuating cylinder An accumulator An hydraulic pump .
At which component in an air-cycle cooling system does air undergo a preseure and temperature drop? Expansion Turbine Primary heat exchanger Refrigeration bypass valve.
The besic sir-cycle cooling system consists of: A source of compressed air, heat exchangers, and a turbine. Heaters, coolers, and compressors. Ram air source, compressors, and engine bleeds.
The altitude controller maintains cabin aititude by modulating of the: Safety and outflow valves Salety valves Outflow valves .
High pressure cylinders containing oxygen for aviation use can be identified by their Green color and the words "BREATHING OXYGEN stenciled in 1-inch white letters Yellow color and the words AVIATOR'S BREATHING OXYGEN stenciled in 1-inch white letters Green letters and the words" AVIATOR'S BREATHING OXYGEN stenciled in 1-inch white.
On transport category aircraft what might be an indication of an over pressure event of the oxygen system. The green thermal expansion disc missing The green thermal expansion disk in the cockpit missing The green thermal expansion disk on the oxygen regulator missing which of the following instrument .
which of the folowing instrument discrapancies require replacement of the instrument ? 1)Red line missing 2)Case leaking 3)Giats oracked 4)Mounting sorws locse 5)Cane pair chipped 6)Leaking at line B nut 7)Wi not zer out 8)Fogged 2,3,7,6.. 1,4,6,7 1,3,5,8.
The function of a symbol generator (SG) in an EFIS is to: Display alphanumeric date and representations of aircreft instruments Allow the pilot to select the appropriate system configuration for the current fiight situation Receive and process input signals from aircraft and engine sensors and send the data to the apropriate display .
Electric circuits are protected from overheating by means of Thermocoupies Shunts Fuses .
Wich of the following should be accomplished in the installation of aircraft wiring Support the bundle to structure and / or solid fuid lines to prevent chafing damage Provide adequate slack in the wire bundle to compensate for large changes in temperature. Locate the bundie above flammable fluid lines and securely clamp to structure.
The three kinds of circuit-protection devices used most commonly in aviation circuits are circuit breakers, recistors, and current limiters circuit breakers, fuses, and current limiters circuit breakers, capacitors, and current limiter.
if a wire is installed that it comes in contact with some moving parts, what protection should be given the wire? Wrap with soft wire solder into a shield Wrap with friction tape Pass through conduit.
A circuit breaker is installed in an aircraft electrical system primarly to protected the: Circuit and should be located as close to the source possible Circuit and should be located as close to the unit as possible Elecetrical unit in the Circuit and should be located as close to the source possible.
When flags such as NAV, HDG inoperative or GS ARE DISPLAYED ON AN HSI the indication is: That function inoperative That function operative To call attention a deviation.
A battery generator system provides direct current on installations requiring alternating current from the battery-generator system, it neccesary to have: A transformer A inverter A variable resistor between the battery and operator.
Which of the following would be most useful to locate and throubleshoot an internal fuel leak in an aircfraft fuel System Aircraft structure repair manual Ilustrated Parts Manual A fuel System Schematic.
When an unppresured aircrafts static pressure system is leak checked, what aircraft instrument may be used in lieu of a pitot-static system tester? 1.Vertical speed indicator 2.Cabin altimeter 3.Altimeter 4.Cabin rate-of-change indicator 5.Airspeed 1 o 5 2 o 4 3.
Which instrument are connected to an aircraft Pitot-statics System? 1.Vertical speed indicator 2.Cabin Altimeter 3.Airspeed indicator 1,2,3,4 y 5 1,2,4 1,3 y 5.
In aircraft electrical system , automatic reset circuit breakers? Should be used as circuit protective devices Are useful where only temporary overloads are normally encountered Must be used in all circuits essential to safe operation of the aircraft.
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