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Fuori paniere Lingua e Traduzione inglese 5

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Fuori paniere Lingua e Traduzione inglese 5

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A flashback is an example of: Push ...
A global summery is: a summerize of a big part of the text you're reading a summerize of the whole text you're reading.
A very long or too short answer can flout the maxim of: quantity quality.
a word-for-word copying is called plagiarism raphrasing.
A: When was the Boer war? B: I heard that a new Marvel movie is coming soon. Is the maxim of quality satisfied? no yes.
A: When did you arrive? B: Yesterday. Wich maxim is satisfied? Quality Quantity.
A: are you enjoying the party? B: the music is too loud. Is the maxim of quantity satisfied? Yes No.
According to Fauconnier, the fluidity of mental spaces is possible thank to: mental spaces lattices ....
Banter and irony can easily flout the maxim of: Quality Quantity.
Being unsympathetic is realated to: Positive impoliteness Negative impoliteness.
Brown and Levinson divide FTAs in : 2 groups 3 groups.
Cohesion in English was published in: 1976 1986.
Conversational contract was theorized by: Fraser Culpeper.
Critcal reading comes_______critical thinking: Before After.
Deictic center is also referred to: Social position Point of view.
Deictic elements are: The tenses of verbs Adjuncts.
Deixis works primarily by: Situating the speaking voice in physical space ....
Discourse analysis studies how the elements of a language are: Organized Related to the context.
Editing a presentation: Makes a difference Makes no difference.
Exophora depends on the context_____ the text outside inside.
Expressions like "you know" are called: Backchannel or feedbeck ....
Foreground is a method of_____ in textual composition Defamiliarization Cohesion.
Forms of metonymic distorsions are called: caricatures ....
"Gnam" is an example of: lexical onomatopoeia ....
Grammar is organized : Hierarchically ...
How many Superstrategies are listed by Culpeper: 2 3.
If the narrator is esternal we will talk about: heterodiegetic narrator homodiegetic narrator.
If the referring expressions point to the referent, we call it: Deixis Anaphora.
"Are you a man?" pronounced by Lady Macbeth, can be considered as an example of: Flouting the maxim of Quality Flouting the maxim of Quantity.
" I pronounce you king of the land" the verb "to pronounce" is an example of: declarative commissive.
IRF were theorized by: Sinclaire and Coulthard Lakoff.
Jakobson's model of language has___ key functions: 6 5.
Lexical cohesion falls into ____ categories: 3 4.
Mental spaces theory is the basis for: Cognitive stylistics .....
Metaphor we live by was published in 1980 by Lakoff and Johnson 1981 by Lakoff and Johnson.
"Oh really?" is an example of: Backchannel or feedback ...
Polite Principle has____ principles: 3 4.
Pragmatics studies how to use language from a : socio-cultural perspective lexical perspective.
Relevance Theory was theorized by: Sperber and Wilson Grice.
Satire : Has an aggressive element which is not necessarily present in parody Doesn't have an aggressive element which is necessarily present in parody.
Soure and target domain are related to: Conceptual metaphor theory Relevance theory.
Syllables repeated into a regular phrasing across a verse make: Rythm Rhyme.
The 3Rs states that Stylistics must be: Rigorous, retrievable, repricable Rigorous, retrievable, rephrased.
The blending theory emerges from the fusion of: CMT and MS ....
The categories that express thought are: 4 3.
The Cremlin is an example of: metonymy sinedoche.
The Deixis linked to the positioning of the speaker\writer is called: empathetic deixis simpathetic deixis.
Language and parole is attributed to: Saussure Austin.
The distinction between Relative and Absolute impoliteness was made by: Leech Searle.
The final work of a Ph.D programme is called: Thesis Dissertion.
The reality evoked in a text is made up of a series of words, which theory is it? Possible word theory ...
The scholar who talked about 5 macro classes: Searle Leech.
The situational context refers to ______ of speaker and hearer: the physical compresence ....
The want of every member that his wants be desiderable to at least some others is called: positive face negative face.
To ignore someone is an example of: Positive impoliteness Negative impoliteness.
We use referring expressions to indentify: an entity ....
When a narrator makes a remark, we are talking about: The popping move ...
When the narrator in internal, we call him: Homodiegetic narrator Heterodiegetic narrator.
when we want to respect the people we are talking, we use: negative politeness positive politeness.
When we write a paper we follow 3 steps: Planning, researching and writing Researching, planning and writing.
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