GO PAPERLESS!!: English proposal

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GO PAPERLESS!!: English proposal

Unit 05-Session02


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I don't think _____ so hard. you should work. you shouldn't work you should to.
You _____ more attention in class. ought pay. had out to pay. ought to pay.
If I were you, _____ less and study more. you'd I'd work. I worked.
If I were _____, I'd move to another city. in your shoes. in your clothes. in your jacket.
You _____ early tomorrow. had to better get up. had better get up. had to not better get up.
He _____ so much money. shouldn't spend. should not to spend. shouldn't spends.
_____, don't work so hard. Whenever you do. Whatever you do. Wherever you do.
If he _____, he'd take a week off from work. are you. were you. is you.
Fill in the gaps with a suitable verb:Do not use contractions. As soon as he _____ (feel) better, I will ____ (talk) to him. They will ___ (buy) a house when they ____ (have) enough money. When he _______ (retire), he will ______ (travel) all around the world. When he ____(ask) me for help, I will __ (do) it with pleasure. I will __ (be) a doctor when I __ (to be) older. As soon as they ______ (arrive), we will _____ (leave). I will __ (do) my homework as soon as I ___ (get) back home. When I ___ (see) Tom, I will ____ (tell) him the truth. I will _____ (phone) you as soon as Karen _______ (arrive). They will __ (be) furious when they ____ (hear) the news.
Fill in the gaps with a suitable verb:Do not use contractions. I will _____ (visit) him when I __ (go)to Paris. When she ____ (go) to London, she will _____ (visit) the British Museum.
Fill in the gaps using a suitable connector: Steve would love working at Google, ___ he's not very good with computers. The service at the office cafeteria is excellent ___ the food is delicious. Karen is a careful worker, ________ she's had several important mistakes this month. I've never been to Argentina ________ having daily video-conferences with our partners there. Stephanie seems to be a good colleague, _______ she often gets jealous when another mate gets a promotion. We did not wear coats _____ the cold weather. My cousin and I aren't very close, _______ we're the same age. My car constantly needs repairs ________ it's new.
Choose the correct connector. I'd like to talk to you _______ I know you're busy. _______ her efforts, she failed the exam. _______ we were having difficulties, we felt optimistic. We didn't win the game _______ all all our hard work.
Choose the correct connector. We're studying now ________ there's an interesting film on TV. You’re late again ______ you haven’t brought your books. I'm keen on ice cream ________ chocolate. Isabel apologised several times ___ Paul didn't want to speak to her. We decided to walk ________ the rain. Roger works very hard to help his parents. _______, he's a good student. Rome is a great place to visit _______ its traffic problems. I'd love to come. _______, I really haven't got the time.
GUI Components Checkbox Tooltip Button Sliders List box Radio Button Date picker Dropdown list Switches,Toggles Text field.
GUI Components Tags Dreadcrumb.
GUI: Event-driven programing Thread Trigger Event Modal window (pop-up) Frame Listener Action command Event handler Grid layout.
TERM Word processing programme Type Tooltip Thread Time line Take a break (v) Target audience Though Toggle The object oriented programming class.
TERM Subroutine Radio Button Outline (v) Loop Switch Listener Slider Modal window Method Tag.
TERM Library Grid layout Function List box Frame handouts Graphic user interface (GUI) Dropdown list Event Event handler.
TERM Date picker Class Checkbox Carry out (v) Breadcrumb Button Command line interface Action command Budget.
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