GO PAPERLESS!!: The office of the future

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GO PAPERLESS!!: The office of the future

Unit 05-Session01


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Complete the following sentences. I am ____ travel to Mexico next summer. The meeting is ______ at 12 o'clock. The telephone is ringing. I ___ answer it!.
Complete the following sentences "I am meeting my colleagues "I am going to "It's really cold in the office,.
Can you extract the rule? We use the _______ to talk about things that have been scheduled beforehand. We use _______ to talk about our future intentions. We use _______ to talk about predictions or spontaneous decisions.
Complete the following sentences She ______ the cinema this evening. They ______ go shopping on Saturday. Paul ______ be back at the office at noon.
Complete the following sentences with the present continuous or the future simple: My colleague is _______ to Croatia on Monday. Sarah _______ be promoted to the sales department next year. I am _______ my boss tomorrow at noon. According to my planner, my flight is ______ at 7 a.m. Anne is ______ an appointment with their sales representative next week.
Complete the predictions about the future. Use the correct verbs from the box and use contractions if possible. Everybody ______ through their laptop. People _____ in offices anymore – they ______ at home. We probably ______ our boss face to face anymore. Thanks to medical advances, we ______ much longer. People ______ their shopping in supermarkets anymore! Scientists ______ new technology devices. Technology ______ time travel possible. I'm sure there _______ a more powerful company than Microsoft in 10 years time.
Put the verbs in brackets into the correct future tense: Why are you wearing your coat? I think we are lost! Someone's at the door! The office is on fire!!!! I think the office needs some new equipment. How are you going to the office this afternoon?.
Matching exercise. I'd love a cup of tea What are you doing this summer? What is Tom studying? Look at the blue sky. What will the weather be like tomorrow? Is Tim happy with his new job? How old is your friend? Have you decided what to do? Don't forget to give me your keys. Can I take a message?.
IT Words and expressions Puerto USB. Página Web. Archivo. Inalámbrico, sin cable. Base de datos. Carpeta. Pendrive / lápiz óptico. Borrar. Pirata informático. Conexión Wifi.
Expressions. To burn a CD. To google a word. To surf / browse the net. To click on an icon.
Fill in the gaps with a suitable word from the ones you learned above. There's too much information here, why don't you ______ some paragraphs? It takes ages for my computer ______ in the morning. I usually turn it on and then go off for a coffee. I always _____ music and vídeo games from the Internet. If you want to find some information about this subject you could ______ the net. Could you please ______ the last Kiss CD for me? She is in a bad mood today. Her computer ______ yesterday and she lost a lot of her work. They were able to ______ Microsoft's system and steal the passwords. I'll _____ just the more relevant information since I'm running out of ink.
Fill in the gaps using the words below. Be careful there are more words than you need: I have a desktop computer at home but I also have a _____. Don't open any mails today. There's is a new ___ that can destroy all the information on your hard ____. I need to key this data into the ______. You need to wipe it out with a _______. If you want to open Facebook, click on this ____. I can't find the ___ called grammar.doc I thought it was in the ____ called "avanza". You need to log in before you can start using this _____. Remember to switch your PC off when you are not using it to save _____. You need to connect up your _____ to the telephone line. To get a capital letter , press the shift ____ and the letter you want.
TERM Flash memory Fight games Download (v.) Development ecosystem FPS games Burn (v.) Clear their heads All day long Adventure games Boot up (v).
TERM Outside Database On the internet Functions Front-end web development Markup One-way comunication tools Frozen Ink Go out on a limb Keep up with.
TERM Rhyrhm games Platforms Patterns Reverse Engeneering Print out (v) Plug-and-play Over the internet Request Personal homepage Platform games.
TERM Transition animation Wireless Slideshow WIFI The web development subject Simulation games USB memory stick Upload Scripts Tabbed interface.
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