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grammar test 2

test gramatica ingles b1-b2


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The exam was than _______ thought. more difficult most difficult difficult.
Amanda_________ the guitar in a rock band. is playing plays play.
Hello James, ______you call my mobile? Sorry, but | was on the train and couldn't answer it. have did do.
You ________ever do that again! I'm very angry with you. mustn't must should.
How long ______in Dublin? have you lived has you lived have you live.
Only a few things were stolen, so the thief _____ been disturbed. mustn't have shouldn't have must have.
Don't forget to turn ______ the oven when you've finished cooking dinner. on off out.
| tried phoning you yesterday. | had a problem and | _______ to ask your opinion. was needing needed need.
Todd is very good-looking, ____he? wasn't isn't hasn't.
Where ____ you come from? do does are.
The crime was committed ___ the 23rd of March. in at on.
Could you please tell me what _____ to do here? I am meant am I meant ought I.
We _____ go to France every summer when | was young. use to should used to.
The suitcase was a _____ than it looked. lot more light lighter lot lighter.
James doesn't like ______ up early in the morning. get getting to .
As this phone has a good camera, it was _____ than my old one. more expensive expensive most expensive.
| watched a great film ____ TV last night. on in for.
A. When did you get married? B.We got married way back ____ 1966. in at on.
The weather is ____ hot for this time of year. surprising surprise surprisingly.
My sister is an_____cook. nice fantastic amazing.
She ____the job when her boss asked her to work faster. had already finished has already finished was already finished.
Barcelona ______the Olympic Games in 1996. hosts has hosted hosted.
The documentary was very controversial and some people were ____ by the content. offensive offended offending.
| didn't know you were going to be on TV last night. Why _____you tell anyone? don't doesn't didn't.
Bambi is the ______ film that | watched as a child. most sad saddest sadly.
VOCABULARY TASK 1 Write the letter (a-k) of the word that is most similar in meaning to a word on the left (1-5). Use each word once only. You will not need five of the words (a-k). help decide worry rule focus.
VOCABULARY TASK 2 Complete each definition (6-10) using a word from the list (a-k). Use each word once only. You will not need all of the words (a-k). To authenticate is to... To jump on one leg is to... To beg is to... To excite is to... To seize is to... .
VOCABULARY TASK 3 Finish each sentence (11-15) using a word from the list (a-k). Use each word only once. You will not need all of the words (a-k). There's no point waiting in ________ for the rain to stop. It is thought that ____________ children are more independent. To win the race she would have to face ________ competition. He removed his shirt and hung it in the________. The dog lay on the ________ in front of the fireplace.
VOCABULARY TASK 4 Choose a word from the list (a-k) which matches each definition (16-20). Use each word only once. You will not need all of the words (a-k). Difficult to believe. Emotional and sentimental. Gained or obtained fairly. Suitable for the purpose or use. Absurd and laughable.
VOCABULARY TASK 5 Write the letter of the word on the right (a-k) that is most often used with a word on the left (21-25). You will not need to use all the words (a-k). Use each word only once final bushy briefly due soul.
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