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The city of Rome is located In hte middle of the Italian Peninsula In the North of the Iberian Peninsula In the South of the Italian Peninsula.
When the Anciente Rome was founded In the 8th century BC In the 5 century BC In the 1 ST CENTURY BC.
During the Republic Rome expanded around: The mediterranean, from the Iberian Peninsula to the Near East provinces. In the entire Italian peninsula To Carthago.
Who was the first Roman emperor Augustus Romulus Lucius Tarquinius Superbus.
Choose the false The story of the origin of the city of Rome is a combination of legend and reality. Romulus and Remus were born of the union between Zeus and the daughter of an Etruscan King. According to historians, the Etruscan and Latins founded Rome in a strategic location near the sea.
The fall of the Roman Empire was 476 AD 476 BC 1000 BC.
Check all the right sentences In the Monarchy period Rome was governed by kings of Latin and Etruscan origin. In the Empire period Rome reached its greatest territorial extent. In the Republic period kings had all the power. In the Monarchy period the most powerful city was known as Latium.
What is the period of the Roman Republic? 8th - 6 th century BC 1st century BC - 5th Century AD 6th - 1st century BC.
What was the first system of goverment in Rome? Republic Monarchy Emperor.
According to tradition, Rome had ; five kings seven kings 1 king.
According the tradition, after the reign of Romulus there were three Sabine kings and three Etruscan kings. one emperor and 6 kings. Remus.
During the monarchy in Rome the kings were the authority in political, military and religious matters. True False.
During the Monarchy were two institutions called Senate and comitia Senate and magistracies. Magristracies and comitia.
The last of the kings of Rome was Lucius Tarquinius Superbus Lucius Tonturcius Superbus Lucius Tarquinius Supertaxi.
The Roman Republic was a political system which lasted four centuries five centuries six centuries.
After the kings were expelled, power was held by the The patricians, the heads of the leading families. The plebeians and the senate. The tribunes of the plebs.
To prevent power from being concentrated in the hands of a single person, the Romans divided it among various kings tribunes institutions.
The magistracies were the main bodies of government. They were elected each year. Who can be magistracies? The patricians The plebeians The tribunes.
Who defend the interests of the plebs? The magistracies The tribunes of the plebs The consuls.
Choose the false Two consuls, elected every proposed laws and led the army. The praetors were responsible for dispensing justice. The quaestor were responsible for public accounts, helped by the consuls. The aediles conducted the census of citizens, organising them into groups based on wealth.
Whto were the responsible for public accounts, helped by the consuls. The aediles The quaestors The praetors.
During the Republic which was the most important institution The Senate The comitia The plebeians.
Link every magistrate with his work The consuls The praetors The quaestors The aediles The censors.
In the Senate It was made up of 300 former magistrates, who held their position for life. It was made for the comitia and the monarch. It was made by the plebeians and tribunes.
Choose the false The comitia or assemblies, made up ofhe rest of citizens. The comitia represented the different peoples who inhabited Rome: The Latins, Etruscans and Sabines. The comitia made up of the heads of the city´s most powerful families.
The comitia were made up of patricians free citizens tribunes.
Glossary overthrown ratify cavalry infantry Mare nostrum.
After taking control of the Italian Peninsula, the Roman army expanded into the rest of the Mediterranean Caucasus Only Africa.
During the 5TH - 3RD CENTURY BC, Rome began their conquest of the wester Mediterranean. This led to conflict with ASIA CARTHAGE GALLIA.
The Punic Wars ended with The Carthage´s defeat and the Roman conquest of Sicily, Corsica, North Africa and most of Iberian Peninsula. The Greek´s defeat and conquest of Asia and Macedonia. The Asian army and the Hispania conquest.
With the subsequent annexation of Syria and Egypt, the Mediterranean became the Roman Mare Nostrum Mater Nostrum Mare Nosferatum.
The Roman army it was a professional army made up of free men slaves patricians.
The Roman army had a powerful cavalry but its true military force was the infantry wich was organised into Armours Legions Comitias.
Glossary axis clash grid dough.
The consequences of expansion made social revolts. Choose the incorrect Plebeian revolts. The tribunes of plebs attempted to implement reforms to help the disadvantaged citizens. The slave rebellion. It was led by Spartacus, a gladiator who fought to end slavery. The rebellion was suppressed in 71 BC During the instability in the Republic the benefits were distributed with equality.
During the crisis of the 1st century BC the Republic was weakened leading to the creation of Two triumvirates. The Monarchy The Senate and comitia.
The first triumvirate were formed by Pompey the Great, Julius Caesar and Marcus Licinius Crassus. Octavian, Marcus Antonius and Marcus Aemilius Lepidus.
In the first triumvirate, who was ultimately victorious and was being named dictator in perpetuity? Licinius Crassus Julius Caesar.
The republic ends and began the Imperial Period when he proclaimed himself emperor General Marcus Antonius Julius Caesar General Octavian.
The Pax Romana was during The 1st and 2nd centuries AD The 6th - 1st century BD The 2th - 3th century AD.
Before the 1st century AD the Romans were Monotheist. (They believe in one god) Polytheist. (They believe in many gods and incorporated other deities from other cultures).
Check the true sentences During the pax romana the territory was organised into provinces. These were run by a governor. The pax romana was a time of peace and stability, reaching its greates territorial extent in the empire. During the pax romana Julius Caesar fight with Asterix.
The border of the provinces whas protected with fortificationes to prevent invasiones by the barbarians. It was known like: Limes Limits Lemis.
Choose the false Christianity emerged in the 1st century AD in Palestine. Christiany are polytheists In the year 313, Constantine issued the Edit of Milan allowing Christians to worship in public.
Who made Christianity the official religion of the Empire? Emperor Constantine Emperor Theodosius Emperor Octavian.
Glossary Appropriate disrupted grant tenant farmer revenue.
Check the false. After the Pax Romana... The great extent of the Roman limes made it necessary to constantly defend it against the barbarians. Rome had to raise taxes to maintain its revenue, worsening the situation. Rome kill the barbarians.
In the year 212 one Emperor granted Roman citizenship to all free inhabitants of Empire. Who was? Emperor Caracalla Emperor August Emperor Octavian.
What was the Romanisation? Roman customs, religion, laws, language and way of life were introduced into the conquered territories. The way to dance in the Roman parties. A period of the Empire.
Check consequences by the crisis of the 3rd century after the pax romana Rome had to raise taxes Political effects like assassinations of emperors. civil wars Rome invented the circus Roman.
The instability of the Empire made it easier for the barbarians to get past the limes. What the Empire did with the Germanic people? Kill the barbarians. Sing pacts granting them territory in exchange for their cooperation.
Facing a crisis at all leves, Emperor Theodosius decided to divide the Empire between his two sons: Romulus and Remus Honorius (western half with Rome ast capital) and Arcadius (Eastern half with Constantinople as its capital) Julio Caesar and Pijus magnificus.
Link the half of Empire Honorius Arcadius.
Link the capital with the correct half ot the Empire Rome Constantinople.
When were the arrival of the visigoths 395 AD 410 AD 476 AD.
ROMAN SOCIETY Patricians Slaves Plebeians Clients.
Link the right period Republican period Imperial Period.
Who was the family´s highest authority and had control over the life of his family, slaves and feedmen. The pater familias The Knights The Nobilitas.
In the model of the Roman family the women Did not participate in politics. Legally they were dependents of their father and his husband. She take care of children and household tasks. participate in politics and had control over the life of slaves. Were educated in military training.
In the Economy of Rome, mark all the correct sentences Agriculture was the most important activity. There were some small properties owned by free peasants but it was more common to find large farms worked by slaves. The conquered areas were exploited economically by Rome. To kill people was the most important activity.
The Roman diet depends by the person´s social class. Choose the false The wealthier classes had a rich diet which incluided meat and fish. Banquets and wine. The poorer classes primarily ate bread, soup and barley. Rarely meat or fish. All the people eat the same.
Choose the false in The Roman economy Livestock farming was essential, but raising horses was crucial because they were used by the army. Mining was among the economic activities. When a mine was discovered, it became the property of Roman state. Trade also developed, especially during Pax Romana, when shipping routes and an extensive network of roads were created. The most important activity was the artisanal activity.
The agriculture was the most important activity in the Rome economy. What was the commom? Small propierties owned by free peasants. Large farms worked by slaves.
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