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Once the sourcing request is fully approved, which of the following data is copied into the sourcing project from the sourcing request? (2 Correct) Process Status Departments Name Currency.
Which of the following task types must the task owner manually mark as complete when they are created as a required task? (3 Correct) Negotiation Approval ToDo Notification Review.
What functionality allows you to send the same event to multiple contacts of one supplier? Incumbent suppliers Supplier research posting Supplier response team Mass invitation.
Which of the following content items can be created as a prerequisite to view event content? Question Requirement Lot / Line Items Attachment.
What master data is relevant for SAP Ariba Sourcing deployments? (3 Correct) Purchasing Organizations Partitioned suppliers Commodity codes Units of Measure Departments.
What does Desktop File Sync/ActiveX do? (2 Correct) It syncronizes responses from suppliers It exports reports directly to Excel It streamlines document revisions It generates content in the sourcing library.
Which event timing is represnted by the attached graphic? Serial Parallel Dutch Staggered.
You are reviewing users in the Supplier and Customer Manager workspace of the Administration area. Which field and values can you use to determine if the supplier has completed their Ariba Network registration? Status: private or public Approval status: Approved or unapproved Type: enabled or not enabled Username: contains data or empty.
What is the maximum character lenght of the department ID field? 50 40 255 300.
Who can support the field consultant to demonstrate SAP Ariba Discovery functionality during implementation? The customer engagement executive The Ariba Buyer Disvovery Adoption Team The Program Manager Another customer who has used Ariba Discovery.
As a project owner, what advantage would you have by allowing suppliers to only see their rank? The posibility of a wide variation in bids Price data is highly sensitive There are many suppliers invited to the auction The market for the product or auctions is highly competitive.
During a sourcing process design workshop, a consultant identifies that the customer does NOT have any documented processes. Use the goal and objectives identified in the project charter to promote a discussion about the customer current process Facilitate a brainstorming session to elicit suggestions for improvement to the current process Escalate the issue to the project sponsors for resolutions Use the SAP Ariba Best Sourcing Practice template as the baseline templatefor developing the to-be process.
On which tab of the enablement workbook do you update custom event message verbiage? Worksheet descriptions Appendix Tab for enablement languages Instructions Company logo and custom messages.
Where can a project owner see which user or group is pending action on a submitted document? View task details > Properties View task details > Task History Overview tab Approval flow tab.
Your client wants to create automated approvals using the Sourcing Process Design Matrix workbook. Which fields are required within the workbook? (2 Correct) User V Condition Group Project group.
Which of the following activities does the SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing Suite facilitate? (2 Correct) View supplier qualification data Order direct materials from a supplier See supplier inventory in an external application Send pricing information to external applications.
Which type of information is exchanged between suppliers and customers via SAP Ariba SupplyChain Collaboration for Buyers? (3 Correct) Component inventory Data PO confirmation RFP responses Supplier registration form Purchase Order.
Where do you go to change the original response to a template question in a full sourcing project? Manage / Template / Sourcing Project Template / Conditions Tab / Template Questions area Overview tab of project > Actions > View details > Template questions tab History tab of project > Search > Questions > Search Overview tab of project > Actions > Edit Overview > TemplateQuestions tab.
You want to allow suppliers to see the lowest bid in a reverse auction. What event rule do you set? No tie bids forrand: 1 Must participants beat lead bid: Yes Bid rank that triggers overtime: 1 Show lead bid to all participants: Yes.
Which of the following templates are available with SAP Ariba Supplier Information and Performance Management (SIPM) new architecture enabled? (2 Correct) Supplier qualification template preferred supplier template Supplier Request Template Supplier registration template.
What solutions are included in the SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing Suite? (2 Correct) SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing SAP Ariba Spend Analysis SAP Ariba Contracts.
Which pricing option is recommended when cost components in a line item vary by supplier and are not visible to participants? Price Breakdown Bid Transformation Total cost Alternative responses.
What supplier data is stored in SAP Ariba Sourcing? Remittance location Partitioned supplier Supplier location Common Supplier.
You are creating a sourcing event and want to ensure that your participants do not see confidential information in a specific section of the event until they have read and agreed to a confidentiality agreement. What can you use to restrict this section? (2 Correct) Visibility conditions Envelope bidding A prerrequisite with access gate A prerrequisite with restricted response submission.
Why would you run an RFI before conducting an RFP or an auction? (2 Correct) To gain a preliminary bidfrom each supplier To verify if suppliers can meet the specifications To narrow the list of suppliers to invite to later events; To gather pricing and capability information.
Which of the following import fields require a domain column on the import file? Import regions Import currency conversion rates Import Commodity codes Import users.
What prepackaged report shows the total awarded spend fora specific organization across all event types? RFI Report Supplier participation report Event spend summary Event participation summary.
Where do you customize project e-mail templates? Sourcing library Sourcing project Project manager Sourcing project template.
What grading feature allows you to change scores submitted by team graders? Pre-grading Review for team grading Blind grading Adjust grades for consensus.
When you manage event templates (rankjead bid, etc.) which of thefollowing rule types controls the visibility of participant information? Market feedback rules Bid agreement rules Supplier eligibility criteria Biding rules.
What is a sourcing request? A document sent to a supplier to obtain information prior to a sourcing event A project that automatically becomes a full sourcing project upon approval A copy of an existing sourcing project used as a staring point for a new sourcing project A document that is used to ask the company authorized sourcing team to bid a product or service.
How can you create an SAP Ariba Discovery post? (2 Correct) From a non-test event in a test sight From the event messages From within an SAP Aribasourcing event From
When compared to a quick project, what are the unique tabs that appear in a full sourcing project? (3 Correct) Team Tasks History Documents Overview.
After awarding a sourcing event, which SAP Ariba applications would you use to finalize the agreement with the supplier and monitor the supplier's quality anddelivery metrics? (2 Correct) SAP Ariba Spend Analysis Sap Ariba Contracts SAP Ariba buying SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and performance.
Ques:- Which of the following factors would influences the success of an auction? There are wide variations in product standards Participants are bidding in multiple currencies The supply base is competitive Raw material prices for the suppliers are rising.
Ques:- Which area under the Project Manager menu contains the DocuSign accounts that allow you to see enhanced features for SAP Ariba Contracts? Mass edit project Signature providers Import legacy contracts Manage keywords.
What are some of the benefits of upgrading to Direct Materials sourcing foran SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing Suite customer? (3 Correct) Integrate you PLM and ERP systems Improve supplier qualification Source directly from a bill of materials Eliminate home grown portals Increase fill rates.
Your customer wants SAP Ariba Sourcing to accommodate the following scenarios: They want a single sourcing process to be used across the company. They have several distinct business units. Each business unit must be able to see only sourcing projects created within their department. Leave the Team section of the SAP Ariba template blank and train users to add users to the team Set the default access control on the Ariba template to Private to Team Members and configure them accordingly Create a different sourcing template for each business unit Create custom access controls and assign them to the sourcing templates.
When should a customer identify the resources for each role on the client deployment team? As part of the kickoff meeting After the project charter is complete Any time before the design is complete During the pre-kickoffphase.
What stepof the Create Analytical Report process allows you to apply an initial filter before executing the report? Source data Pivot Layout Refine data View report.
What does a Shared Services project manager do during an SAP Ariba Sourcing deploymnt? (2 Correct) Provides day-to-day project managament Perform configuration testing in test and production enviroments Provides functional knowledge of Sap Ariba software capabilities; Delivers ongoing adoption support during the lenght of the customer contract.
What action would allow a user to be able to create or edit a sourcing project? (2 Correct) Ensure a sourcing request was created before the sourcing project Ensure the user is assigned to the Sourcing Approver system group Ensure the user is assigned to the Sourcing Agent system group Ensure the user is assigned to the Project Owner group within a sourcing project;.
Which of the following integration options leverages comma-separated values (CSV) upload over HTTPS? SAP direct connectivity Mediated connectivity (Customer middleware) Batch file channel transfer with the integration toolkit (ITK) Web Services (SOAP).
Where can you access tasks that have been assigned to you? (3 Correct) To-Do Portlet Manage > My task Dashboard calendar Manage > To do Manage > Personal workspace.
What are the available event types when creating a quick project (3 Correct) Auction RFI RFP RFQ RFx.
What is affected when you change the value selected in the Locale field? (2 Correct) Language for supplier correspondence Time zone used to specify event start and end dates Language for header fields and system generated messages Formatting of numbers and dates.
You want to ensure that any user creating an event can enable scoring and ensure that participants never see the scoring weights. What settings do you select in the Scoring Rule section of the event template to achieve this? Set Enable scoring on participants response to Yes and delegated; Set allow partcipants to see scoring weights to Yes and delegated Set Enable scoring on participants response to No and Read only Set allow partcipants to see scoring weights to No and delegated Set Enable scoring on participants response to Yes and Hidden; Set allow partcipants to see scoring weights to Yes and delegated Set Enable scoring on participants response to Yes and delegated; Set allow partcipants to see scoring weights to no and read only.
Which of the following tasks must have an associated document? (2 Correct) Approval Review ToDo Notification.
How are due dates set? (2 Correct) Dates are set relative to the completition of the previous task Fixed dates are manually set by the project owner; Dates are set relative to the start of the parent phase Dates are set relative to the start of the project.
What is the file size limit of a document in the sourcing project? 200 mb 500 mb 50 mb 100 mb.
What are the different methods the team graders can use to grade responses? (3 Correct) grade for consensus Grade by participant Grade by content Grade offline using excel Grade by team membership.
Ques:- Who do you contact to change the RFX EnableRFX custom templates parameter? (2 Correct) Shared services Account executive Partner consultant Customer support.
Which of the following best describes atraffic light auction format? Supplier submit decreasing bids within staggered lots that do not include overtime Supplier submit decreasing bids within serial lots with durations displayed via color coded icons Supplier must pass an access gate with prerequisites before participating in the full auction Supplier submit decreasing bids and receive feedback on whether their bid will be considered via color coded icons.
What activities should be completed before an auction begins? (3 Correct) Identify the strategy for awarding the business Initiate the supplier performance management process Complete supplier outreach and data collection Conduct practice events for internal stakeholders and suppliers Negotiate contract terms with suppliers.
What preference needs to be set with a value of 1 or above to make content scorable? Weight Importance Target grade.
In which SAP Ariba Sourcing design workbook can you find reference to conditions? (3 Correct) Dashboard template Enablement workbook Sourcing process design matrix Header field data collection template From data collection template.
What difference can you view with the BOM comparison feature? (2 Correct) Different versions of the same BOM Two distinct BOMs Designed BOM and finished BOM BOMs imported from the ERP and those created via CSV Import.
Ques:- In the enablement workbook, what does U* stand for? User licence for each licensed solution User licence applicable only to SAP Ariba Information and performance management User ID for each licensed solution.
Which of the followingsystem groups are considered user licenses? (2 Correct) Commodity manager Contract approver Sourcing agent Senior Analyst.
In which data collection document can you find the Supplier Bidder Agreement? Process design matrix Header field in data collection template Enablement workbook From data collection template.
How can you add content when modifying your event? (2 Correct) Details are inherited from thetemplate Add information manually to the event Copy information from clause library Import information from supplier registratrion.
Ques:- What are the customer's responsibilities when SAP Ariba provides standard site enablement services? (2 Correct) The customer provides the necessary resources for deployment The customer leads the project kickoff session The customer provides a single point of contract The customer selects one of the following language for all interactions with sap ariba (German, Italian or japanese).
How do suppliers bid in a Dutch reverse auction? They submit technical qualifications onlywith no pricing data They watch the buyer increase the price periodically and bid at their lowest acceptable price They read the buyers specifications and submit their best price They submit progressively lower bids to beat their competitors.
What can you use the Sourcing Library for? (2 Correct) Automatically archive events Search for predecessor projects Store reports Store event contents.
Which details are displayed in the Activities section of the Item 360 view? (3 Correct) Contract information PIR Activity BOM Roll up Supplier activity Sourcing activity.
What content types can you create during a simplified Excel import for a sourcing event? (2 Correct) Questions Sections Requirements Line items.
What does Shared Services build in a standard deployment? (3 Correct) Up to 5 custom header fields 3 custom dashboard templates 1 sourcing request template 1 analytical reportr up to 50 tasks / phases in the process.
Which of the following price attributes will be used in calculating the saving within a line item? Historic price Reserve price Initial response Ceiling / floor value.
What are the goals of the testing phase? (2 Correct) Verify the configuration in test and production sites Ensure customers are fully trained Verify that core SAP ariba functions are working Validate the customer unique configuration.
What deployment activitiesare performed by Shared Services? (2 Correct) Project Kick Off Project Go Live End of project quality review Onsite project management.
What documentation is provided by the Shared Services team during an SAP Ariba Sourcing deployment? (3 Correct) Weekly steering committee updatespresentation Functional design specification KickOff presentation Deployment summary/wrap-up collateral Standard Project Plan.
Which requirements must be met before you can use custom offline bidding? (3 Correct) Notifications will need to be enabled Content items must be set for offline responses Alternative responses must be enabled The template must be publised and set to allow for offline responses The event must have bidding rules enabled for offline responses.
How can you limit the number of instances of the dForm that can be created within a sourcing project? Update task settings Update the DForm Update system parameters Update the template with an AD HOC create limit.
What can a Designated Support Contact do? (3 Correct) Authorize administrative requests, such as enhancement request; Upload files to share with SAP Ariba, such as service requestdocumentation; Submit service requests and review the status of these requests Change the realm name Obtain service manager accesss to update the site.
Which action can a user in the Material Manager group perform? Assign contract manufacturers to BOMs. Enter estimated pricing for materials. Create quote requests formaterials. Create quote requests for materials they own.
You are creating a new sourcing event. When would you create and import event content via Microsoft Excel? (2 Correct) When creating a large number of lots When a supplier reports a technical issue and CANNOT submit their reponse When loading translations toevent content When an individual needs to contribute to content creation but does NOT have an SAP Ariba account.
What are some of the responsibilities of a field consultant? (2 Correct) Prepare and participate in weekly status meetings and ask/issue meetings Provide recommendations and best practice for configuration design; Load master data into the client test and production realms Work with the client to understand current business processes.
What type of content items could be created if a document does NOT require a response? (2 Correct) Line item Requirement Section Attachment.
Your Overview tab is set to full view. What actions can you take on the Overview tab of the Sourcing Project? (3 Correct) Create project announcements Review quick links Mark the project complete Add a task Upload a document.
What user role must you have to load, export, and manage master data in the SAP Ariba system? Customer administrator Customization administrator Project mass edit administrator Project Administrator.
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