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TEST BORRADO, QUIZÁS LE INTERESEHow much of a liar are you?

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How much of a liar are you?

Don't you know how liar you are? Find out in this test!

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The person you didn't want to talk to writes to you and the next day they asks you why you didn't reply them, what do you say? That just at that moment your cell phone was damaged That you didn't want to talk to them That you were busy but now you can talk That your battery ran out.
A friend bought some shoes that for your taste are horrible and they fit badly. She asks your opinion, what do you say? That looks bad That they are beautiful and she looks like a princess That better change them, that the others will look prettier It's OK...
Someone talks to you very excited about a topic that you do not know or are not interested in, what do you do? I tell him that I don't understand anything I pretend to be interested and tell him anything I make up something on the subject, so I no longer seem ignorant I listen out of respect, but I don't say anything.
It was your best friend's birthday but you forgot, what do you do? I confess that I forgot it I invite her to a place and I apologize for not having greeted her earlier I tell her that I have a gift at my house and I run to buy her something. I tell her that I thought all week about that day.
How do you feel when you don't tell the truth? I don't mind I feel good, relaxed A little worried Very bad.
You should be at 5 o'clock at Carlos, but it is 6 o'clock and you are at home. He calls you and asks you what's wrong, you tell him... You can't imagine what just happened, I'll tell you later I'm coming! I'll be late because I'm not out yet Sorry for the delay, but I'm on my way.
On the weekend you wanted to see movies, but those days they ask you to help a charitable cause, what do you do? "No" immediately, because you already have other plans "I can't" because I have to take care of my sick mother Then I confirm, so I can come up with a better excuse I go and help.
A friend asks you to return his book, but you lost it. You: You tell him what happened and buy him another book You tell him that soon you will give it to him You tell him not to bother you because you don't even know where he is You tell him that you were robbed and they took the book.
Sometimes without meaning to, did you see yourself involved in a lie? No, never Yes, it happens to me very often It has happened to me, but rarely Yes, and I don't realize.
Everyone talks about their wonderful vacation, but you didn't go anywhere. When they ask you, what do you say? I say that I was in the place of my dreams, so they don't bother me I say I met new places but everything was quiet I did not go anywhere That I stayed because I wanted to and it was great.
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