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How long does it take you to ___ an argument? get off get over get away.
There was ___ at the store on the corner. Someone came in with a gun and asked for all the money in the cash register. an armed robbery vandalism a kidnapping.
What happens if they catch you ___? jaywalked jaywalking jaywalk.
A: They were very afraid of ghosts when they were children. B: ___ So was I So I was So were I.
It's customary ___ other people a lot of personal questions when you first meet. not asking not to ask not ask.
A: I don't believe that superstition. B: ___ Neither am I. So do I. Neither do I.
Financial responsibility ___ at a young age. has to be learnt has to be learning has to be learn.
Don't tell Daniela and Becky about the party. ___ be a surprise! It's supposed to It was going to It wasn't supposed to.
A: ___ to Korea before your visit last year? B: Yes. Twice before. Where have you ever been Had you ever been Do you ever go.
I don't like your new jacket ___ your old one. as many as as little as as much as.
A: I really want this job, but I don't think I'm going to get it. B: You need to be more ___! I'm sureyou'll get it. intelligent confident sensitive.
A: Do you like this jacket? B: I don't know. ___ you think it's a little too tight? Don't Didn't Isn't.
People who shoplift often ___ on probation. have put get put put.
It ___ be a nice day yesterday according to the weather forecast, but it turned out to be warm andsunny. was going to be wasn’t supposed to was supposed to.
The time we both gave each other the same CD as a present really ___ as a weird coincidence. I'llnever forget it. sticks in my mind reads my mind experiences telepathy.
The thief got caught ___ a house. breaking into broken into break into.
You can offend people by ___ in line. cut cutting to cut.
If you're interested in the ___, perhaps you could be an accountant or a tax advisor. financial sector communications field health care field.
Patrick ___ the new when he found out the truth. have found had heard has found.
A: Karina’s in great shape. How long ___ at this gym? B: About a year. has she been working out have she been working out is he work out.
It's ___ talk during dinner. You can just listen if you want to. acceptable not to not acceptable not acceptable to.
I pay for most things by credit cards. That way, my monthly credit card bill helps me to ___ myexpenses. invest in get out of keep track of.
___ a present in a birthday is a nice detail. to giving to give giving.
Weren’t you supposed to ___ work early? getting of got off get off.
A: ___ last weekend? B: Karen and I went to an outdoor concert in the park. Where do you go Where did you go Were you going out.
I have some extra money I plan to ___ next year. invest pay charge.
Couldn’t you ___ the meeting? get out of get out get out.
A: ___ B: So do I. I don't believe my dreams have any special meaning. I wore pearls at my wedding. I know a lot about superstitions.
A: ___ B: So am I. My friend and I are afraid of black cats. I've read about that on the Internet. I'm not a very lucky person.
If you had a flat tire, would you get someone ___ it for you? change to change changing.
What kinds of classes ___ this semester? do they take are they taking have they been taking.
___ be out past midnight, so I had better call my parents and tell them I'm going to be a little late. I were supposed to I'm not supposed to I was not supposed.
Remember to ___ the host's cooking after dinner, even if it's not good. It's the polite thing to do clean up ignore compliment.
A: I didn't know that shoes were an unlucky gift. B: ___ Neither was I. Neither did I. So did I.
They look great on her, ___ she like them? don’t doesn’t aren’t.
A: I love these cotton shirts. B: Cotton? ___ they polyester? Isn’t Don't Aren't.
At this time yesterday, ___ on the spa. It's so depressing to be back at work. I was sitting I'm sitting I sat.
If you ___ speeding, you might lose your license. have caught get caught caught.
I hadn't heard from my college roommate in years. Then, unexpectedly, I ___ him in a coffee shop. ran into ran around ran over.
That jacket really needs to be ___. You should take it to the dry cleaner's. cleaned cleane cleaning.
It's ___ talk on your cell phone while you're riding a public bus. rude to not rude to not rude to.
A: That will be $21.00. B: Really? ___ the jacket on sale today? Don't Aren't Isn't.
Many people have ___ to fashion magazines so that they know what is in style. makeovers subscriptions collections.
Careless drivers hardly ever ___ by the police officers. get stopped got stopped getting stop.
A: ___ B: Neither did I. I didn't spill the salt. I saw a crow this morning. I don't walk under ladders.
My father has some money in a savings account for his retirement. Every year it earns ___ andincreases in value. loan interest debt.
___ beautiful handicrafts ___ nowadays? Are / export Are / exported Is / exported.
People ___ to e-mail their friends when they're at work. It wastes too much time. shouldn't allow shouldn't be allowed should be allowing.
On my last birthday, my best friend ___ me to a nice restaurant decided to took decided to take decide to take.
We seldom ___ early. We must work until 5 p.m., even before holidays. get off work get over feeling shy get to know people.
Sandra was a college friend that I ___ in years haven’t seen had saw hadn’t seen.
A: ___ in another country? B: No. But he’d like to, at least for a little while. Has Charles ever lived How long has Charles been living Where was Charles living.
I don't like this digital camera. The batteries need ___ too often. replaced to be replaced to replace.
A: I hope you're not going to buy that lather jacket! B: Why? ___ you like it? Don't Isn't Do.
Oh, no, the tire's flat! Where can we get it ___? to change change changed.
A: My husband wants me to wear my green sweater. B: Really? ___ he like the blue one? Doesn't Don't Isn't.
My roommate ___ every month for entertainment like movies and eating in restaurants. gives herself an allowance makes an application gets out of debt.
A suspect was arrested, because he ___ in the scene. get caught shoplift got caught shoplifted got caught shoplifting.
The ceiling fan needs ___. It's moving too slowly. adjusted to be adjusted to be adjust.
____ the last holiday in the year ___ on December 31st? Are / celebrated Is / celebrated Is / celebrate.
My hair looked bad, so I ___ it again. have a hairdresser cutted have a hairdresser cut had a hairdresser cut.
Be careful ___ late for a business meeting. You should be on time, or even a little early. not arrive not to arrive not arriving.
I ___ the other night — I was thinking about ordering a pizza when my friend suggested it. experienced a nightmare experienced telepathy experienced déjà vu.
Hey, look at these gloves! ___ they great? Don't Aren't Are.
I'm not feeling very well. I hope I can get ___ this class. over through away.
She's going to get Tanya ___ her car. fix fixing to fix.
I'm looking for a pair of ___ jeans. cashmere denim rubber.
People might stare at you for ___ in public here. We just don't think it's appropriate. Kiss Kissing to Kiss.
___ a meeting in the conference room this time yesterday. George attend George's attended George was attending.
I think the city should ___ people who throw paper or garbage on the streets – make them pay$200, or something like that. arrest put on probation fine.
Jen is working too hard. She ___ work too many hours. was supposed not is supposed not to were supposed not to.
They didn't expect ___ in an office. But they had great co-workers. working to work work.
I upset the host of the dinner party by ___ an hour late. arriving arrived to arrive.
My sister is interested in becoming a ___. She wants to design bridges and manage building them civil engineer counselor construction worker.
Did you get someone ___ your house, or did you do it yourself? painted to paint paint.
A: I really like this leather jacket. B: It's nice, but ___ you think it's a little expensive? isn't aren't don't.
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