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ILERNA M06 - Inglés - Tiempos Verbales - (Administración y Finanzas)


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Do you ______ a car? have has had having.
If they hadn't told me about the exhibition, I never ______ . would have known will know. would known would know.
The economic situation is bad now and things ______ worse. are going to get going to get are going to got will going to get.
She ______ to the doctor tomorrow at 5 pm because she is feeling bad. is going to go is will go goes are going to go.
He ______ with his friends in the beach on Saturday. is going to swim will going to swim are going to swim goes to swim.
She ______ one piece of fruit every day. eats eating don't eat eat.
He ______ his shoes. His shoes are clean now. has cleaned was cleaned clean have cleaned.
They______ yet, they're still working. aren't isn't don't are am not.
My new workmates ______ really friendly. are is am was.
I am ______ what he said. remembering remembered remember to remember.
You ______ to me. aren't listening don't listening am not listening isn't listening.
You can turn the television off. I ______ it. am not watching aren't watching don't watching doesn't watching.
It's Lay's birthday tomorrow and I ______ her a present yet. haven't bought hasn't bought didn't bought wasn't bought.
Bob is on holiday. Oh, where ______ he gone? has do does did.
You ______ the bus for an hour. have been waiting has been waiting waits have wait.
______ Margaret going to the supermarket last Monday? Was Did Do Does.
He has been ______ the car for 2 hours. repairing repair repaired repairs.
It has been ______ for 3 hours. raining rain did rain rained.
Yesterday evening I ______ television. watched watch watching watches.
______ James work as a financial director? Did Do Is Was.
______ you know the answers of the test? It was very difficult. Did Have Does Are.
Last week I ______ a letter to Jane. wrote am writing written write.
What ______ you doing at 11.30 yesterday? were is was are.
Lily ______ that book! wasn't reading didn't reading aren't reading read.
______ you read romantic novels or horror novels? Do Does Is Are.
Many accidents ______ by dangerous driving. are caused caused will caused is caused.
I promise I ______ do it. will have been have going to.
I don't know... I think I ______ have some salad and fish! will are going to had going to.
______ you happy? Are Do Am Does.
They ______ yet, they're still working. aren't isn't don't are am not.
What are you ______ at this moment? doing did are do.
______ Mike trying to make a cake? Is Do Are Does.
______ you seen Joseph? Have Do Did Has.
I ______ my passport, so I can't find it now. have lost has lost losing losen.
I ______ all weekend and finally I've finished the presentation. have been working has been working has working have working.
Joe ______ too much recently. He should eat less. has been eating have been eating are eating eat.
Mr Todd ______ into the room, took off his coat and sat down. came come cames are coming.
When my father was younger, he ______ the guitar. played plays play is playingd.
The concert last night ______ at 7.30. was are were is.
He ______ down the street when I saw him. was walking were walking did walking walking.
She ______ to the doctor tomorrow at 5 pm because she is feeling bad. is going to go are going to go is will go goes.
I think it ______ rain. will did going to have.
Is Tom here?. No, he ______. has gone have gone has go have go.
I ______ in a Private Company. work have work working works.
She ______ one piece of fruit every day. eats eat eating don't eat.
Do you want the newspaper?. No, thanks. I ______ it. have read was read did read has read.
Last Saturday my sister ______ to Paris. went goes go is going.
Sam ______ to the cinema with us last week. didn't go don't go doesn't went didn't went.
Carol ______ the room when I went into the house. was painting were painting are painting painting.
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