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Impossible Helluva Boss Test

A test so hard that will make you think if you are a real fan of HB


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This test will prove that they are still some details and characteristics in the 4 episodes that the series has that you didn't payed attention to.
Who is the main character? Blitzo Moxxie Millie Stolas Loona.
How many fingers does Blitzo have? 3 5 4 6 Sometimes 4, sometimes 5.
At the end of Episode 1, our protagonists make a party to celebrate having completed the mission. What is written on the cake? Killed the bitch GG Moxxie We did it Well done Mox.
How many characters wear a bow tie? Millie Moxxie Blitzo Stolas.
How many death scenes appear in the IMP advertising in the Pilot Episode? 13 15 9 7.
What items can you see on Blitzo's desk in Episode 2? Lamp Computer Picture of himself Cord phone Ashtray A cup.
How many childs are in the picture Loona is holding for Moxxie to shot in Episode 1? 1 2 3 4.
What are the 2 simbols that you can see on Stolas's book? A moon and a sun A satan star and a christian cross 2 Aztecs simbols A star and a universe 2 strange looking demons.
What is in the middle of the dinner table from the Crazy Family in Episode 1? A pig head, salad and water Salad and water A human leg, salad and a yellow liquid Chiken and water.
How many guns can we see ON the hand of any character in Episode 1? 10 9 6 8 4.
How many freckles does Moxxie have on his face? 6 8 5 3.
What was the color of the shapes on Octavia's (when she was a little girl) pijamas? White Pink Blue Yellow Black.
What things can we see in Stolas's fridge in Episode 2? (There is no limit of time for this one) Cocacola Choccy Milk Zebra meat 2 Dead mice 3 Dead mice Fanta Beer A full as chicken.
What is written on the picture Blitzo has from himself on top of his desk? #1 Boss #1 Best Dad #1 Horse Lover #1 Bitch Boss #1 Lover.
What color is Looloo's hat? Black and red Black and green Black and yelow Black and blue Black and white He wears no hat.
How much does a Novelty Cup costs in Loo Loo Land? 29$ 19$ 26$ 22$ 31$ 24$.
Is Blitzo 100% pansexual? Vivziepop did not confirm anything so we cant say yet The wiki says yes, so yes it is No, he is bisexual.
Match each sentence with the Episode were it belongs, there may be more than 1 object for each Episode (you have infinite time and it counts 2 points instead of 1 like the others) "Why are you in our fridge?!?!" "FISH" "Lets three way it!" "You are so cute when you are serious" "Sit on a dick Moxxie" "Or i'll call HR" "When did we start implementing that deal?" "YOU ARE SO GROSS!!!" "Yeah, team M&M getting shit done, making the money" "I AM CALMED!!".
Who is the owner of Loo Loo Land Mammon Lucifer LooLoo Keeper Fizzarolli.
How many robots form the music band "Fizzarolli n friends" (including Fizzarolli himself) 5 4 6 3 7.
What is the name of the Demon kid that got his head hit by "A Thing", ruining the family photo (Episode 2) Nathan Isaac Zac Roger Frank Mason.
Match the song with the main singer (this one counts only 1 point because is pretty easy, but no time, i am not THAT asshole) Blitzo's Radio Verosika Stolas Octavia's MP3 Moxxie Fizzarolli n Friends.
How many characters we have seen smoking? Mrs.Mayberry Stolas's wife Verosika Blitzo Loona.
What company award does Moxxie have? (hint:Pilot).
What does Blitzo have hanging from his rearview mirror? (Episode 3) A little gun Snake eyes A horse A satanic star A picture from him with Loona.
On which side of Blitzo's van is the IMP logo drawn? Left Right Both .
How many people we can see being killed in Episode 3? 11 13 14 10.
How many "hores" are in Verosika group? (Including Verosika and Vortex) 7 9 8 11.
What shape does Verosika's face tatoo have? Heart Star Moon Microphone Kiss.
What color is the beer barrel where Moxxie gets caught? Purple Brown Yellow Blue Dark Blue.
What drawing did the annoying kid from Episode 1 have on his shirt? Planet Star Super Hero Just stripes.
Last question for 3 points and no limit time. What was the name of the roller coaster Moxxie and Millie rode in Loo Loo land? The Lawsuit The Bone-breaker Vomit generator The Apple ride Demon coaster.
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