Test ingles 2 prepa abierta

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Test ingles 2 prepa abierta


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Vicente Fox _______President of Mexico from 2000 to 2006 was are is were.
The Pencils_______ on the table last night was were is are.
I______ Happy yesterday, today I sad because Itzel left me is are were was.
The Students______ in class now are was were is.
Karem and Omar David_________ in hermosillo, sonora now are is was were.
Karem and Omar David ________ in Tucson yesterday morning are is were was.
Hi Ruth , Your dress ______ very elegant, I like it is are was were.
Karem and Ruth________ Itzel´s Sisters, not her cousins is were wasn´t are.
Isabel ________ in Italia last summer, she was in San Carlos were were not was wasn´t.
Was ruth in class this morning? Yes, ________ she was he was she were it is.
_________ they playing? the piano what were what is who were how were.
___________ you working last week? at LEBEL company where were where was what was what were.
____________ Isabel Working two years ago? at Sales Houses company where was where is what was what were.
Itzel _______ the lesson well yesterday learned learn learning to to learned.
You are not running now, you_______ an hour ago ran run running to to run.
Karem is not speaking to us now, She________ to us two hours ago. spoke spoking speak to speak.
Ruth ________ Marcos a letter last saturday write wrote writed writting.
Miss andrea isn not spreading the icing on the cake, She________ the icing on the cake ten minutes ago spread spray spreaded to spreading.
Teacher Karem________ the children English two weeks ago taught teach to teach teaching.
_______ Isabel work in the computer? Yes, she did; she ________ in the computer last night did / worked did not / to work did / work did / to work.
Itzel_______ her hair last night brushed to brush brush to brushing.
Omar ___________ a book five minutes ago opened open to open to opening.
Ruth ________ a car last week drove drive to driving drave.
__________ Karem become a Teacher? she became a teacher in 2011 when did what did who did how did.
__________ the meal? Itzel cooked the meal who cooked what cooked when cooked how cooked.
__________ Ruth kiss? Ruth kissed her father whom did who do what did where did.
__________ cleaning the kitchen? Karem and her Mom ______ cleaning the kitchen who was / were where was / were where were / was who was / was.
He ________ the newspaper yesterday. ( imagina a alguien leyendo el periodico) readed to read read to reading.
Isabel _____________ the newspaper yesterday. (imagina a una señora bonita trabajando solamente el dia de ayer) didn´t read did do not read reading.
______ Itzel feel yesterday? she ______ tired yesterday how did / felt what did/ felt what did/ feel how did/ feel.
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