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Forty-two = ____. a. 14 b. 24 c. 40 d. 42 e. 442.
A dollar is ___ cents. a. 100 b. 25 c. 10 d. 50 e. 05.
I ___ a student. a. is b. am c. are d. and e. m’.
These are ____. a. maps b. tape c. penny d. desk e. chair.
Close the ____. a. nickel b. door c. name d. number e. letter.
Those ___ pencils. a. is b. am c. and d. are e. ‘re are.
___ the box on the table. a. Listen b. Up c. Put d. Go e. Turn off.
Jack: Listen to the tape. ___ write. Tim: Okay. Turn on the recorder. a. Don't b. Hello c. What d. Good-bye e. Bye.
Rita: Please, spell that. Ted: It's ___ a. $10 b. 5 cents c. a dollar d. J-o-e e. hello.
Mike: What's that? Richard: ____ a radio. a. It's b. She's c. He's d. I'm e. They’re.
He's ___ coffee. a. drink b. drinking c. drinks d. not drink e. drinking not.
The money belongs to Tom and Bob. It's ____ money. a. Tom's b. our c. Bob's d. her e. their.
I ____ this book. a. buying b. aren't buying c. am not buying d. buys e. not buy.
Are you ___ to the mess hall? a. go b. goes c. not go d. going e. go not.
She's at the library. She's ____. a. drinking milk b. hungry c. reading a book d. very sick e. angry.
___ room is that? a. Whose b. Your c. Where d. Mary's e. These.
He drinks ___ for breakfast. a. drink b. food c. juice d. orange e. beef.
Ted: Hello, Bob. This is Bill. Bob: Hello, Bill. ____. a. Glad to meet you. b. Thank you. c. You're welcome. d. Me, too. e. Good bye.
I'm ___ TV. a. talking b. doing c. reading d. watching e. sleeping.
Boris: Thank you, Sofia. Sofia: ____. a. Nice to meet you. b. You're welcome. c. Hello, Bill. d. Excuse me, please. e. See you later.
Select the name of the group of words. a. fruit b. eggs c. pork d. bread e. food.
She ___ an old car. a. has b. gets up c. have for d. flies e. does.
Yes, it ____ there last night. a. is b. was c. are d. were e. aren’t.
I eat eggs ____ breakfast. a. to b. for c. on d. in e. under.
Warren: ____ dogs do you see? James: I see three. a. Who b. How much c. When d. How often e. How many.
____ do you go to bed? a. What b. How many c. Who d. When e. Which.
____ leaves class at 2:30? a. Does she b. Who c. Is she d. When e. Where.
Willy: Were you in class last week? Trevor: Yes, I ___. a. were b. am c. was d. are e. am not.
The milk is cold. a. Is cold the milk. b. Cold milk it is. c. It is milk cold. d. It is cold milk. e. Milk cold it is.
I don't want ____ early. a. goes b. to go c. go d. going e. went.
Joe is driving a car right now. He ___ fall asleep. a. must not b. can c. is not d. likes e. may not.
She ___ good food. a. likes b. can play c. costs d. likes to e. like.
I'm hungry. Let's go to a ____. a. game b. restaurant c. break d. downtown e. classroom.
She ___ eggs and meat for breakfast. a. started to b. ends c. liked to d. cost e. cooked.
Who wants to buy ____ picture over there? a. this b. these c. that d. those e. an.
Jack: ____ I put this chair over here? Pam: Yes, you may. a. Did b. May not c. Can d. Must not e. Do.
January is a very cold month. It's in the ___. a. summer b. spring c. fall d. winter e. air.
The class was at 7:30. It ____ at 7:30. a. ended b. played c. brought d. finished e. began.
Look at the tall buildings in this ____. a. game b. restaurant c. city d. uniform e. house.
I listen to ____ on the radio. a. record b. town c. dance d. music e. vowel.
Betty: Does this store sell cigarettes? Clerk: No, you ___ buy cigarettes here. a. have to b. aren't c. will d. can e. can't.
This is the last day ____ the year. a. among b. on c. between d. of e. in.
John bought ___ car last week. a. many b. a c. much d. an e. it.
You may wear a dress ___ slacks. a. many b. but c. lots of d. a e. or.
January...February...March. March is the ___ month. a. third b. there c. three d. then e. thirteen.
He has ____ dollars. a. a little b. much c. a few d. any e. not.
She doesn't _____ go to the doctor's office. a. have to b. have c. will not d. will e. has to.
Do you want ____ cake? a. any b. or c. a few d. to e. many.
Alec and Sophia are eating ____. a. one-way b. together c. among d. between e. before.
____ women are in the class? a. Are there b. How much c. Was there d. How many e. There is.
He doesn't have water on his clothes. He wore his ____. a. driver's license b. napkin c. identification d. tie e. raincoat.
Jack: What's wrong? Tom: I don't like this milk. It's ___. a. delicious b. good c. awful d. dry e. nice.
Eric: Is there water on the table? Jeff: Yes, it's ____. a. dry b. cloudy c. dirty d. sunny e. wet.
There is lots of water between the United States and England. It's ___. a. a mountain b. an address c. an ocean d. a street e. a river.
We talked to Lee last weekend, ___ we didn't talk to Lee this morning. a. also b. or c. at d. and e. but.
Jim: Do they go to a different country every year? Lisa: Yes, they like to ____. a. give b. finish c. get in d. travel e. walk.
They are giving ____. a. some food him b. to him some food c. him some food d. him to some food e. him food some.
I don't think ____ his dinner. a. that he b. wants c. that d. he wants e. he want.
John bought a shirt. John ____ bought trousers. a. but b. only c. and d. too e. also.
Mrs. Smith: Why did she go to bed early? Mr. Smith: ____ she got tired. a. After b. Because c. By d. How e. What.
Mr. Parker: Are Mike and Dave here? Mrs. Parker: Yes, ___ boys are here. a. any b. both c. much d. each e. one.
He has ___ car in town. a. faster than b. fastest c. the fastest d. faster e. fast.
Vicky: Do you want coffee? Karen: Yes, I'd like ___, please. a. both b. some c. other d. any e. many.
I use it ___ dinner. a. cook b. am cooking c. cooked d. for cooking e. for cook.
The students are learning about numbers. They are studying ___. a. the moon b. mathematics c. the world d. animals e. insects.
My car is ____ your car. a. the fastest b. fast c. faster than d. faster e. fastest than.
Angel: _________? Joseph: He's fifteen years old. a. How many years is John b. How old is John c. How many years does John have d. How much old is John e. How John is old.
There are lots of countries in the ____. a. living room b. city c. refrigerator d. yard e. world.
Jessica and Sue have nice homes, but Jane's home is the ____. a. nicer b. nice, too c. nicest d. nicer than e. nicest than.
The tall boy only likes football. ___ boy only likes soccer. a. The tall b. Some c. The other d. Any e. Both.
Tim: ____ car is that? Lee: It's his. a. Whose b. What c. Where d. When e. Why.
Did you remember ___ the car Sam? a. will wash b. might wash c. to wash d. are going to wash d. are going to wash.
Please ____ that I want to speak with him. a. tell your brother b. tell to your brother c. to tell your brother d. telling your brother e. tell your brother to.
Susan's score is 95. It's ____. a. a good score b. worse c. better d. the worse e. the better.
What ____ apples are these? a. from b. south of c. for d. kind of e. shape.
Ann: Is Maj Harris in his office? Jack: I don't know. She ____ be. a. may b. going to c. wants d. told me that e. can’t.
I was driving west. Then I turned right and drove ____. a. east b. west c. north d. south e. down.
Where are my keys? Do you think they ___ be in the car? a. forgot to b. might c. going to d. try e. couldn’t.
Paul: Did Ray drive the car? Doris: No, he ____ it but he couldn't do it. a. tried b. made c. managed d. remembered e. turned.
Jessica needs ___ some groceries. a. buys b. is going to buy c. to buy d. that she bought e. to buying.
Alec: It might rain. ____? Bob: Yes, take it with you. a. Will you apologize to Tom b. Should I take my umbrella c. Were you walking to work d. Is Tom driving your car e. Should I leave my umbrella.
Do you think I ____ apologize to Janet? a. should b. how c. that d. so e. would.
Ruben reads all the time. He reads ____. a. because b. good c. well d. should e. short.
Please give this money to Mary. She ____ last week. a. borrowed it from me b. took it c. paid it d. spent it e. lent it to me.
Harry forgot ____ the door. a. is locking b. that he locked c. was locking d. locks e. to locks.
Carl is sure ____ the window. a. for closing b. should he close c. that he closed d. for him to close e. that he pays.
Joan remembered ____ the package. a. that she didn't mail b. for not mailing c. was not mailing her d. shouldn't mail her d. that she mail.
Add the numbers 60, 20, and 10. Now subtract 65. Now divide by 5. The answer is ____. a. 35 b. 15 c. 10 d. 25 e. 5.
Bobby is always eating candy, cakes, and pies. He really likes ____ food. a. sour b. dark c. sweet d. excited e. blend.
Mr. Lee put his money in CITY BANK. He has two ____ there. a. passports b. tickets c. secrets d. accounts e. checks.
John is able to fly both a helicopter and a plane. a. has to b. should c. can d. is supposed to e. couldn’t.
You have to obey the laws of the country a. bosses b. rules, c. parents d. selections e. games.
The weather is going to be very cold tonight. We'll need more blankets. a. spares b. sweaters c. covers d. newspapers e. pillows.
Pam: Is he finished with his test? Roger: Yes, he finished ____. a. exactly b. politely c. widely d. certainly e. quickly.
Nancy: When will the next test be? Paul: We ___ it the day after tomorrow. a. take b. to take c. took d. were taking e. takes.
Art: Did you lend money to Paul? Jan: Yes, and I don't think I'll ___. a. find it out b. get it back c. fill it out d. get it in e. borrow it.
I'm hungry. When are we going to have dinner? a. chips b. snacks c. supper d. soft drinks e. juices.
Willy: ___ you please wait a few more minutes? Joe: Sorry I can't. My class starts in five minutes. a. How do b. Would c. Where do d. Let e. Should.
Stan:____________? Mike: I don't know the number of miles, but it takes two hours to get there. a. Why did you decide to go there b. When were you able to get there c. How far is it from here to there d. Where are you able to go from here e. What were you buying there.
Alice got a new car. It's her birthday. Alice got a new car ___ her birthday. a. in b. with c. on d. about e. for.
It's noon, but Tom is asleep. He ___ all morning. a. has been sleeping b. is sleeping c. sleeps d. will sleep e. have slept.
We ____ finish any of our homework because we got home late. a. mustn't b. wouldn't c. shouldn't d. couldn't e. don’t.
Don't ____ when you see a police car. a. tune up b. call back c. speed up d. give back e. check in.
Liz ____ a vacation for three years. a. doesn't have b. hasn't c. haven’t has d. doesn't have to have e. hasn't had.
Carlos: How fast were you driving? Raul: _____. a. 45 minutes. b. 45 inches long. c. 45 miles per hour. d. A speed limit of 45. e. 45 meters wide.
This is the school ____ has small classes. a. there b. who c. what d. which e. why.
The new house was ___ expensive. a. loudly b. rudely c. promptly d. carelessly e. terribly.
Kelly didn't ____ a pilot because her eyes were bad. a. become b. serve c. connect d. get e. dreamed.
Nick will have a physical at the ____. a. doctor's office b. garage c. restaurant d. post office e. mess hall.
I need to lose weight ____ on the team. a. be b. been c. will be d. to be e. to been.
Justin was sick, ____ he went to a doctor. a. because b. or c. so d. since e. for.
Rose drives her car ____ than Tim does. a. fastest b. faster c. fast d. the fastest e. more fast.
Bart can drive to work, ___ he could ride the bus. a. or b. so c. and d. but e. yet.
The lake is 300 feet ____. a. clear b. calm c. deep d. near e. depth.
Have you ever ____ to South America? a. go b. went c. to going d. going e. gone.
When I was in school, I ____ spend hours doing homework. a. will b. used to c. can d. have to e. use to.
Always follow the ____ when you operate this machine. a. discussions b. additions c. decisions d. instructions e. pictures.
Hellen: What are you learning in math class? Ann: We're learning how to do division. Sam: What did Ann say? Hellen: She said ____ how to do division. a. we were learning b. were learning c. they were learning d. we learn e. It was learning.
I don't like TV commercials. They're not ____. a. interesting b. interested c. interest d. to interest e. to interesting.
The new restaurant has a lot of different ____ on the menu. a. thoughts b. choices c. fields d. diplomas e. careers.
We played well, but we didn't ____. a. measure b. increase c. win d. sew e. won.
Who threw the ball ____ of all? a. higher b. high c. higher than d. the highest e. the higher.
____ more often if you plan to get in shape. a. Will exercise b. Exercise c. Exercises d. Have exercised e. Exercising.
Will Matt throw the _____? a. ball b. tree c. roof d. car e. fan.
We ____ be on time tonight if the traffic is bad. a. may not b. are not able to c. were not able to d. should not e. couldn’t.
Good ____ makes a healthy diet. a. discussion b. entertainment c. time d. food e. news.
This heavy bag ____ 80 pounds. a. owes b. weighs c. jumps d. loses e. designs.
We use this field for ____. a. collecting stamps b. exchanging money c. cashing checks d. playing soccer e. washing hair.
This food is for the dog. It's ____. a. foods dog b. dogs food c. food dogs d. for dog food e. dog food.
Here are your clothes. Please ____ in that closet. a. hang them up b. hang up them c. them hang up d. them up hang e. hang this up.
Mr. Proctor asked us to ____ and visit him this weekend. a. come over b. clear up c. put aside d. turn down e. leave out.
Every evening, the father reads ____ to his children. a. story b. storie’s c. story's d. stories e. storyteller.
I remember the day ____ I scored three goals. a. where b. whose c. what d. why e. when.
Most sailors do their job ____. a. proudly b. softly c. extremely d. accidentally e. careless.
When you visit San Francisco, you should take ___ Golden Gate Park. a. a tour of b. an assignment in c. a promotion to d. a gift to e. a taxi.
____ in stormy weather can be dangerous. a. Fly b. Flown c. Flew d. Flying e. To flying.
Austin: Have you had a phone call from Dylan? Ethan: No, but I hope he'll call ____. a. just b. off c. soon d. much e. from.
If you're looking for Louis, ____ the gym. a. have tried b. try c. tried d. will try e. tries.
If you've already eaten, we ____ out to dinner. a. didn't go b. haven't gone c. won't go d. weren't going e. doesn’t go.
Russel's daughter ____ in the Navy. a. promoted b. served c. stationed d. assigned e. sleeps.
I have an old stamp in my _____. a. collect b. collector c. collection d. collected e. collective.
After Gerard fell down, the doctor ____ his leg. a. guarded b. injured c. examined d. instructed e. rinsed.
Vicky is on time every day. She isn't ____ late. a. sometimes b. always c. usual d. never e. ever.
Mother told us we can cross the street by ____. a. ourselves b. herself c. themselves d. itself e. himself.
Billy: Where can I get this medicine? Dennis: At the _____. a. museum b. firing range c. post office d. pharmacy e. locator.
Your children play ____ mine. a. most quietly b. more quietly c. the most quietly d. the more quietly e. more quietly than.
This place would be a good _____ for a hotel. a. locator b. located c. location d. locating e. locative.
The company ____ insurance for its workers. a. earns b. notices c. joins d. requires e. sweaters.
Peter: Can I help you clean up? Charles: No, there isn't anything ____ to do. a. other b. else c. less d. another e. also.
The sergeant wants me to clean this floor, but I can't find a ____. a. reason b. bag c. mop d. museum e. desk.
Raul ____ to lift the desk. a. strong enough is b. enough strong is c. strong is enough d. is enough strong e. is strong enough.
I ____ dinner before Jim came over. a. will eat b. eat c. am eating d. had eaten e. was ate.
There are too ____ pencils on the table. a. many b. much c. enough d. either e. little.
You ____ follow the rules. a. have got b. have to get c. have gotten d. have got to e. ‘ve gotten to.
My father is a rear admiral. He's ____ officer. a. a civilian b. an army c. an air force d. a school e. a navy.
Our city has too ____ traffic during rush hours. a. much b. many c. neither d. either e. little.
Miguel: How do you like your new gun? Bruce: I don't know. I haven't _____ yet. a. shut it off b. shut it down c. tried it out d. thrown it out e. put it away.
A _____ friend doesn't forget you when life is tough. a. doubtful b. loyal c. humorous d. boring e. strange.
When Lisa broke her leg, she _____ soccer for two hours. a. plays b. will play c. had been playing d. is playing e. was played.
The teacher ____ for me to understand. a. slowly enough spoke b. enough slowly spoke c. spoke enough slowly d. spoke slowly enough e. slowly spoke enough.
Do you remember ____? a. where is the airport b. where the airport is c. the airport is where d. the airport where is e. where airport the is.
The flow of ____ is extremely strong here. a. music b. cattle c. light d. fire e. water.
Lizbeth: How do you like your tea? Albert: I ____. a. like sweet it b. sweet it like c. sweet like it d. like it sweet e. sweets it like.
The toughest demand of my job is ____. a. getting many awards b. taking long breaks c. working many hours d. going on vacation e. folding papers.
I don't know ____ my ID card. a. whether I need b. whether do I need c. do I need d. I need e. whether I need do.
Helen: Is this book due? Richard: Yes, you must ____ it. a. buy b. lend c. allow d. return e. keep.
A _____ is an important official. a. general b. musician c. mechanic d. driver e. recruit.
The animals seem ____ healthy. a. be b. are c. to be d. being e. to been.
I need to buy some wire because I want to ____. a. make a cake b. fix the light c. write a letter d. sweep the floor e. change the pipes.
The butter will ____ if we take it out of the refrigerator. a. softly b. softener c. softer d. soft e. soften.
Lisa asked Jerry ____ her birthday. a. forgot he how b. how he forgot c. he how forgot d. forgot how he e. he forgot how.
____ are important job benefits. a. Insurance and sick leave b. Desks and chairs c. Admirals and generals d. Briefings and ceremonies e. Letters and Postcards.
Rita can't be eating lunch because she's ___. a. in the cafeteria b. drinking milk c. on her lunch break d. teaching a class e. eating a snack.
You must take precautions when you ___. a. phone a friend b. drive in snow c. watch a play d. take a nap e. change socks.
Justin is used to ____ basketball on the weekends. a. plays b. played c. playing d. play e. playful.
Thank you for your ____. a. kinder b. kindness c. kindly d. kind e. kinetic.
I asked Roy ____ to have dinner. a. if he wanted b. he wanted c. did he want d. if did he want e. whether he wants.
Bruce and I agree. We ____. a. know the same people b. report to the same boss c. have lunch at noon d. play the same instrument e. have the same opinion.
Terry has a great memory, so he can ____. a. entertain guests b. discipline children c. remember everything d. consider moving e. draw perfectly.
Henry should have ____ up earlier. a. wake b. woke c. woken d. waking e. waked.
There's some glass on the highway. You'd better _____. a. watch out it for b. watch it out for c. watch them for it out d. watch it for out e. watch out for it.
Harry agrees with everyone. He is ____. a. agrees b. agreeable c. agreement d. been agreed e. aggressive.
Terry's goal was to become a general. He succeeded last week. He ____. a. left the service b. changed his mind c. finally enlisted d. became a general e. finally retired.
I wish I ____ with them. a. went b. had gone c. to go d. have gone e. gone.
The report given by the captain was long. The ____ report was long. a. captains' b. captains c. captain's d. captains's e. captain.
Most automobile accidents are preventable. They can be ____. a. stopped b. technical c. blown out d. convincing e. recorded.
If Kevin had wanted to, they ____ for a walk. a. wish they would go b. would have gone c. had been going d. have gone e. can have go.
Nancy felt very sorry about the mistake. She ____ it. a. regretted b. wasted c. lacked d. obtained e. laughed.
He doesn't have much money, but he does have ____ if you need some. a. a few b. few c. a little d. little e. many.
Mr. Smith always goes to the gym in the afternoon. It's part of his ____. a. mission b. assistance c. route d. relationship e. routine.
They weren't able to work out at the gym yesterday. The equipment ____. a. would be fixed b. was being fixed c. has fixed d. was fixing e. was fixed.
Hilda and Peter were very hungry. They each ate 4 hamburgers. Hilda ate ____ Peter. a. so many b. too much c. as many as d. the same e. as less as.
Gary exercises for 10 minutes every morning. Matt exercises for an hour everyday. Gary exercises ____. a. a little b. fewer c. less than d. the fewest e. the fewer.
She asked me if I _____ to the concert last night. a. been b. had been c. were d. have been e. has been.
He left the office early _____ he could see the doctor. a. so that b. in order to c. because d. because of e. in addition.
_____ of the children were invited to Jimmy’s party. a. Anyone b. Much c. A little d. Little e. None.
I’d like my living room _____. a. remodel b. to be remodeled c. remodeling d. to have remodeled e. to remodels.
He said that _____ of the news was not true. a. much b. many c. few d. several e. fewer.
Mrs. Martins needs to _____ her dishwasher _____. a. get / install b. have / installing c. got / installed d. have / installed e. has / install.
My mother purchased some groceries at the store near home. a. gave away b. gave back c. bought d. returned e. exchanged.
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