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Which word CANNOT go in the space? ________ were talking loudly when the teacher came into the room. He They We You.
Raymond ______ very well, but he went to work anyway. Was feeling Were feeling Feels Wasn’t feeling.
That photocopier, ____________ is completely new, is a German machine. That Which Where What.
Julie looked after the injured bird _______ she found in the garden. no words is needed here Whom Where Whose.
Ellen __________ when the teacher spoke to her. Weren’t listening Wasn’t listening Listened Will listen.
Perhaps I ___________ New York one day. Will visit Am visiting Am going to visit Visit.
The equipment __________ delivered tomorrow afternoon. Will been Will Will be Be.
Which question is correct? Where she lived? Where was she living? What you were doing? Where they staying?.
Look! Andy ______ in the garden Is working Was working Will work Have worked.
Which is _______ a tiger or a lion? Most dangerous Dangerouser The more danger More dangerous.
They _________ in the sea don´t swim usually doesn´t usually swim dont´t usually swim don´t usually swims.
My dad ________________ the bathroom at the moment. He always________ it on Sunday. is cleaning/clean is cleaning/ iscleaning cleans/ cleans is cleaning/cleans.
My favorite tv programme _________ at 9 pm start starts is starting will start.
which sentence is NOT correct? This book is boringer than that one Kerry is smarter than her sister Melanie is pretter than June Jupiter is farer than the Earth.
Who ___________ the next World Cup? win will be won will win they win.
Lucy might be Julieta in the play. She is _______________ Joanna. as gooder as better than the best gooder than.
the mountain ______ we climbed yesterday was the highest montain in Britan! Wich Which Who Whom.
"I got into the bath and then the telephone rang" has the same meaning as.... I was having a bath when the phone was ringing. I had a bath because the phone was ringing. I wasn´t having a bath when the teleephone rang. I was having a bath when the phone rang.
Look at that red car! It is __________I´ve ever seen The more beautiful car more beautiful than most beautiful than the most beautiful car.
Helen and I ______when we ______the road. That was the reason of the accident. weren´t looking/crossed were looking/ were crossing looked/weren´t crossing looking/crossed.
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