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Do your friends like to match tennis? ……. They are big Rafael Nadal fans. No, he doesn’t Yes, they do Yes, they are .
I really like to travel……. . We have a lot in common. I can too I don’t either Me too .
My girlfriend Alejandra is coming. Do you want to meet…….? His He Her .
I love …. The guitar Playing Played Amplaying .
So you want to learn to play the trumpet ? Yes, I am looking for…… Practice Lessons Training .
I always…..when I have a sore throat Cough Am coughing Will cough .
Where….. these days? I haven seen you in so long Do you work Do you working Are you working .
Everyday I wake up at 5.30 am….. How come? You are kidding! Sure Um, kind of.
I had a very high fever last night…….. That is not good! You should see a doctor I bet Are you serious All right .
My doctor recommends eating five……… a day Foods Lunches Meals .
A……..is a king of jewelry Belt Necklace Sock .
Does Gabriela want anything from the supermarket? ………Let me ask her. Not sure Really? Not at all .
Do you know any good Italian restaurant around here? B: There is one nearby. It has pizzas, pasta, ……. More or less And elsewhere And stuff like that .
……… in my class play an instrument Most of people None the people Most of the people .
When…… you get your Biology degree? About a year ago. Did Do Were .
Do you want to go the movies tomorrow ? Sure!........, I just remembered I have a doctor appointment You are kidding To be honest No, wait .
My mother wants to invite you to lunch….. dinner tomorrow Really Not at all I mean .
I want to heat shrimp ceviche. Excuse me, ……. Of ceviche? What kind How kind What cost .
Do you want a Smart Phone ? It’s not difficult …… To have used To use For using .
I’m new in town. Can you tell me how to get to the bus terminal? Sure. It’s not hard….. find To Of For .
Your kitchen …..is not working. I can’t get any water Faucet Stove Sink .
Does your…..work? I need it to bake some cookies Stove Oven Kitchen .
Do you mind if I am a little late? There’s a lot of traffic…… Take your time! Of course I do Oh, no. No problem Well, I do.
You were telling me something about your pet….. those guys interrupted us As When Where .
I was doing my homework, and I….. to call you. Sorry! Am forgetting Have forgotten Forgot.
I like cooking, but I can’t…. vegetables. I am afraid of knives Cut Bump Chop .
I don’t like black and white movies . They are so….. Bright Boring Bored .
….. you father is going to love this book. He loves to read I mean I beat I mind .
Yesterday I broke my girlfriends favorite sunglasses. Oh no! ……. She got really mad at you I bet I’m not sure Maybe .
My phone….. was really high last month. I paid 180 dollars! Connection Bill Fact .
Did you bring the chocolate ice-cream I asked? Sorry, I bought vanilla by…. Error Wrong Mistake .
What does Maria look like? She is….. Fun Very nice Tall and thin .
Do you see that house across the street ? I think there is a fire there. Oh, my gosh! Call the…. Firefighters Water boys Officers .
……. Juan work in Banco de Guayaquil? Do Does What does .
Do you like to study? Yes, my favorite ……. Is Math Major Activity Class .
I want to invite Raúl to the party. Great! I really like….. He Him Her .
What do you guys want to do on the weekend? We want to climb a mountain. Would you like to come with….. It We Us .
I need to buy a cake. Do you want to go to the …… with me Bakery Shopping Vet .
What…… when you feel bored ? Do you do Are you doing Will you do .
Do you like pizza? I love it, but at the moment I……. to eat more healthy foods. Am trying Trying Will try .
I run 10 miles every weekend. ……….. That’s amazing! Well Not really No way! .
I wear my wedding …….. on my left hand. Loop Ring Rim .
………. us travel to Salinas Beach in the holidays Most of No All .
Did you play any instruments when you ….. a kid? were being was were.
Hi, Jessica. I’m here waiting for you. I’m almost there. I’m there …. away. Stations Jogs Blocks .
Is there ……around there? I need some cash an ATM a maching a P.E. .
My friends have a nice beach house in Tonsupa. Do you want to go? I’m sorry, ……. how so how far where .
The gym I go to is five minutes away from my house. Excuse me, it’s …….? how far how many how much .
I don’t know how a ride a bike. Really? I ll teach you. It …. To learn was hard would be easy is easy .
When you are in another country, it is really important …… your passport with you at all times. For having Have to To have .
I ll cook if you …… the dishes do make water .
If you want very loud music, you should buy bigger cushions speakers equipment .
Can you help me with my homework ?....... What do you want me to do? No, thanks Go ahead No problem .
Do you mind going with me to the store? ……… I need to go, too. No problem No, not at all Sure .
You didn’t answer the phone. ……..you sleeping when I called you? Were We re Was.
Tell me more about….. . What do you like to don on weekends? Self Yourself You re.
Daniels coffe spilled on the floor, so I……… mine with him. Exchange Shared Complained .
Could you …..? I have another call. hold on hold off allow .
Mr. Anton is not here right now. Would you like to…….. a message? Call in Drop Leave .
Does anybody in your family…… you? No, I’m the only one with blue eyes. Look like Seem like Look at .
I have your pets. I guess I am…… A veterinarian A big fan An animal lover .
I was walking when it started raining. But I had my……. With me, so I didn’t get wet. Kindness Briefcase Umbrella .
I think …..got the curliest hair in my family. I’m He is I’ve.
How many of your friends speak English? …….. them do. A lot Some A lot of .
A: _____ to Guayaquil tomorrow? B: Goodness, not I’m taking a plane. Do you drive Are you to drive Are you driving.
A: Are these your Anatomy books? B: No, they are not. Carla and Sebastian brought them, so I guess they’re _____ they their theirs.
A. Sorry, mom, I’m really busy. B: Oh, well, I was___ calling to ask you to bring Some bread. just so also.
Do you want to help me fix my car? I am not _________. good with my hands good with my elbows good with puzzles .
A: Hold on a second. Someone is at the door… Okay, ________ how come? where are you? where were we? .
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