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Could you please be _________? I think you are driving too fast. careful safely alowly.
I have like forty ________. My uncles and aunts have a lot of children siblings uncles cousins.
Is there any more potato salad? I don’t think so. I didn’t make ________. enough most too many.
I’m not sure what to study after high school. You ought to _______ some thinking and make a smart choice do perform get.
I am looking for a piano instructor. Really? I have a friend _______ gives lessons. than who which.
I think our party was too loud yesterday. The neighbors ________ this morning about the noise. complained borrowed reminded.
The movie I saw has aliens and space ships. Oh, so it is __________ movie. a war a science-fiction an animated.
Our neighbors have very important jobs in the govemment. They ________ work a lot. must can’t could.
Why are you here? I was invited _______ Pablo. at for by.
There was a terrible hailstorm in the U.S. last night. The ________ were the size of baseballs! hails ice blocks hailstones.
Thieves _______ my friend’s house last night. They stole his TV, but fortunately he wasn’t injured. struck cracked broke into.
Jorge Luis, can you fix my car right now? I need it __________. immediately automatically instant.
Please be careful with my necklace. It is very ________. valuable frail reliable.
I make a ________ by teaching classes and selling health products. thinking responsibility living.
Do you know Soda Stereo? It is the band ________ plays “De musica ligera”. they one that.
It’s not sunny anymore. Let me ________. my hat take off it take my hat off take my hat off it.
What is happening to your car? I don’t know _________. why not working why isn’t working why it isn’t working.
Where are you going? I’m going to ask my boos for a letter of _________. I need it for my new job. suggestion recommendation reunion.
I’m so proud of Maritza. She got a 99 on her chemistry exam! Gosh! That _________ the highest grade in her class. can’t be would be could be.
The accident was caused by ________ driver who wasn’t looking at the road. a careless an inappropriate a caring.
Your friend Alfonsina talks a lot. I know! She is _________ outgoing extreme fair incredibly.
You play chess amazingly well! Have you ever _________ a tourmament? ridden won taken.
My parents ________ a divorce when I was 16. got performed did.
I don’t want to eat raw vegetables. Can you please _________ them? steam scorch strive.
Susana, can you tell me _________? I don’t know, mom. I’ve never met him. who this guy is who is this guy who this guy.
This purse _______ yesterday in the hall. Does it belong to any of you? was finding found was found.
Did you see all the lightning yesterday? Yeah! I heard it was the worst ________ of the last five years. thunderstorm hailstorm injury.
Are you a good actor, Alberto? I don’t know, but my friends tell me that I act _________. good according well.
The Amazon River is the widest in the world. It is many kilometers ________. wide witch of wide.
When I was a young kid, I _________ soccer with my cousins every day. would play use to play was playing.
Hi, Juan. I am with Maria in the supermarket. Can you please tell ________ to visit me tonight? her them she.
There’s ________ water in the river. It hasn’t rained in three months very few not many not much.
How much beef do you want to buy? Please give me three_________. pounds quarts cartons.
Do you want wine with your meal? No, thank you. _______ have water I can rather I’ve rather I’d rather.
If I had more money, _______ buy a nicer car. I’d I should I.
I need to save 700 dollars for a new computer. How much ________ so far? have you been saving were you saving have you saved.
Juan sold his car. He _________ to work since April would be walking has been walking has walked.
During the Second World War, the German army was _________ by the United States and Rusia. defeats defeated defeating.
It is raining too much this year. Yesterday the whole city ________ hit by a terrible rainstorm. has has been was.
A: Do you want to go to the bookstore with me? B: I can’t. I __________ studied yet, and there is a very important exam tomorrow wasn’t shouldn’t haven’t.
__________ the Plaza Grande yesterday? No, I didn’t. I went to the Panecito. Did you visit Have you ever been to Have you visited.
Your friend Jaime is very ________. He can’t stay quiet for more than two seconds! active talkative significant.
June is the ________ month in Quito. It never rians windiest sandiest driest.
Can you turn on a light? It is too ________ in here. dark still shrill.
What is the _________? It is an underground train. subway railroad was playing.
She is my mother’s sister. You mean your ________. cousin aunt niece.
Do you want to go with me to the soccer game? I’d _________. I don’t like that sport. wont should not rather not.
If you want to watch anything, you need to hook _________ your TV to an antenna. down up in.
Do you know when the U.S. Open stats? I don’t know. Let me _______ it up online. look watch see.
Miguel, your room is a mess. Please ________ away all your toys. pick put cast.
Did you like the movie? Very much! The ending was really ________. surprising fascinated surprised.
I work in a genetics laboratory. Wow! That sounds _________. annoying interested interesting.
I hate watching “The Exorcist”. It is too ________. scaring scared scary.
I’m really _________ of snakes. I never get close the them. scared scary scare.
Did you hear? Gregorio won first prize in a chess tournament. Really? That is _________! shocked amazing amazed.
Can you help me with calculus? It is too _______ for me. confused confounded confusing.
I am so ________ about my new job! It is exactly what I hoped for. exciting excited annoyed.
A lot of the houses in New Orleans were _________ damaged by Hurricane Katrina. badly surprisingly conveniently.
A: Calm down, Cesar! B: Why do you say that? I’m not angry _______. absolutely at all so.
He doesn’t like to share. He’s very _______. unreliable unacceptable selfish.
I fell from my bike yesterday and sprained my ankle. B: Well, __________ you didn’t break it. I guess absolutely at least.
My research is about sports injuries. I’m a medical doctor. B: _________? Me too! Do you Are you Can you.
Excuse me, teacher. Is ________ Everest the tallest mountain in the world? Peak Mount Mountain.
Be careful with that pot. You could burn yourself! It has _________ water smoked boiling pickled.
I don’t understand what this guy’s talking about. He’s not _______ any sense. making doing having.
Do you remember that looked pretty interesting? It turned ________ it was really boring. off in out.
I think Classical music is the best. B: Yeah, jazz is also great, _________. though I see really.
I wish I _________ have a dog. However, my apartment is very small. should could can.
Hey, Carl. Is my music bothering you? I can turn it _________ if you want. down in on.
Hi, Esteban! I haven’t seen you in months. B: I know! What _________ since we graduated? are you doing you done have you been doing.
I am traveling with my family to Mompiche tomorrow. ________ if I left my dog with you for the weekend? B: No problem It feels good It seems ok Would it be all right.
I don’t feel safe when you drive. You are too _______. laid-back reckless competitive.
Someone stole my computer from my house. B: Well, _________ you are safe and unhurt. actually at least oh, gosh.
Why are you laughing, Evelyn? This is not _______. funny fun outgoing.
I travel to the mountains every winter. I ski very well. B: _________? That is really cool. I guess Do you Better go.
A. What do you think about Barcelona this year? B: _________, they are playing really well. If you ask me I know The thing is.
A: I’m going to make cupcakes. Do you want one? B: ________. I’m on a diet. I’d better not I’m not having them I don’t have to.
A: Do you like living with your roommate? B: Yes, I really do. We get ________ very well. along up out.
A: I would really like to skateboard. B: It is really dangerous, _________. though just I agree.
I wish I _________ a longer vacation. I would love to travel to Asia! had have were having.
I forgot to bring my lunch. Can you share some of your snacks ________ me? to with towards.
I want that picture for my album. Can you _________? print it out print it down print it up.
A: I am so sorry for being late! B: This is not cool, Ximena. I _________ for two hours. have waiting have being waiting have been waiting.
A: I have so much work. ________ if you could help me with some of it B: Sure! I’m not doing much at the moment. I was wondering You know what I am saying I know what you mean.
A: Do you know who that guy talking to Bernando is? B: He _______ the guy that was recently hired. might been maybe may be.
A: I dropped my cell phone this morning. B: Let me see? It’s a bit scratched, but _________ is still works. I mean oh, well at least.
A: Did you buy the ingredients I asked for? B: Oh, gosh! I _________. I completely forgot. didn’t haven’t hadn’t.
Ricardo, can I _______ your English book? I lost mine. ask steal borrow.
I can’t call you tonight. I _________ my phone this morning. tore broke crashed.
A: How was your trip to Atacames? B: Awesome! I had the ________ vacation. better good best.
A: What are you doing tonight? B: I’m going to __________ his project help to Vladimir finish help Vladimir finish help finish Vladimir.
________ a party next Friday. You’re invited, of course! We’d rather have We’re having We ought to have.
Isidro, you have too many books in your room. You should get _______ of some of them. rode lost rid.
A: Where are you from? B: I live in Guayaquil, but I ________ in Manta. grown up grew up got along.
Do you know how to turn__________? turn off it this cell phone off off in this cell phone.
A: How did you lose your purse? B: A thief _________ it from my hands. strapped shredded snatched.
A: Julian has his final exam tomorrow. B: He must be really ________. jealous shocked anxious.
A: Are you twins? B: Yes, we are. We look exactly alike, but we act very __________. competitive differently different.
A: Can I trust Jean-Paul with this money? B: Yes, you can. He is very _______. unselfish generous reliable.
Have you ever ________ your phone? lose to lose lost.
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