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Ingles 4

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What does Brenda mean in this conversation? Susan: Do you think that you will have to take French next year? Brenda: I hope not I probably won't take French. I don't want to take French I don't need to take French.
Which of the following statements, expressing regret in the past, corresponds to this situation? After Christmas I gained 10 whole pounds! I should lose some weight starting next year. I shouldn't have eaten so much I shouldn't eat so much turkey but it's so delicious! .
Which of the options shows the grammar rule: "We can use a comma after a time clause when it is at the beginning of a sentence." As soon as we had enough savings, we bought a car. Until we had enough savings, we saved our money. Both options are correct.
What is the advice required for Nikolai, who arrived late to a work meeting? He shouldn't have left the meeting He shouldn't have overslept He should have eaten breakfast .
Select the sentence showing an infinitive after a passive verb structure. Applicants are required to meet the deadline. The UTPL encouraged the students of EFL to meet with a counselor They told the students to take one class online.
What is being expressed in the following sentence? Brenda had to go to the new library because she didn't have a book on linguistics. advice necessity lack of necessity.
Complete the statement with the correct answers. ____the lectures________ in the same auditorium? Are/given Are / giving Are / give.
Select the choice that completes the following sentence correctly. Many children learn best when they have pictures and other ____ information to look at. verbal natural visual.
What does Patrick express in his response to Paul? Paul: Do you think that you will get a job at the UTPL service department? Patrick: I'm not sure, but I really hope so. I really want the job I probably won't get the job I'll probably get the job.
Select the option that answers the following question. When did Sally begin working as a volunteer at a homeless shelter? six years ago for two years Several times a week.
Select the option that completes the sentence expressing advice in the past. Janis: I bought a lot of new clothes that I didn't need and now I don't have enough money to pay rent. Jimmy: You should about your bills before going shopping. thought think have thought.
Select the word with the answer that corresponds to the following question. Elena: Is Luisa qualified for financial aid this year? Ashley: Yes, _______. She has to pass all the classes She has a low income and very good grades She wants to earn more money.
What is the speaker's intention in the following sentence? You should have studied specific verb tenses for that English exam. To express regret about the past. To express lack of necessity. To give advice for a situation in the past.
Read the following statements about Volunteering. Which option describes the purpose of the following statements? • Talk to the volunteer coordinator to get more information. • Send an application. • Attend three orientation sessions. • Pass some health tests. Things Rafael has to do before becoming a volunteer. Responsibilities Rafael will have at the hospital. Characteristics of Rafael as an efficient volunteer.
According to Garner's theory of multiple intelligences, "people who are good with words and prefer to learn by reading, writing, listening and speaking" is best describes ________intelligence. linguistic intrapersonal logical.
Select the statement that best completes the sentence. To get a driver's license, you get 100 percent on the test. You only get 70 percent to pass. don't have to / have to have to / have to have to / don't have to.
Choose the best word that completes the sentence. Where's the financial aid office _________? located location locate.
Select the option with the "introductory clause" that best answers the question. Alan: Carlos is such a good guitar player! Do you think his primary intelligence is musical? Brenda: . He's always reading books and he writes in a journal I'd say he is linguistic I totally agree with you. I think he is logical.
Select the adjective form of “compassion” without changing the meaning, just the form. compassionate compassionately uncompassionate.
Select the correct verb form to complete the following sentence. In this college, everyone is encouraged _____regularly. attend attending to attend.
Select the sentence that answers the following question correctly. Which sentence best reflects Don Miguel Ruiz's First Agreement, "Be impeccable with your word"? Samuel says the first thing that comes to his head, regardless if it is offensive to other people. Samuel doesn't speak when he can't think of anything to say. Samuel is prudent and precise with how he expresses himself.
Select the statement that completes the conversation appropriately. Susan: I need a way to cope with stress. Tom: __________. You ought to take a hot bath. This is a good way to loosen tight muscles. You should focus on what's making you feel stressed. Some people meditate in the morning or in the evening. .
Select the word that completes the sentence correctly. Driving in Quito is very ________for most everyone. stressing stressful stressed.
Select the word that completes the statement correctly. The English language learning context in Ecuador is best described as "English as a(n) language". foreign extra strange.
Select the pair of words that correctly completes the following sentence. Roger is a _______engineer. He has always been a________expert. gifted / mechanical brain / fixing up aptitude / cooking.
Select the option that best completes the following sentence. Some might say that you need two things to be _______ in life: motivation and luck. communicative successful educated.
Select the choice that matches the "primary intelligence" with the required person in the job advertisement. STUDENT COUNSELOR Do you enjoy helping people? Do you consider yourself an empathetic person? Do you understand people's feelings? Central Community College needs a counselor to work with new students. You must have excellent communication skills. Applicants with previous experience are preferred. Naturalist Interpersonal Kinesthetic.
Select the word that best completes this sentence. We're totally prepared for our camping trip. We don't _ anything -- especially not enthusiasm! have lack miss.
Select the option that answers the question accurately. Does your father think that Ecuador is a good place to live? Yes, he thinks so. Yes, he does think No, he not think.
The Visual/Spatial intelligence is given through: The Visual/Spatial intelligence is given through: Being sensitive to colors and designs Being skilled in working with plants and animals.
English adverbs are regular and irregular. Which of the following examples has a regular adverb Jackeline speaks French fluently. Jackeline speaks French and English. Jackeline speaks French well.
Select the option showing a sentence including a noun clause Stephen Hawking was one of the greatest minds of his generation. Many people agree that Stephen Hawking was one of the greatest minds of his generation. Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest minds of his generation, passed away in March 2018.
Select the choice with the best TOPIC SENTENCE for the following paragraph. My parents say that I started running before I was two years old. When I was a child, I played soccer every day after school. I don't like to sit down - I always want to move around and be active. I like swimming in the summer and playing football in the winter. My friends think that I have a real talent for sports. I learned to play tennis in just a few weeks. My primary intelligence is visual/spatial My primary intelligence is kinesthetic. My primary intelligence is Intrapersonal.
Which of the options complete the following sentence correctly. ________his guests leave, he'll take his medicine and go to sleep. Until That As soon as.
Select the option where the speaker uses the correct form to talk about something that describes being accustomed to something. Are you used to eating so quickly? Do you eat quickly? Did you use to eat quickly when you were a child?.
Complete the statement with the words that correspond to each gap. Andrea _____at the public day-care in Esmeraldas last summer. She loves children and she wanted to feel that she was doing something ___ . acted / worthwhile volunteered / committed volunteered / worthwhile acted / committed .
Select the choice that completes the conversation with the correct answer. Ann: Do you think that it is essential to speak foreign languages in Ecuador? Ben: ______. Many professions require employees to be fluent in multiple languages. No, I don´t. Yes, I think so. No, I don`t think so.
Which expression best describes Nancy's repeated actions in the past? Nancy wanted to volunteer for many years. Nancy has volunteered in the hospital three times so far. Nancy volunteered thirty times two years ago.
Complete the sentence with the corresponding transition word. I enjoy eating "American Style."_________what many people think, this means eating salads and sandwiches instead of meat and rice. Actually On the other hand Despite.
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