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Ingles 4

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Ingles 4

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The children________reading their books now,________.? Are/are they Are / they are Are / aren't they Are / they aren't.
He_________tired after the game,________he? Did /did Was / wasn't Did / didn't Wasn't / wasn't .
My grades have been satisfactory,_________? Have they Haven't they Have they been Haven't they been.
You have to go home at six,_______? Haven't you to You have to Don't you You do.
Mr. Wilson lives in a large house,______he? Is Does Isn't Doesn't.
The children didn't go to bed,_______? Didn't he He did Did they They did.
We_______tell Ronald the truth,______we? Yes, it's our duty Would/ would Mustn't / mustn't Should /shouldn't Haven't / have.
You've had a wonderful time_________you? Had Have Hadn't Haven't.
You have to play at 6:00 o'clock ,______? Doesn't you Don't you Do you Does you.
She________happy after the party,_______she? Have / haven't Wasn't / wasn't Was / wasn't Haven't / have.
Mary and Joan are _______friend Yet Anymore Still Is still.
What a pity! Bob sands_______sing____________He lost his voice Can / already Can't / already Can / anymore Can't / anymore.
Tom and lucy __________study _______________ Will anymore Will/ already Won't / anymore Won't / already .
You_______sent the telegram_________! Have / yet Have / still Haven't / yet Haven't/ still.
The boys aren't playing the piano_______They are very tired Yet Is still Still Anymore.
Jane______here___________ Is / yet Is / still Isn't / yet Isn't / still.
Your car________repaired___________ Is /yet Has / already Isn't/ yet Hasn't / already .
Carmen and Luis ________work _________ Will / anymore Will already Won't / anymore Won't / already .
The sun_________at 5 am everyday Sets Sits Rises Raises.
I will__________a diagram on the blackboard Draw Set Lay Shine.
The students who had done the work_____their hands Lay Laid Rose Raised.
You look very tired______your baby on the bed Set Lie Lay Sit.
John ______not________the French lesson daily Is / gave Does / gave Is / given Does / given.
Jane's husband was_______to jail Take Took Taken Taking.
A tragic collision has been_____by our agents Report Reported To report Reporting.
The book______be___________when we get to the last page Will / finish Is going / finish Will / finished Is going / finished.
The reservation _______not__________Timmy forgot to do it Did / be made Have / been made Did / been making Have / been making.
Gold and silver __________recently _________discovered in the new mine Are / been Are / being Have / been Have / being.
War markers________never be ____________________ Are / forgiven Are / forgiving Will / forgiven Will / forgiving.
Mario_________not________the English class every weekend Is / gave Does / gave Is / given Does given.
Jim______to be_________to abandon his job next month Can / forced Is going / forced Can forcing Is going/ forcing.
The red car_________be______next week Has / fix Has / fixed Will / fix Will/ fixed.
The workers should_________by Mr. Stevens Train Trained Be trained Be training.
________she be ___________the house this time? Didn't / shown Couldn't / shown Didn't / to show Couldn't / to show.
The students should______________by miss Katy Evaluate Evaluated Be evaluated Be evaluating.
All our merchandise is ________to South America Been exporting Able to export Being exported Going to export .
Those stories haven't___________in his new book To be including Being included Been included Be including .
Everybody laughed madly_______did my grandfather But So as And so Neither.
My husband_______like the play and I won't like it________ Will / too Won't / too Will / either Won't / either.
Frank and Jane are not coming tonight, and _______peter Is either Either is Is neither Neither is.
John didn't like the film________I__________ But / did But / didn't Either / did Either / didn't .
I will attend the exposition ________fred _______he's out of town But / will Nor / will But / won't Nor / won't.
Try to slow down your pace______you want to have nervous breakdown Thought In spite of Unless Because of.
Will Jane go to the party alone?_____she does_____not my business Whatever / is Whichever / is Whatever / will Whichever / will.
Sandra is saving money________buy new furniture So that Become of In order to In order that.
Sandra is saving money So that Because of In order to In order that.
Mr Nash employed a group of experts in order________icrease production To For Of That .
_____________something unexpected come up, we will print our book next month Though In spite of Unless Because of.
_________I have been in Mexico only two days, I already love the country and its people Weather Although As though As soon as.
They insisted on going to the beach__________it was very cold Whether Although As though As soon as.
Ernest didn't come ________the rain had stopped Until As soon as While As often as.
I'll wait here _______7:30 for Until As soon as As often as.
I ain't lend you this book_______you promise to give it back soon As if Unless Whereas So that.
I won´t lend you this book________you promise to give it back soon as if unless whereas so that.
i like Betty__________She isn´t pretty whether anyway whereas although.
I´m telling you this_________you know how to behave at the interview in order in order to that so that.
Mary was_______angry______she left the restaurant without paying the bill so / that such / that so / what such / what.
Laura is _____a nice woman_____everybody admires her so / than so / that such / than such / that.
the mouse was______hungry______he ate all the cheese such / what such / that so / that so /what.
I never sald your work was bad_______________I thinl it´s perfect accordingly in addition nevertheless on the contrary.
john didn´t pass the exam;_______he felt sad otherwise in contrast consequently on the other hand.
he drove very well;__________we arrived fast consequently besides however furthermore.
He doesn´t like examination;________he always gets good grades furthermore nevertheless as a result so.
The programs were full of violence and hatred____________the children were not consequently also but similarly.
The baby woke up________he didn´t cry hence also on the contrary likewise.
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