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A place where two bones are joined together in the body in a way that enables them to bend and move. Bone. Joint. Skeleton. Blood.
The most important bone in your head. Ribs. Cranium. Fibula. Scapula.
The structure of bones that supports the body of a person or animal. Femur. Muscle. Backbone. Skeleton.
What is the function of bones, muscles and joints? They help people eat and drink. They create energy. They give people shape and protect important organs. They give people information about their health.
What is the name of the organ where we store the food we eat? Brain. Liver. Stomach. Lungs.
What is the name of the organ by which we breathe? Intestine. Pancreas. Kidney. Lung.
Which of these parts doesn´t belong to the trunk? Chest. Hip. Ankle. Back.
Your arm is made up of three bones: humerus, radius and ……… Fibula. Femur. Ulna. Sacrum.
He rewarded ____________ with an ice-cream. herself. himself. his. him.
I remember that they heard the news from _____________. ours. us. our. we.
Listen! the baby __________. cries. is cries. is cry. is crying.
How do you ask someone if they have a dog? Does you have a dog? Dog do you have? Do you have a dog? Are you having a dog?.
____________ hard for the exam? Do you working Does you work Are you working Are you work.
Mark ______ that apples are good for his health. know is knowing knows is known.
They __________ the laboratory at the moment. aren’t using is using isn´t using are use.
Natural food __________ necessary to avoid weight-related illnesses. are is being is are being.
Clinics usually take in: In-patients with life-threatening illnesses and requiring long-term treatment. Patients with emergency care needs, Patients with low risk of death. Patients with a high risk of death.
Constructions built or installed to serve a specific function or service: Specialization. Facilities. Hazards. Medical school.
The unit where advanced life support is provided: Cath Lab. Intensive Care Unit. Orthopaedics Unit. Operating room.
Where the culmination of pregnancy takes place and midwives work: Endoscopy Unit. Short-stay unit. Labour delivery. Paediatrics.
The place for the use of massage and exercise as treatment of a disease or injury: staff base. Physiotherapy. Orthopaedics Unit. Labour delivery.
The object used to immobilize the neck of the patient: Gloves. Cervical collar. Needle. Hair cover.
The use of this object is of a paramount importance when you are manipulating biological samples. Gloves. Scalpel. Operating table. Stethoscope.
You look ________ (thin). Have you lost weight? thinner thinnest as thin more thin.
Health and happiness are _______ (important) than money. importantest more importanter more important importanter.
Last Saturday I got married with the love of my life. It was ___________ day of my life. the happiest the happier than happiest happier than.
Julie is the girl who lives ____________. the furthest. than further. than furthest. the further.
_________ does the restaurant open? It opens at six o’clock. How Where Why When.
__________ does it cost to get to Manchester by train? How How long How much How many.
A person who works in a laboratory. Surgeon. Lab technician. Nurse. Dentist.
It is not a necessary technician’s skill: Team working. Numerical skill. Listening skill. Organizational skill.
Abstaining from food or fluids for a specified amount of time before the collection of a specimen. Plasma. Profile. Fasting. Reagent.
The liquid part of the blood, consisting of a clear, yellowish fluid that comprises approximately 55% of the total blood volume. Plasma. Analyte. In vivo. Profile.
What is the Spanish translation of “reagent”? Reactivo. Regenerar. Reagente. Reactivar.
Occurring in the living body or organism: On live. Reagent. Analyte. In vivo.
A substance that is being identified or measured in a laboratory test: Analyte. On live. In vivo. Reagent.
A test that indicates the exact amount of a chemical substance that is present in the body: Profile. Quantitative test. Qualitative test. Laboratory test.
Yesterday was a beautiful day. ____ sunny. It did Was It was not It was.
We were tired so we _______ (to leave) the party earlier. let lived leaved left.
That movie was bad, I ________ (not enjoy) it much. don’t enjoyed didn’t enjoyed didn’t enjoy didn’t enjoyed.
I ______________ (to watch) TV when a bird flew into the window. watching watched was watch was watching.
The earthquake _____________ when we __________ chess. began / was playing begins / was playing begin / were playing began / were playing.
Sean ____________ a book when the police ____________. was reading / arrived arrived / was reading were reading / didn´t arrive was reading / arrivet.
______ you ______ (wake) up early this morning? Did / wake Was / waking Were / waking Did / woke.
PPE stands for: Personal Protective Equipment. People Protection Equipment. Philosophy, politics and economics. Personal Protective Endeavour.
Which of the following professions belongs to the field of craftsmanship? Bricklayer. Judge. Taxi driver. GP.
Name this object: Lens. Collar. Goggles. Apron.
Name this object: Respirator. Insoles. Leaded apron. Coat.
Who is a primary care physician? Physiotherapist. GP. Bricklayer. Journalist.
He or she helps people who have problems with how they are feeling: Nurse. Soldier. Clinical psychologist. Dietician.
This professional belongs to the field of defence: Policewoman. Journalist. Shop assistant. Cook.
In 2020 people _________ more hybrid cars. are going to will buying will buy are going to buy.
That glass is too near the edge; I think it ___________. is going to fall. will fall. is falling. fell.
Have you got any plans for tomorrow? – Yes, I __________ my grandparents. will visit are going to visit won’t visit am going to visit.
We are thirsty. – Wait here. I _______ some water. will getting gets will get am going to get.
Would you like to go to the cinema? No, sorry. We _________ the house. are going to clean is cleaning is going to clean will clean.
Hey! The phone is ringing! – Alright. I ________ it. am going to take am taken is going to take will take.
Why does she want so many oranges? – She ____________ an orange juice. will make am going to make takes is going to make.
‘ADN’ in English: AND. AND. DND. DNA.
Long thread-like structure carrying the DNA molecule: Cytoplasm. Endoplasmic reticulum. Chromosome. Vacuole.
Often called the brain of the cell: Cytoplasm. Nucleus. Mitochondria. Cell wall.
The outer lining of the cell: Plasma membrane. Golgi apparatus. Mitochondria. Nucleus.
Which organelle uses energy from sunlight to make glucose? Chloroplasts. Mitochondria. Golgi apparatus. Nucleus.
Which part of the cell is responsible for packaging and transporting substances made in the cell? Cytoskeleton. Mitochondria. Cytoplasm. Golgi apparatus.
'Pared celular’ in English: Cell plasm. Cell wall. Cell wallet. Cel marrow.
Dan ___________ his first novel. has been finished has finished is finished finish.
Adam and Natalie ___________ together for 5 years now. have been live have lived lived have been lived.
I _____________ anything yet. I’m starving! haven´t eaten has eaten hasn’t eaten have eaten.
Where ___________? has he gone is he gone he gone has gone him.
Convert this sentence into present perfect tense: “He hurt his leg”. He hurt his leg. He has hurted his leg. He hurted his leg. He has hurt his leg.
I have been tired _________ last week. even for in since.
Thanks for the invitation, but I have ________ seen that film. still already yet since.
Neil has been sleeping ______ hours. from for in since.
___ I go to the bathroom, please? might may should would.
A mixture of saliva and mucus that come from the respiratory tract, it is caused by an infection. Biopsy. Yeast. Harm. Sputum.
A tube used to remove pus, blood or other fluids from a wound. Surgical drain. Sputum. Swab. Tissue biopsy.
Free from bacteria and other living organisms. Sterile. Lit. Infected. Contagious.
I _____ sleep last night. couldn’t will not mustn’t might not.
Megan ____ play both the piano and the harmonica. She’s very talented. must can would should.
Start eating without me, I ___ be late. must would am able to could.
The ________ culture is a test that detects an urinary tract infection (UTI). throat urine blood tissue.
The infinitive form of the verb “can” is ___. could. to be able to. to can. to could.
What is the abbreviation of "not palpable, nasal passage". NSP. MSU. NPMP. NP.
You ___ drink so much soda. It’s not good for you. shouldn’t mustn’t don’t have to ought to.
You ____ wear a helmet when riding your bike. would may can must.
For patients with breathing problems: Cardiology Unit. Operating room. Intensive Care Unit. Respiratory Therapy Unit. Lavour delivery.
Protect plama membrane: Nuclear pore. Lysosome. Cell coat. Nucleolus. Plasma membrane.
Taking a sample of bodily tissue: Biopsy. Gooey. Harm. Airway. Yeast.
The study of blood diseases is_________ Haematology. Urology. Neurology. Oncology. Ginaecology.
What does this image represent? Ribosome. Golgi body. Mitochondrion. Centriole. Cytoplasm.
What is the translation of gallbladder? Hígado. Pulmones. Vesícula biliar. Intestino. Vejiga.
What is this organ? Brain. Stomagh. Lungs. Pancreas. Kidney.
Which one is not a technician skill? Written communication skill. Working alone. Attetion to detail. Organizational skill. Numerical skill.
Who helps people injured in emergencies situation, typically setting outside the hospital? Policeman. Paramedic. Teacher. Nurse. Secretary.
It ............ a lot in Britain. rain rains is rain are rain.
I ........ pizza very much. like liking is like likes.
My sister ............. to the cinema very often. go going don´t go doesn´t go.
_____ they coming over for dinner? is do are am.
Maxwell _____ not sleeping on our sofa at the moment. is am does are.
My mother-in-law is _____ at our house this week. stay be staying stays staying.
The bed was very uncomfortable. I ____________ sleep very well. weren't wasn´t did didn´t.
The window was open and a bird ___________ into the room. did fly flew fly was flew.
I __________ a lot of money yesterday. I __________ an expensive dress. spent/ buy spent/ bought were spent/ bought spend/ buy.
_____ you still working at 7pm last night? are is was were.
At 8.30am today I _____ driving to work. was are were am.
We _____ sleeping when the police came. isn´t was weren´t am not.
People will ___________ on the moon in the future. live be live are live living.
Choose the correct sentence. Where will you be yesterday? They will do it for us. He wills be at the meeting. She will comes tomorrow.
I will ____________ right here until Jessica comes. not waiting waiting wait waits.
Rebecca is __________ have a baby next month. go to going goes to going to.
______ you going to cook? will what are do.
What are you going to __________ this evening? wearing wear wore wears.
My father is on the way. He ____________ home yet. haven't arrived didn't arrived arrived hasn't arrived.
It is very late. You __________ both really go now. should could can must.
The object used to cover your hands: Cervical collar. Gloves. Hair cover. Needle.
________ old are her children? They are seven and ten. How many How much How long How.
My phone is ___________ than my sister’s phone. More expensive Expensive So expensive The most expensive .
_____ Judy and Liz at last month's meeting? are is was were.
She has worked there _____ she finished college. in since for on.
We have been dating _____ a long time. In For Since At.
Rebecca is __________ have a baby next month. good as good the best better.
I ________ understand what he's saying. shouldn't can't don’t have to must.
Lydia did not _____ last Monday. worked working work works.
I can't find my glasses. _______ are they? How Where What Which.
An organ of soft nervous tissue contained in the skull of vertebrates, functioning as the coordinating centre of sensation and intellectual and nervous activity. Lungs. Stomach. Liver. Brain.
The outer lining of the cell: Plasma membrane. Golgi apparatus. Nucleus. Mitochondria.
Why are you ___________ that fish? It smells terrible. eating ate eats eat.
Abstaining from food or fluids for a specified amount of time before the collection of a specimen. Fasting. Profile. Reagent. Plasma.
The surgeon incised the lesion with a _____________ but found no drainable pus. Operating table Gloves Stethoscope Scalpel.
I have never ___________ to Paris. go was went been.
Helen ______ that smoking is not good for her health. is knowing is known know knows.
In 2100 people _________ flying cars. are going to are going to buy will buying will buy .
Constructions built or installed to serve a specific function or service: Facilities. Medical school. Hazards. Specialization.
______ the book before you watched the film? Had you read. Had you reading. Had you readed. Have you read.
She ______ In India before she moved to L.A. had lived had live have lived have live.
Sue ______ Alone before she went to Calabria. has not travelled have not travelled had not travel had not travelled.
Use the past perfect tense: he ______ up before the alarm rang. have woken had woken had woke had wake.
Use the past perfect tense: she _____ Italian before she went to Rome. had not study had not studied has studied have studied.
What does it mean “not to feel yourself”? No estar cómodamente sentado. No estar a gusto con alguien. No sentirse bien con uno mismo. No sentirse bien consigo mismo.
What does it mean to laid up with something? Estar como una rosa. Estar cansado de algo. Estar enfermo en la cama. Estar con buena salud.
What is the meaning of “hit”? Golpear. Perder. Leer. Calentar.
What is the meaning of “spell”? Contar. Deletrear. Nombrar. Decir.
What of these is considered an unhealthy habit? Exercise. Sedentary life. Enjoy fresh air. Eat in season fruit.
Which of the following is considered to be junk food. Fruit. Sweets. Cereals. Vegetables.
Which one has a positive meaning? You are under the weather. You are in the Pink. You are at the death’s door. You feel groggy.
_______ is a thin piece of glass used to protect specimen. Wash bottle Microscope Coverslip Pasteur pipette.
A device that uses lenses to make very small objects or cells look larger. Blanket. Pasteur pipette. Beaker. Microscope.
An apparatus used to perform histology sections on frozen tissues. Thermometer. Basket. Cryostat. Slide.
I ____ you if I ___ you were ill. would have called / had known would have called / would have known would have called / knew called / would have known.
If i miss the bus, I _____ a taxi will take take would have taken would take.
If I won the lottery, I ______ an airplane. Buys would buy Would have bought Will buy.
If you ____ out when I called , I would have told you yesterday. would been would had been had been would have been.
If you had done what I told you, you _____ successed. would have be will have been will be would have been.
If you heat glass, it _____ broke break breaks would break.
What is the name of this object? Tweezer. Flask. Beaker. Graduated cylinder.
What is the name of this object? Petri dish. Microtome. Cryostat. Basket.
A drug that eases the pain Decongestant Painkiller. Placebo. Cough syrup.
A medical specialist who practices surgery. Physician. Primary Doctor. Surgeon. Surger.
A sleepy sensation or condition Sleptless. Sleepiness. Sleepness. Sleepless.
A substance having no pharmacological effect but administered as a control in testing experimentally or clinically the efficacy of a biologically active preparation. Placebo. Lip Ointment. Ibuprofen. Hydrocortisone.
A suffix used to express pain in a specific part of the body. -hurt. -ache. -hache. -harm.
Change this sentence into the passive voice: People speak Portuguese in Brazil Portuguese is spoken in Brazil. People are spoken Portuguese in Brazil. Portuguese speaks Brazil. Brazil speaks Portuguese.
Estar resfriado, en inglés to be off-balance to have a cold sore to have the hives to have a cold.
Exaggerated or pathological immunological reaction to substances that are without comparable effect on the average individual. Reflux. Allergy. Fatigue. Tenderness.
In 1903, Fiat ____ 132 cars. was produced producted is produced produced.
Influenza: measles mumps the flu rubella.
John will tell you later You will be told by John later. Later will be told by John. You will tell John later. John will be told by you later.
Light-headed Dizzy Stiff Constipated Sore.
Medical specialist attached to the Hospital Assistant Therapist Nurse Consultant.
Preventing from happening to void to tip to avoid to lack.
Protector solar: Sunshield. Rash. Chap stick. Sunscreen.
The act on inhaling air: To breath To breathe To avoid To trace back.
The car ___ in the accident. was damaged damaged were damaged damages.
Unable to defecate: Constipated Stiff Estranged Dizzy.
What kind of pain is shown in the image: toothache headache backache earache.
____we had an umbrella, we still got wet. Beacause. Although. When Or.
Consisting of many cells: Unicellular. Multicellular. Acellular. Nocellular.
Do you know is he’s at home __ at the football match? But Although And Or.
I only passed my exam ___ you helped me. But. Beacuse. And. Although.
The higher taxonomic rank of an organism, bigger that a kingdom: Animal chain. Superdomain. Superkingdom. Domain.
The study of viruses: Inmunology. Parasitology. Virology. Mycology.
They were hungry ___ they made some sandwiches. Or but because so.
What of these sentences is an imperative one? You don´t room in your room. Don´t eat in your room. Eating in your room. Can I eat in my room?.
What of these sentences is an imperative one? Can you lock the front door? Lock the front door Locking the front door You must lock the front door.
A widow is a woman ……….. husband is dead. Who That Whose Which.
Carlos gave Maria notes from chapters 3 to 7 ___were going to be on the test. who whom where which.
Choose the correct form: “ The man was late. Julie invited the man” The man, which Julie invited, are late. The man, who Julie invited, was late. The man, whose Julie invited, was late. All answers are incorrect.
I told you about the woman ___ lives next door. Whom When Which Who.
It uses regular light for image formation through a laser light to scan samples that have been dyed. Confocal microscope. Stereo microscope. Simple microscope. Compound microscope.
She chose the books ___ wanted to buy. That Who When Whom.
The branch of biomedical science that deals with the response of an organism to antigenic challenge and its recognition of what is self and what is not. Genetic Engineering. Chemistry. Pathology. Immunology.
The same as “protection”: Defense. Attack. None is correct. Unprotected.
There is the restaurant. I ate at the restaurant last night. TT there is the restaurant …. Who I eat last night Where I ate last night Which I ate last night Who I ate last night.
Which one produces a 2D image? Simple microscope Scanning electron microscope Transmission electron microscope Confocal microscope.
An increase in the amount of money you earn for doing your job: A pay rise. A fresh start. A wage cut. A downsize.
Choose the correct reported speech sentence: Why are you late? Jane asked. Jane asked that I was late. Jane asked if I was late. Jane asked why I was late. Jane asked why I will be late.
He left the company; He was bored of his job so He ____ . was sached got a raise took over quit.
I dont want a full-time job, Id prefer to work ____ . 24/7. half-time. part-time. all day.
Out of work: Enployee. Inemployed. Employed. Unemployed.
Paul was given a better position in the company; He was ____ . promoted. sacked. demoted. kicked out.
Reported speech; change the sentence: Mary "I love chocolate."-----> Jill: "Mary said (that) she ___ chocolate." Had loved. Loving. Loved. Loveed.
To reply to an employment advertisement: To quit. To sack. To apply for. To promote.
Use the correct verb: I knew your parents john said -- john said that he ... knew. know. has known. had known.
What is the correct reported speech answer: I like pop music she said. She said that she like pop music. She said she likes pop music. She said that she liked pop music. She said that she had liked pop music.
Why did He retire? because he was nearly 65. because he was late for work every day. because he was out of work. because he was the best person in the department.
Workers in a company: employees. employs employers. employed.
We arrived at 8:05, but the train _____ already left. had get have has.
Sarah thought she ________ to that zoo before. had be had been have been has been.
If you had eaten a good breakfast, you______ so hungry now. can't be wouldn't be was won't be.
He would have gone to work if he ______ sick. won't be didn't be were hadn't been.
She would go to the Job Centre if she ______ a job. had wanted wanted wants will want.
It ______easy to paint pictures if you knew how to. would have been would be had been be.
You will catch the train if you __________ earlier. would leave leaves leave left.
The manager ______very happy if Peter signs the agreement. was had been is will be.
Martha would have come if you ________her. invited had invited has invited have invited.
If you visit Madam Tussaud's, ________________________ . you see many wax figures you sleep comfortably you buy some bread you watch TV and relax.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ______________ by J K Rowling written write wrote was written.
Thieves __________________ over a million dollars in cash from a bank in Los Angeles. was been stolen were stolen stolen have stolen.
The meeting ______________ until the end of the month. has postponed have been postponed has been postponed is been postponed.
Vehicles parked in front of these gates will ________________. Remove are removed be removed Removing.
His friends gave him this football. This football is given to him by his friends. This football will be given to him by his friends. This football has been given to him by his friends. This football was given to him by his friends.
They are building a new road around the city. A new road is being built around the city. A new road has being built around the city. A new road was built around the city. A new road was being built around the city.
They kill crocodiles for their skin. A lot of crocodiles are been killed for their skins. A lot of crocodiles are killing for their skins. A lot of crocodiles are killed for their skins. A lot of crocodiles were killed for their skins.
Which sentence has a similar meaning? The film started. Then we arrived at the cinema. When we had arrived at the cinema, the film started. When we arrived at the cinema, the film had already started. The film started when we arrived at the cinema. When we had arrived at the cinema, the film has started.
Make question for the sentence: She had laughed. Laughed had she? Has she laugh? She had laughed? Had she laughed?.
Which of these tenses is Past Perfect Simple? It is ........ She had eaten She was eating She has been eating She ate.
The imperative mood in English is generally used to give an order. Verdadero. Falso.
But, or, when and so are not English conjunctions. Verdadero. Falso.
The imperative mood in English is generally used to give an order, to prompt someone to do something, to give a warning or to give instructions. Verdadero. Falso.
In English there is only one type of relative clause. Verdadero. Falso.
A defining relative clause gives us extra information about something. Verdadero. Falso.
A non-defining relative clause usually goes between commas. Verdadero. Falso.
Reported speech is when we tell someone what another person said. Verdadero. Falso.
'I work in a bakery, ´said Daniel. This sentence is in reported speech. Verdadero. Falso.
When we backshift, present simple changes to past simple, present continuous changes to past continuous and present perfect changes to past perfect. Verdadero. Falso.
We do not change demonstratives and adverbs of time and place when we change direct to reported speech. Verdadero. Falso.
What is the past participle form of “feed”? Fad. Fed. Feeding. Feeded.
Had they _____ to her before? speak spoked spoken spoke.
What is the correct past perfect form of "We visit Paris"? We'd visited Paris. We'd visiting Paris. We'd visit Paris. We've visited Paris.
If I had bought more milk, I ________ enough for breakfast. would have would had have had had would have had.
If I smoked a cigarette, ………… you? would it bother it bothers does it bother will it bother.
If we walk so slowly, we ………………. late. be will be would be will being.
Smith _____________ to five years in prison. sentence sentences was sentenced sentenced.
Passive voice: Choose the correct sentence. We will send you your examination results. You will be sent your examination results. You will sent your examination results. You will send your examination results. You will be send your examination results.
Passive voice. Choose the correct sentence: The storm has damaged a lot of houses. A lot of houses has been damaged by the storm. A lot of houses have damaged by the storm. A lot of houses have been damage by the storm. A lot of houses have been damaged by the storm.
Harmful bacteria that cause disease in humans. Algae. Harmless bacteria. Pathogens. Archaea.
_________ a rest. You look tired. Help me! Have Don’t wait Pass.
Don’t _______to bring your swimming costume with you! It’s difficult to find the house. wait bring make forget.
________ to my party, please. Don’t forget Don’t Pass Come.
The woman _________________ bought the dress did not speak English. when who which where.
That's the cat _________________ we saw yesterday. that either A or C which where.
Which sentence is correct? The new stadium, which can hold over 100,000 people, opened last week. The new stadium, where can hold over 100, 000 people, opened last week. The new stadium opened last week, which can hold over 100,000 people. The new stadium, that can hold over 100,000 people, opened last week.
Report this sentence correctly. Tom said ‘I’m going to London tomorrow.’ Five days later you say... Tom said he is going to London tomorrow. Tom said he was going to London the following day. Tom said he was going to London tomorrow. Tom said he is going to London the following day.
Which sentence is NOT correct? James said he will help me. Karen said she was going to be late. Lisa said she didn’t have a map. Helen said she was at school.
Which words complete the sentence?. Maria apologised for not coming. She said she had been busy ____. the next day the following day today the previous day.
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