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What are you doing? I read a book I'm reading a book I reads a book Read a book.
-------Lucas--------tennis? does-play does-plays do-play do-playies.
John__________at half past three. finishes finish finishies finisies.
I __________ football every Sunday. play plays am playing am plaing.
They ____________________ today because it is Sunday. not working don't work are not working not are working.
They _______________ tired. never are never not are never are never.
The correct form to say ‘I sing a song’ in present continuous is: I singing a song I am not singing a song I am singing a song Am I singing a song?.
You can’t play because you __________ now. studying studies are studying don't study.
Choose the sentence in present simple: He is not listening to music every day. He is listening to music every day. Is he listening to music every day? Does he listen to music every day?.
Choose the sentence in present continuous: We buying something for Mikel's birthday. For Mikel's birthday we buying something. We buying something for Mikel's are birthday. We are buying something for Mikel's birthday.
The United Kingdom ... the European Union in 2020. left leaved lefted leaving.
I ... up very late on Sunday. waked woke waking wakeds.
Lucía ... in a university in the past. worked work working is working.
Spain ... the Football World Cup a few years ago. won wined winning win.
I was talking to my mum when someone ... on the door. was knocking knocked knocking is knocking.
Jerry ... a new house for his family. bought buys buying is bought.
I ... to the new album of La Oreja de Van Gogh while travelling to Ávila. listened listen listening listens.
My teacher ... me to study. telled told telling tells.
My grandparents ... in early 20th century. were born have been born bearing were borning.
My best friend ... to play the guitar. try trying tried tryed.
I __________ __________ played baseball __________. have / already / yet have / not / yet already / have / yet have / yet / not.
He is the man __________ helped me yesterday. who which where how.
Which of these sentences written in present perfect contains grammatical mistakes? I've finished my drawing Have you played tennis? I just have finished my job yet. I don't want to see the film because I have already seen it.
Choose the sentence written in present perfect: I have started a new serie. I have a serie that I have to watch. I'm watching a serie now. I watch a serie.
Which of these verbs is regular? run be say play.
Which of these verbs is a past participle? fallen did forgot wrote.
She __________ __________ a lot for her exam. already / have already / has have studied has / studied.
What is the meaning of the verb ‘leave’? abandonar olvidar querer mostrar.
What is the past of the verb ‘choose’? chosen chose choosen choose is not a verb.
Choose the sentence written in present perfect: She has an exam. She is doing her exam. She has already done her exam. She has not an exam this week.
Define the following terms. Advertisement Buyer Currency Profit Warranty Brand name.
Mary and Oscar … to finish their work on time are trying tries is trying try.
My uncle brought his friend … is a teacher. who which what where.
I ... for a university grant. applied applying have applied applies.
The economic standstill ______ lots of empoyment losses. is cause is causing causes caused.
I am looking for someone … speaks English. which who whose what.
The company … the invoice via e-mail. sended was sent sent sending.
I _____ home. I was tired. staying stayed stay stays.
A conductor is someone … drives trains. who which where what.
Last summer I…..to Mexico went was go have been.
It ____ all day yesterday. raining rains rained rain.
Tom is … than Mary. friendlier more friendly more friendlier friendliest.
A kangaroo is … than a turtle. faster more fast more faster fastest.
Annita is the … person I know. the most friendly the most friendliest the friendlier the friendliest.
August is … month. the most hot the hottest the most hottest the hotest.
IKEA sofas aren’t … ones in the market, but they look good. the most comfortable comfortablest the comfortablest the comfortabler.
This sofa is … than that one. comfortabler more comfortabler more comfortable comfortablest.
A snail is … than a kangaroo. slower slowest more slow slowly.
August is … than February. hoter hotter more hot more hotter.
Cheetahs are the … mammals. more fast fasttest fastest faster.
Sloths are the … animals in the world. slowest most slow most slowest slower.
The queue is very long. I think she __________. is going to miss the bus is missing the bus goes to miss the bus is going to go miss the bus.
Choose the sentence that talks about a future plan. I go to Madrid every month. I am going to Madrid I am driving to Madrid. Will you be there? I am going to fly to Madrid on Sunday. Will you be there?.
I wanted to go to the mountain this weekend, but I think … it will rain it is going to rain it rains it is raining.
Attention please, the doors _____ now! open will open are going to open are opening.
I would like to visit Hungary this winter, but I think __________. I'm travelling I am cold at this moment It is being cold it will be very cold.
What sentence is NOT talking about a future plan? I am going to read a book when I finish my degree I am enjoying my holidays because I worked hard I am watching a film tonight, but first I have to finish my homework I am going to visit Barcelona next weekend.
My sister is going to Argentina to visit her friend. __________ there by plane. She is going She is going to go She will go She goes.
He hasn’t slept anything. I am sure __________. he passed the exam this afternoon he does not pass the exam this afternoon he won't pass his exam this afternoon he will pass the exam on Monday.
__________ during all the trip tomorrow. I am sleeping I am going to sleep I sleep Am I.
What do you think about the year 2050? Cars are going to fly Cars will fly Cars are flying Cars fly.
I don’t have … to cook the meat. many salt enough salt salt enough too salt.
Will … call a doctor please? We need help here. anyone someone everyone no-one.
Are there … vegetables in the fridge? much too many too much.
I can’t find Rocío. She must be hidden ... somewhere anywhere nowhere everywhere.
Mary said … during the whole dinner. anything nothing something anywhere.
I’m … tired to go out now. too much too much many.
There were so … people that I had to leave. too enough many much.
There is … hidden in the chest, but I can’t access it. something anything nothing everything.
Just say …! something anything nobody too.
Are you … to study a new degree? clever enough enough clever much clever enough too.
How much / many water do you drink a day? much many.
How much / many eggs do you need for the cake? much many.
How much / many people live in Spain? much many.
Yesterday at the party I had too much / too many food. too much too many.
My friend is too / too much lazy to study another language. too too much.
Tom is smart enough / enough smart to study Mathematics. smart enough enough smart.
There weren’t too many / too much people at the airport, so I felt comfortable. too many too much.
I never drink enough water / water enough, so I am constantly dehydrated. enough water water enough.
The legal ownership and control of a literary, musical, artistic, or other work. copyright author.
Someone who creates a book, article, etc. author no derivative works attribution.
A document with blank spaces to be filled in with details before it is executed. form copyright non-commercial.
It … be easy to pass the English exam tomorrow. don't isn't won't aren't.
Look! It's really cloudy, I think it … rain. is is going to are will.
Until the Coronavirus crisis, Madrid was one of … cities in Spain. the pollutedest the more polluted the most pollutedest the most polluted .
Pablo is … person I know. the most polite the polite the most politest the politest .
I spend … time in front of a screen because of work. much too many many too much.
… said this would be easy. Somewhere Nobody Somebody Anybody.
When I quit my job, I … work for an NGO. is will am going to are.
What would you like to eat? … a steak tartar please. I'm going to have I having I'll have I'm have.
My aunt's car is … than yours. more big more bigger bigger biggest.
Don't worry. I'm sure you … pass the exam. are going to are will is.
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