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UNIDAD 4 1. Clothes for warm weather 2. Clothes for cold weather 1. cap, t-shirt, scarves, suit, raincoat 2. hat, sneakers, sweater, coat, cap 1. swimsuit, t-shirt, cap, sneakers, short 2. coat, sweater, hat, gloves, scarf 1. underwear, hood, trousers, gloves 2. gloves, scarf, skirt, sunglasses, boots 1. cap, hat, scarves, suit, sunglasses 2. sweater, coat, sneakers,scarves.
Complete the conversation with correct words in the parentheses. 1. A) Hey! These aren´t ______(our/ours) sneakers B) You're right. ______ (Our/Ours) gloves, Erin? 2. C) ______ (Whose/Yours) T-shirt are these? Are they Hayley´s and Brad's? D) No, they're not_______ (their/theirs) T-shirt.______ (their/theirs) are white, not blue. 1. A) Our B) Ours 2. C) Whose C) their, theirs 1. A) Ours B) Ours 2. C) Whose C) Theirs, their 1. A) Ours B) Our 2. C) Yours C) Theirs, their 1. A) Ours B) Our 2. C) Whose C) Theirs, their.
1. A) Are these _____ (your,yours) gloves, Erin? B) No, they're not_____(my,mine). Maybe they are Logan's _______ (His/Your) gloves are gray. 1. A) Your B) Mine, His 1. A) Yours B) My, His 1. A) Yours B) Mine, Your 1. A) Your B) My, Your.
Unidad 5 What time is it? Say each time a different way. It's three o'clock in the afternoon. It's six o'clock in the evening. It's twelve o'clock at night. It's 10:00 A.M. It's 4:00 P.M. It's 7:00 P.M. It's 12:00 P.M.
Unidad 6. I ride my bike to school. Complete the sentences whit the correct verb forms. 1. A) My family and I ____ (live/lives) in the suburbs. My wife and I ______(work/wokrs) near here, so we _____ (walk/walks) to work. B) Our daughter megan _____(work/wokrs) downtown, so she _____ (drive/drives) to work. C) Our son _______ (don't/doesn't) drive. 1. A) Live, work, walk B) Works, drives C) doesn´t 1. A) Lives, work, walks B) Works, drives C) doesn´t 1. A) Live, works, walk B) Works, drives C) don´t.
Complete the sentences. 1. My brother doesn't live with us. He ____ (have/has) an apartment in the city. He ____ (go/goes) to school all day, and he ___ (do/does) his homework at night. 1. Has, Go, Does 1. Have, Goes, Do 1. Has, Goes, Does.
Unscramble the questions to complete the conversations. you morning? do messages check_your every.
you when to listen music? do.
Unidad 9 I always eat breakfast. Complete the conversation with some or any. 1. Keith: Oh, they don´t have ___ potato salad. 2. Jane: But we have lots of potatoes at home. Let's make ___. 3. Keith: Great. Do we have ___ mayonnasie? 4. Jane: No. We need to buy ___. And we ned ___ onions. 1. any, 2. some, 3. any, 4. some, some 1. some, 2. any, 3. any, 4. some, any 1. any, 2. some, 3. some, 4. some, some.
Unscrable the sentences. when_i never snacks I wacth_Tv. eat.
Unidad 10 What sports do yo like? Complete the conversations with the correct Wh-question words. A) 1. I love to go bike riding. I go every Sunday 2. Really? ______do you go? B) 3. Usually at about ten in the morning. 4. Oh, yeah? _____ do you go with? 5. A gorup of friends. Come white us next time! A) What time/When B) Who A) What time/When B) When A) Who B) When.
Six people are talking about things they Can and Can't do. Complete these sentences. 2. Can, 3. Can´t, 4. Can´t, 5. Can, 6. Can´t 2. Can´t, 3. Can´t, 4. Can, 5. Can, 6. Can 2. Can, 3. Can, 4. Can´t, 5. Can, 6. Can´t.
Unidad 11 I´m going to have a party. Complete these conversation with the correct form of be going to. 1. A) Where are you _____________ (spend)) Thanksgiving? B) My parents and I _______________ (visit) my grandparents. 2. C) How are your children ____________ (celebrate) Halloween? D) They ____________ (go) to their school's party. 1. A) goin to sped B) Are goin to visit 2. C) goin to celebrate D)Are going to go 1. A) goin to sped B) Are goin to visited 2. C) goin to celebrated D)Are going to goes 1. A) goin to sped B) goin to visite 2. C) goin to celebrate D) going to go.
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