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Look out. You __________ fall off the bike. Are going to Would Is going to Going to .
_____ very sunny today. Lets´go to the beach. It´s They are It There are .
Alex______me to call you offered asked said let.
Nathaly works as an executive assistant. Ask______what she does exactly. her hers him she.
I am going to see him____Friday. on of in for.
What do you do? I´m a waiter Very well. Thank you. I,mexican How do you do?.
We want to see you again. Can you give____your phone number. us our me ours.
Your idea is____mine. Better tan Better that More good than More better .
If only I____how to use a computer. knew know known knowing.
Francis_______to work. He is ill in bed. Can´t go Do not go Isn´t go Cant´t to go.
Lupita isn´t married,_____? Is he? Is she? Isn´t she? Does she?.
I am fed up______this exercise. With doing To doing To do For doing.
Is this wallet_____? yours you your To you.
_____did you travel with? who How Whose What.
My mobile phone ____ Has been stolen Have been stolen Has stolen Stole.
She______a new smartphone last month Is buying bought buy Is wanting.
Where is___doctor, please? The nearest The most near nearer More near.
Is Betty____Carla? Taller than More tall than Tall as More taller tan.
You_____see a doctor Should did had would.
Where do children go everdy at 9:00 a.m? They go to school They went to school They going to school They had gone to school.
Where do you live? I am live in Monterrey I Lives in Monterrey My live is Monterrey I live in Monterrey.
How many brothers does Alejandro have? He three brothers He has three brothers He got three brothers Ihas three brothers .
Where are you friends from? They is Colombia They Colombian They are from Colombia They is Colombian .
What is your name? Margaret be my name My name is Margaret Margaret are my name My name are margaret .
Are you Argentinian? No. My are American No. My si American No. I is American No. I am American .
Do you like coffee? I like the coffee Me like coffee I like coffee.
Where does he live? He live near the university He lives near the university He do near the university He does near the university .
Do you like music? Yes, I like Yes, I do Yes, I does Yes, I am.
Where she was born? She born in Paris She is born in Paris She was born in Paris She be born in Paris .
What is their father´s name? Their father´s from is Darrell Their father´s name is Darrell Their father´s name are Darrell Their father´s are Darrell.
Is he Alex? ___________ Yes, he is. Yes, he does. Yes, he´s No, he is.
I´m Miss Garcia. Good morning. How do you do? Excuse me. Good bye.
How are you? ____ I´m English. Fine Yes, I am. I´m a doctor.
Do you speak Spanish? Yes, I speak. Yes, you do. Yes, I am. Yes, I do.
My father´s sister is my __________. Aunt Uncle Daughter Cousin.
"__________ have a timetable, please?" "Certainly, sir Here you are." Can I Would you Can you Would I.
"We can go to the theatre by bus and get __________at Lincoln Square." On Off Down Out.
Why are you doing this course? It´s more easy It´s more easier It easy It´s easier.
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