Ingles 5

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Ingles 5

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Mexico's gas __________ is increasing steadily. method output techique achievement.
_______ mary have been ________ at that time ? could / writing should / write must / writen might / to write.
i could have ________ faster, if i ________the other shoes ran / had worn ran / would wear run / had worn run /would wear.
we must ________ in touch with him as soon as possible go get hold stand.
the smiths moved to a very pleasant neightbour__________ dom ment ship hood.
if i ever have a daughter, i want her to _________ my wife fall for take over take after fall behind.
terry _______ not have _______that song. should / sing would / sung may / singing must / to sing.
i had never seen such a _______ dog before it must be newly born tiny narrow minimum decreased.
laura was _____ to stand anxious grateful annoyed particular.
i bought shakespeare's complete works ________ a special collection of elizabethan theatre. advices advice beside besides.
i don't see the _______ of the new machine turmoil specialty usefulness preference.
i wish i ______ as lucky as you be were to be being.
will you ____ care ____ my cat while i am away take /of look / of take / for look/ for.
i didn't think henrry would ______ into the trap risk fall drop dwell.
the teacher said ___________ peter a story to arrive early that we are lazy us the whole truth.
george ______ an important literary prize won beat adapted adopted.
my marriage is ________ i'll never see mildred again all over over all over and over over andabove.
i only visit aunt lucky _________ definitely faithfully eventually occasionally.
_____________ written the letter . i just ________ for the reply. having/ wait to have / wait having / waited to have / waited.
the work has been done carefully and with great ________ skill load pace source.
beethoven is _______ for his nine symponies. worthy famous familiar particular.
lillian_________ deeply in love _______ oscar kept/of feel/of kept/ with fell / with.
unfortunately, many countries are still ___ developed in un dis mis.
the rat was killed with ____ gas lethal dreaded versatile breathaking.
pete has proved highly ___________ in his new job. production productively productive productivity.
he listen to music with great intens _____ ion ness ity able.
she _____ me ________ a long time for the car got / wait made / wait got / to wait made / to wait.
the suit louis wore as the wore party was completely ________ advanced weak -winded careless old-fashioned.
betty shouldn't ______ so much of her beauty dwell boast allege comply.
i wish you _____ the dancing contest had lost will lose have lost should lose.
the bread was hard, so i _______________ it away got blew threw broke.
an atomic war may be the end of ___________ mankind spacecraft ecologial science-fiction.
you have to ______ the parrot you leave chat feed breed provide.
paul is ___________ worried about the feul crisis reel real quite quiet.
don't forget ________ the party next saturday. of from on about.
you____ leave the office early if you ____ to get to the concert on time must / wish would /wish must / wished should/ wished.
you should never _______ fun _________ old people do / of do / with make / of make / with.
his _______ comes from talent and hard work active forward maximun success.
molly was in ________ of death after the accident doubt danger hardship emergency.
mary __________ her uncle's house and car archived surpassed inherited attempted.
I _____ an enemy __________ in the top of a tree found / fide noticed / hides caught / to hide discovered / hidding.
it isn't _______ to keep thejewels in the closet safe stable avialable perspective.
I wish my sister _________ like edith plaff sings to sing will sing could sing.
the table in not _____ for our dining room familiar hand- made suitable home - building.
i will stay at home if you _______ feel well after lunch don´t wouldn't wont's shouldn't.
i saw fellini's ___________ latest film huge fabulous plentiful inventory.
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