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Where is Washington, D.C. Located ? On the Potomac River. On the Miami River. On the Porland River.
Who planned the city of washington ? Pierre Charl l Enlfan. Pierre Abumenyang. Pierre Charles L ´Enlfant.
The caribbean Series Games ______ _______ by many people on T.V. in the month of April. Were watchet. Were watched. Was watch.
The murder from Tabasco state _______ _______ by the police on the month of june. were caung- was caugth. Was caught.
Mexico city is the _________ city on the Republic of Mexico. Largest. Lagest. Small.
The sahara desert is the ________ on the world. drist. driest. driesn´t.
You will get liver carcer, ___________________ If you don´t stop drinking. If you do stop drink. If you does dinking.
We always eat breakfast, ________________ If we wants to be healthy. if we want to be healthy. if we was to be healthy.
I wouldn´t go, ______________ If were you. If i were yuo. if I were you.
I would have been here on time, _____________________ Is you had call me. If you had called me. It is you had called me.
We are spending ____ ____ _____ $200.00 dollars a month in groceries. At the rate. At the rates. At the rad.
The train was pulling a very heavy _________ to the south. Loading. Lord. Load.
Dinasours were _________ animals living on earth many years ago. Hugs. huge. huged.
I______ the baby ________ in the crib. Heard / crying Herd / cry Heard / cried.
They _________ the elephants _________ in the jungle. Discovered / resting Discovery / reting Dicoveres / restin.
In the picture of "Dumbo", they _______ ________ his mother. Tok / awa Look / away Took / away.
Answer me _______ ______ because i´m in a hurry. Left away Right away Righ awa.
In the state of Oklahoma, there was a tornado that ______ ______ a whole city. wiped ours,. Wiped out. wipe ots.
The ________ comes out of the elephants´tusks. Ivory Vory Volt.
The priest asked us ____ ________ down during mass. tos sits To sit tol sis.
Our parents ______ us to ______ for the weekend. Experent / coming Experced / come Expected / come.
Most of the students in the classroom __________ to go on a trip after graduating. Agrad Agred Agreed.
We ___________ Gladys as a member into our club. Acepted accepted acepte.
The movie that we went to see , was so boring that I _________ . Fell asleep Fel asllep Fells asleep.
Autum is the season when the leaves of the trees ______ ________ and blow away. Fall off fal of fell off.
There are so many students in highschool that ___ ____ ________, that stop studying. Fall on the lobve Fall in love fal in loves.
It is a big __________ when children play whith fire. Dangers Dagerd Danger .
It is a big ___________ when electricity workers don´t use any protection. Righ Risk Rits.
Raul ________ have ___________ a good job , if he finished his studies. Could / gotten Coulds / goten Should / gotten.
He speaks such good English, he __________ have _________ it in the United States. Soudl / stiudied Could / studied Must / studied.
The ______ have _______ the assignment o the computer, but they didn´t. Should / written Could / writen Must / written.
Sonias´writing is so bad, that I can __________ read it. Hardyl Hardly Here.
The mailman is __________ known by our neighbors. Widely Wills Willdely.
The cell phone company has a wide _________ around the world. Wolds Neterk Network.
The HBC bank is so popular ______ out the country. Trouh Through Thoruht.
You have to ________ the two hours from Friday. Make up Made up Makes ups.
My Grandmother is in the Hospital, ______ _______ Grandma, you´ll get well. Chess up Cheer up Shet up.
A big _________ was built by Nasa in Rusia. Space wars Space jam Space craft.
Old people had a wide __________ of the future. Vission Vision Vitzion.
The noise of space craft can break your __________. Eardrum Eatdrum Espeace.
The __________ of the "Apason Group" at the plaza, was great. Performanse Performance Pefomanse.
The principal of school was anxious ___________ the students´trip to the mountains. About Avout Avon.
That name sounds _________ _________ my relatives last name. Famila was Familia wish Familiar with.
I heard thet song ________ _________ all day. All over Over and over Also.
The desease spread _________ ________ the city, it is very contagious. Over time Over and over All over.
It is the middle of the month and we _______ ________ of money. Run out Run Runner.
The planet is being destroyed, we need to clean the __________ as soon as possible. Everest Enviorment Envirot.
I´m getting behind, Ican´t __________ _________ with my work, help me. Notword Call me Catch up .
The term was invented in the 1990. True False.
London was described as the coolest city on the planet by Newsweek in 1996 True False.
Tony Blair intruduced this phrase. False True.
Similar names were introduced in Wales and Scotlad whith a great succes. True False.
The phrase is also used as an ice-cream falvour in the UK. False True.
Many people got tired of this phrase. True False.
Do you have a ________ for fishing on Sunday. Reel Read Carrete.
Brenda is _____________ asking for a permit at work. Cuntinuation continually Condiccion.
My _________ was a great time , when I was from 4 to 13 years old. Childhood Child Chilly.
That milk is not __________, it is not pasteurized. Drickable Drink Drinkable.
I have to listen to the coversation _______ careful, so I can understand what they´re talking about. Very Too Me to.
These shoes are __________ big for me, I need a smaller size. Very Too Such more.
My bicycle broke, I need __________ one. As Over Another.
Many people have seen this movie, __________ heven´t seen it yet. Another Others Also.
She is such an _______ person that she never smiles. Unemotional Inconvenient Inmotions.
It is ___________ that you go on a trip. It´s too expensive. Inconvenient All tha So that.
______________ a good book is a pleasure. Read Readed Reading.
Luis is 1.10 meters tall, he is a __________ boy. Growing Great Grow.
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