Inglés 5 (examen 2)

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Inglés 5 (examen 2)

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Aretha Franklin, the undisputed “Queen of Soul”, received more awards in America in her short career than any other female artist. She’s the source and inspiration of artists in many countries and projects emotion as if she invented it. Born one of five children in Detroit, she was the daughter of Reverend C.L. Franklin, a well-known preacher in the States, who toured churches throughout the country with his helpers and singers. Aretha was part of his choir, although she was only fourteen years old. 1. According to the article, Aretha Franklin A) started singing when she was a teenager B) was inspired by artists all over the world. C) invented different ways to project emotions D) helped his father to preach all over the country.
2. Which of’ the following statements is true according to the text? A) Aretha Franklin had five children. b) Aretha had four brothers and sisters. C) Rev. Franklin’s oldest daughter was Aretha. D) Rev. Franklin’s only child sang in his choir.
3. When the author refers to Aretha Franklin as “the undisputed, ‘Queen of Soul´”, he means that everybody A) deserve her. B) agreed with her. C) gave her full credit. D) considered her number one.
Dolores Del Rio was a Mexican actress of rare beauty who starred in more than 30 films in Hollywood and dozens in Mexico. She died of natural causes at her home In Newport Beach, Çalif., at the age of 77. As a teenager Del Rio caught the eye of a Hollywood director and shocked her upper-class family by leaving Mexico City to appear in his films. Her exquisite, expressive face won her, many fans with such silent movie as “What Price Glory” and “Ramona’, and she gracefully made the transition to talking pictures. But she became typecast, playing too many Indian Maidens, peasant girls and Latin femmes fatales”. “When producers give you beautiful cloths to wear in pictures, they also give you dumb parts”, Del Rio complained in 1942. A year late she Left Hollywood for Mexico where she eventually won four Ariels, the Mexican. Oscars. 4. Dolores del Rio’s beauty gave her a great popularity as an actress, however she A) only played. dumb roles, B) was a “femme fatale”. C) became typecast.. D) made only silent movies.
5. The .reaction of Dolores del Rio’s family at her leaving for Hollywood was of A) amusement and hope. B) surprise and disapproval. C) impotence and fear. D) frustration and anger.
6. Which of the following statements is true according to the text? A) Dolores del Rio acted mainly in silent movies. B) Dolores del Rio fell in love with a Hollywood director. C) Dolores del Rio attracted the attention of a Hollywood director. D) Dolores del Rio once complained about the kind of clothes she was given.
7. The Wilsons live in a _________ house that has about eight rooms and an enormous kitchen. A) huge B) mild C) familiar D) faithful.
8. The mailman had to ___________ our letters to our neighbor because we were away. A) bring B) surpass C) endow D) deliver.
9. The farmer discovered the tramp __________ one of his hens. A) steal B) stolen C) stealing D) to steal.
10. Tom’s friend ______________ for Jenny is sincere. A) ship B) ity C) ness D) dom.
11. ________ I __________________ the letter ? You never told me to do it A) Can / have destroyed 8) Should / have destroyed C) Can have / destroyed D) Should have / destroyed.
12. I am _________ with Phil. His statements are insulting. A) worthy B) dropped C) anxious D) annoyed.
13. __________ his studies, Phil is looking for a job. A) Finishes B) Finishing C) Has finished D) Having finished.
14. We never imagined Eddie ________ in public. A) sang B) sings C) singing D) to sing.
15. If Kate ___________ sincere, Mr.Lynch. _______ help her; but she isn’t A) were / would B) will be / would C) were / will D) will be / will.
16. Working with clay is a __________I learned at school. A) goal B) skill C) network D) harness.
17. Tim was so anxious that he __________ on smoking nervously. A) put B) was C) kept D) moved.
18. Ralph _______ have ______ the situation. He’s too immature. A) should / not understood B) could / not understood C) should not / understood D) could not / understood.
19. You should help Amy ___________ everything for the meeting. A) prepare B) prepares C) prepared D) preparing.
20. Celia´s astonish________ was evident. A) er B) ment C) or D) hood.
21. Marcia wishes she ____________ a little thinner, but she can’t. A) can get B) could get C) can be getting D) could have gotten.
22. Miss Jones is ______ out for that role. She’s the actress we need. A) cut B) put C) got D) set.
23. Mrs. Collins has ______appeared. Nobody has seen her in weeks. A) an B) mis C) in D) dis.
24. Marian wished Fred _________ not ________ that job. She couldn’t see him as often as she wanted to. A) had / take B) did / took C) had / taken D) did / to take.
25. Stop talking that way! I’m not going to _________ your bad manners. A) look in B) stand in C) look for D) stand for.
26. Harry is a very _________ person. He is always kind and considerate. A) think B) thinking C) thoughtful D) thoughtfully.
27. Does the teacher wish her students _______ more polite? A) are B) were C) will be D) should be.
28. Grace feels _____love with her boss. A) in B) off C) to D) for.
29. The archaeologists ____________ explore a new area next week if they ______________ enough money. A) will / get B) will / will get C) would / get D) would / will get.
30 This wire is twisted. I need a ___________ one. A) right B) narrow C) shallow D) straight.
31. The manager wanted to __________ the clerk ___________ for a higher position A) see / out B) try / out C) see / on D) try / on.
32. The hotel is full. They don’t have any room _______________ A) plentiful’ B) desolate C) available D) suitable.
33. The telephone rang when all of us were ________ in sleep. A) out B) deep C) fell D) over.
34. The children can’t _________ the tent. It’s too large. A) set down B) get down C) set up D) get up.
35. If the package had arrived earlier, I _______ received it. A) had B) would C) had been D) would have.
36. It was John who hid our books. There’s no ________ about it. A) doubt B) foal C) guild D) toil.
37. We need to ________ aware _______ our deficiencies. A) be /of B) have / of C) be / with D) have / with.
38. The police searched the forest and ____________ found the lost child A) evenly B) definitely C) eventually D) occasionally.
39. Andy got his first job He’s ____________ errands _________ the milkman A) taking / to B) running / to C) taking / for D) running/ for.
40. The garden was filled with ____________ after the party. A) leisure B) litter C) waste D) load.
41. The sudden ringing of the telephone _________ Mike from his sleep. A) boasted B) dropped C) aroused D) rattled.
42. Tom’s _________ to the problem is different from mine, but we agree on many points. A) theory B) approach C) perspective D) development.
43. The police ________ Jeff’s car to the police station. It was parked in a restricted area. A) hauled B) dwelled C) dropped D) stored.
44. Dick couldn’t attend school. He’s ill ________ small pox. A) of B) by C) off D) with.
45. They have an interesting __________ of photographs at the “Museum of Modern Arts”. A) output B) feature C) ornate D) display.
46. The policemen caught those who ________ away from their guards. A) kept. B) broke C) blew D) threw.
47. Janet needs some stalks of _____________ for her salad. A) celery B) pair C) salary D) pear.
48. Nothing ___________ Jeremy’s hunger. He’s always eating. A) provides B) attempts C) suffices D) achieves.
49. The __________ of our swimming pool is only 1.50 m. A) depth B) ground C) vacuum D) foundry.
50. The guard knelt down ____________ when the Queen entered the room. A) continuously B) respectively C) continually D) respectfully.
51. The dog jumped over the ______ and escaped. A) path B) icicle C) gate D) shuttle.
52. Nancy will never be able to buy that car she wants. She _______ all her money. A) saves B) squanders C) increases D) decreases.
53. Peter’s is not a very _________ story. Nobody will believe it. A) fare B) likely C) reality D) functional.
54. Jim accused Lucy of breaking the window, but she ___________ it. A) denied B) alleged C) refused D) rejected.
55. Somebody _________ have _________ Katty’s ring; She can not find it. A) must / stole B) should / stole C) must / stolen D) should / stolen.
56. Harriet is not dull. She is A) lazy B) slowly C) weak D) clever.
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