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We must help our friend while (mientras) he is in ____________. (1) aid risk danger output.
We ____________ about silly things (cosas tontas) till (hasta) midnight. (1) wasted chatted alleged exchanged.
I bought a little figure carved (tallado) in ____________. (1) soil wool ivory icicle.
She was lost in the ____________ of the woods. (1) pace depth waste ground.
My sister ____________ excellent results in her studies. (1) endured aroused achieved attempted.
Poverty (pobreza) is the ____________ of many evils. (1) stream source resource hardship.
Barbara loves her ____________ husband. (1) likely foundry faithful plentiful.
You shouldn't ____________ so much of your success (éxito). (1) boast crave endow comply.
I ____________ my dogs meat and milk. (1) feed waste endure suffice.
The thief escaped and left (dejo) no ____________. (1) fields path tracks site.
I ____________ will not go to Tom's party. (1) evenly definitely eventually occasionally.
Dr. Smith operated on my uncle with great ____________. (1) accuracy emergency instruction performance.
Asimov is one of the best ____________ writters. (1) vision technique science-fiction extra-terrestrial.
The glass (vaso) didn't break when Jean ____________ it on the floor. (1) pilled risked spread dropped.
Jim and I have traveled ____________ the world together. (1) amid among for all throughout.
Mexico's gas ____________ is increasing steadily (creciendo constantemente). (1) method output technique achievement.
The lawyer charged us (nos cobró) an excessive ____________. (1) fee fare alloy tuition.
The view of Mexico City from the plane was ____________. (1) desolute faithful ecological breathtaking.
The juice is ____________ through the crack (grieta) un the bottle. (1) surpassing dropping devising seeping.
We saw the landscape (paisaje) ____________ the window of the train. (1) straight through nearby amid.
The machinery has to be made of ____________ to resist the hard work. (1) ivory steel foundry headstone.
The ____________ of a church is usually the most prominent structure in small towns. (1) icicle steeple headstone settlement.
The police searched the forest and ____________ found the lost child. (1) evenly definitely eventually occasionally.
One of the best known ____________ of the giraffe is its long neck. (1) features outputs steeples upkeeps.
From the helicopter we could see the city's ____________ of streets and avenues. (1) vision output failure network.
The ____________ of our swimming pool is only 1.50 m. (1) depth ground vacuum foundry.
Jumping from a plane in flight must be a ____________ experience. (1) dreaded desolate faithful breathtaking.
The Wilsons live in a ____________ house that has about eight rooms and an enormous kitchen. (1) huge mild familiar faithful.
That man has ____________ his fourtune gambling (jugando). (1) risked dreaded rattled dropped.
Elizabeth's main (principal) ____________ in her gymnastics class is her fatness. (1) lodger vacuum drawback harness.
You shouldn't ____________ your time like that. (1) ease chat boast waste.
All the car's ____________ were modernized for the new model. (1) icicles features drawbacks performances.
My engagement (compromiso) yo Dan is a secret. Don't ____________ the news. (1) chat spread arouse provide .
The baby was ____________ up blocks to form a tower. (1) spreading breeding arousing pilling.
Anne is ____________ her health (salud) by drinking so much. (1) risking enduring surpassing attempting.
The police ____________ Jeff's car to the police station. It was parked in a restricted area. (1) hauled dwelled dropped stored.
The family ____________ is a decisive influence on the formation of children. (1) enviroment achievement measurement development.
The garden was filled (lleno) with ____________ after the party. (1) litter leisure waste load.
They have an interesting ____________ of photographe at the "Museum of Modern Art". (1) output feature ornate display.
Profesor Jones ____________ perfect program for the year. (1) devised complied executed endeavored.
The table is not ____________ for our dinning room. (1) familiar hand made suitable home guiding.
Mr. Clark is always very busy (ocupado). He never reserves (reserva) time for ____________. (1) output leisure display network.
Working with clay (arcilla) is a ____________ I learned at school. (1) goal skill network harness.
The hotel is full. They don't have any room ____________. (1) plentiful desolate available suitable.
It was John who hid our books. There's no ____________ about it. (1) doubt foal guild toil.
The sudden (repentino) ringing of the telephone ____________ Mike from his sleep. (1) boasted dropped aroused rattled.
Tom's ____________ to the problem is a different from mine, but we agree (acordamos) on many points. (1) theory approach perspective development.
The dog jumped over (encima) the ____________ and escaped. (1) path icicle gate shuttle.
The concert was a ____________. Nobody attended it (nadie asistió). (2) wrong failure reject vacancy.
I can't believe Tom took the money. His behavior (comportamiento) had been ____________ since (desde) he enterad the firm. (2) convenient inconvenient questionable unquestionable.
Who gave you the information? Your answer is not ____________. (2) profit right loss aid.
The suit (el traje) Louis wore (llevaba) at the party was completely ____________. (2) advanced weak-minded careless old-fashioned.
Brenda's book was a ____________. It sold very little. (2) failure success network draught.
The new store has many goods on sale to ____________ the customers. (2) accept reject attract drawback.
Helen expected to receive an enormous stone in her engagement (compromiso) ring, but she only received a ____________ pearl. (2) mayor tiny mild huge.
The mailman had to ____________ our letters to our neighbor (vecino) because we were away. (2) bring surpass endow deliver.
This wire is twisted (retorcido). I need a ____________ one. (2) right narrow shallow straight.
Nancy will never be able to buy that car she wants. She ____________ all her money. (2) saves squanders increases decreases.
This chair is very ____comfortable. (3) un in dis mis.
Sally's time of departure (salida) is still _____determined. (3) in dis un mis.
Everybody _____understood what she said. (3) dis mis un in.
Unfortunately, many countries are still _____developed. (3) in un dis mis.
Robert can't give a lecture. He is an _____iterate. (3) un ill in un.
Gaby will never trust anybody. She's always filled (lleno) with _____giving. (3) in an mis dis.
Mrs. Collins has _____appeared. Nobody has seen her in weeks. (3) an mis in dis.
I met the govern_____ last night at his office. (4) er or dom ment.
I didn't pay my member_____ tres. I can't go to the sports club anymore. (4) ship ness hood ment.
There is no doubt (duda) about the useful_____ of cars. (4) dom ity ment ness.
We must strive (debemos esforzarnos) for the complet_____ of the project. (4) ion ment hood ship.
The own_____ of the building wants to demolish it. (4) or er ity able.
A politician needs to have leader_____ to be successful (exitoso). (4) ship ment ness hood.
The Smiths moved to a very pleasant (agradable) neighbor_____. (4) dom ment ship hood.
Tom's friend_____ for Jenny is sincere. (4) ship ity ness dom.
Celia's astonish_____ was evident. (4) er ment or hood.
Chinese are ____________ in farm work. (5) product produce productive productively.
My brother likes literature. He should take a course in ____________ writing. (5) create creature creative creatively.
After long studies, Paul became ____________ with Greek history (Historia Griega). (5) family familiar familiarly familiarize.
Sally's party has been ____________ commented on all around the town. (5) wide width widen widely.
Harry is a very ____________ person. He is always kind (amable) and considerate. (5) think thinking thoughtful thoughtfully.
She's mean (mala) to animals but, ____________ with people. (6) human humane interested uninterested.
She didn't ____________ her aunt's jewels (joyas). (6) steal steel bore rob.
Mrs. Samuels founded a ____________ society to take care of poor and orphaned children. (6) personnel personal humane human.
Our umbrellas are ____________ the entrance door. (6) beside besides downward backward.
Mr. Black courteously (cortésmente) ____________ to accept our invitation. (6) rejected altered refused denied.
I bought Shakespeare's complete works ____________ a special collection of Elizabethan theatre. (6) advice advise beside besides.
My cousin was nominated ____________ of Webson School. (6) major principle mayor principal.
Our children are not ____________ they are restless (inquieto). (6) quiet quite ingenious ingenuous.
Janet needs some stalks (tallos) of ____________ for her salad (ensalada). (6) celery pair salary pear.
The guard knelt down (arrodilló) ____________ when the Queen entered the room. (6) continuosly respectively continually respectfully.
Jim accused Lucy of breaking the window, but she ____________ it. (6) denied alleged refused rejected.
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