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I didn't shave (afeitar) because my electric shaver (afeitadora eléctrica) was ____________. (7) held out figured out out of date out of order.
Linda, ________ away from my window, and ________ away. (7) go / stay for / get right / fly throw / break.
Tom was selfish with Tina and now their affair (relación) is ____________. (7) run down all over well done taken after.
Tom gave me a ride and ________ me off at the post office. (7) toke drove stopped dropped.
Joe ____________ when his boss reprimanded (reprendido) him. (7) blew away threw away fell from office fell to his knees.
The plane ________ off before noon. (7) got took made went.
I had to ________ up till (hasta) the program finished. (7) set make stay cheer.
I didn't ________ about your books. (7) waste forget strive believe.
Daisy caught (atrapado) a bad disease (enfermedad) and ________ behind in her studies. (7) ran got took fell.
For further (promover) information about the course, get ________ touch ________ Mr. Green. (7) in / for on / for in / with on / with.
Jack left because he couldn't ________ for the infidelity of his wife. (7) set pay look stand.
Help the teacher. The wind ________ away the exams and they are all over the hard (están en todo el patio). (7) got went blew threw.
Mike is very grateful ________ his friend. (7) with on at to.
Wally and Jill kissed and ________ up after the quarrel (pelea). (7) set made took caught.
They never agreed ________ the specific details. (7) on at by for.
Miss Jones is ________ out for that role. She's the actress we need. (7) cut put got set.
I didn't think Henry would ________ into the trap. (7) risk fall drop dwell.
Will you ________ care ________ my cat while (mientras) I am away (lejos)? (7) take / of look / of take / for look / for.
I told the old man to get ________ the bus at the next corner. (7) up off down away.
Who will ________ over your father's business when he retires? (7) do get come take.
Never trust Barbara; she told everybody what she had ____________ about Jane. (7) oversight overtaken overheard overcome.
Please, ________ me ________ at the entrance of the house. It's raining very hard. (7) drop / off drive / off drop / out drive / out.
Who is Paul ____________? I have never met (nunca he conocido) his wife. (7) typical of married to charge of grateful to.
The plane ____________ two hours late. (7) overtime overseas took off drove off.
Come back ________ away! I need the medicine urgently. (7) fly run move right.
Ceci could not prepare the salad because she ________ out of vegetables. (7) was got went grew.
Mrs. Smith is very ________ of sophisticated words. (7) fond cut out annoyed in charge.
Grace feels ________ love with her boss. (7) in off to for.
The telephone rang when all of us were ________ in sleep. (7) out deep fell over.
The children can't ____________ the tent (tienda). It's too large. (7) set down get down set up get up.
We need yo ________ aware ________ our deficiencies. (7) be / of have / of be / with have / with.
Andy got his first job. He's ________ errands ________ the milkman. (7) taking / to running / to taking / for running / for.
Dick couldn't attend school. He's ill ________ small pox (viruela). (7) of by off with.
The policeman caught (atrapado) those who ________ away from their guards. (7) kept broke blew threw.
I ________ use a pen if I ________ a typewriter (máquina de escribir). (8) didn't / have didn't / had wouldn't / have wouldn't / had.
Martha ________ if something ________ to Harry. (8) dies / happens dies / happened will die / happens will die / happened.
She could have ________ the contest if she ________ worked more. (8) won / has won / had to win / has to win / had.
If Jane ________ me, I ________ go to her party next friday. (8) invited / will invites / will will invite / can would invite / can.
Mr. Brown would be invited to the ceremony if he ____________ a famous actor. (8) had been would be were been.
The detective ________ solved the case if he ________ investigated it exhaustively. (8) had / had had / would have would have / had would have / would have.
Janet ________ be a great singer if she ________ on studying hard. (8) will / goes will / went can / will go can / would go.
I could have ________ faster if I ________ the other shoes. (8) ran / had worn ran / would wear run / had worn run / would wear.
If Lizzy ________ the contest, she ________ participe in the national games. (8) will win / will wins / will will win / would wins / would.
I ________ do that if I ________ in his plane. (8) didn't / was weren't / were shouldn't / was wouldn't / were.
Paul ____________ to California if he got a car. (8) would go will go does go.
If I ________ the money soon (pronto), I ________ go to Acapulco with you. (8) got / may get / will got / would get / should.
If Clair had met George in other circunstances, she married his. (8) has would had been would have.
The archaeologists ________ explore a new area next week if they ________ enough (suficiente) money. (8) will / get will / will get would / get would / will get.
If the package had arrived earlier (más temprano), I ____________ received it. (8) had would had been would have.
I was surprised to find my grandmother ____________ through (a través de) the keyhole (ojo de cerradura). (9) peep peeps peeped peeping .
My wife helped me ____________ my pains. (9) forget forgot forgets forgotten.
I saw her ____________ away with her little dog. (9) walk walks walked to walk.
Who discovered the children ____________ candy before dinner? (9) ate eaten eating to eat.
Billy saw the man ____________ his mother's handbag. (9) took takes taking to take.
Mr. Kent didn't notice the masked man ____________ him. (9) watching to watch watches watch.
I smelled the fish ____________ on the stove (estufa). (9) can fry to fry frying fries.
Mark will make you ____________ for what you did to his sister. (9) paying to pay paid pay.
I could clearly smell something ____________ in the kitchen. (9) burn burns burnt burning.
I watched the cat ____________ in the rain. (9) running to run runs ran.
The farmer discovered the tramp ____________ one of his hens (gallinas). (9) steal stolen stealing to steal.
We never imagined Eddie ____________ in public. (9) sang sings singing to sing.
You should help Amy ____________ everything for the meeting. (9) prepare prepares prepared preparing.
________ she ________ been home earlier (más temprano)? It will soon (pronto) be midnight and these streets are dangerous. (10) Can't / had Can't / have Shouldn't / had Shouldn't / have.
Jennifer ________ have ________ the exam. She was sick and depressed. (10) wasn't / passed wasn't / passing couldn't / passed couldn't / passing.
Vicky ____________ left for the congress. I haven't seen her for a week. (10) would be must be would have must have .
Amy ________ have ________ home. Don't worry. I'm sure we'll find her. (10) should / to go should / gone may / to go may / gone.
You ________ have ________ your homework before dinner. (10) might / do should / done might / doing should / to do .
Mary's crying. You ________ not ________ her like that. (10) may / punished may / have punished should / punished should / have punished.
They should ____________ arrived yesterday. Their vacation la over. (10) have been had been have had.
________ Diana ________ taking a bath when we called her his morning? She never answered the telephone. (10) Could / have been Should / have been Could / be Should / be.
Ralph ________ have ________ the situation. He's too inmature. (10) should / not understood could / not understood should not / understood could not / understood.
Sandra was not home when I got up this morning. She ____________ have left early. (10) must would can may.
Vicky ____________ left the congress. I haven't seen her for a week. (10) would be must be would have must have.
________ I ________ the letter? You never told me to do it. (10) Can / have destroyed Should / have destroyed Can have / destroyed Should have / destroyed .
I ________ she ________ accepted my proposal. (11) wish / had wish / has wished / had wished / has.
I ________ my son ________ fall in his studies this year. (11) wish / wouldn't wish / couldn't wished / wouldn't wished / couldn't.
I wish I ________ have ________ the grey flannel suit (traje de franela gris). (11) can / bought can / to buy could / bought could / to buy .
I wish you ____________ the dancing contest. (11) had lost will lose have lost should lose.
I wish they ________ have ________ earlier. (11) will / come could / come will / to come could / to come.
Mr. Watson wishes he ____________ how to swim. (11) known know knew knows.
Does the teacher wish her students ____________ more polite (cortés)? (11) are were will be should be .
Marcia wishes she ____________ a little thinner (más delgada), but she can't. (11) can get could get can be getting could have gotten.
Marian wished Fred ________ not ________ that job. She couldn't see him as often (a menudo) as she wanted to. (11) had / take did / took had / taken did / to take.
Not ____________ the film, I couldn't argue (podía discutir) with Albert. (12) have seen have to see having seen having to see.
____________ bought a new house in the country, Phill moved last week. (12) Has Have Having To have.
________ written the letter, I just ________ for the reply. (12) Having / wait To have / wait Having / waited To have / waited.
________ delivered all the merchandise, Jack went out for lunch. (12) Has Had Have Having.
Not ____________ the film, I couldn't argue with Albert. (12) have seen have to see having seen having to see .
____________ finished my work, I took my vacation. (12) Had Have Having To have.
____________ his studies, Phil is looking for a job. (12) Finishes Finishing Has finished Having finished.
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