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Distorsion may be caused by impact from a foreing object Capacity Possibility Strong recomendation .
My name’s Jhon What’s their name? What’s your name? How’s your name?.
Tom is English are is was.
Where is Donald from? He’s from Rome He’s Her is It is.
His name is Jhon Smith He His He’s.
They are playing football What are they doing? What are you doing? What are you do?.
Do you work on Saturday? Yes, I work Yes, I am Yes, I do .
What does she do? She is a model She’s dancing She’s work.
___ the summer we go to the beach In At On .
She Works ____ Saturday at on in .
I am going ___ Madrid at in to .
He ____born in 1987 in Japan is were was.
I can’t stand _____ in hot weather to walk walking walked .
How do you go to work? In car By car On car .
____ bag is this? It’s mine What’s Who’s Whose.
We have lunch ___ one o’clock on in at.
when ___ you go to the USA? go did went.
My favorite ___ is lunch food drink meal.
We got two ____ . A son and a daughter Children Childrens Parents.
_________ brothers have you got? (only) How many How much How old.
It’s very ____ in here. I can’t hear anything exciting quiet noisy .
I’m to ___ today. I’ll cal you later interested polite busy .
Can I ___ your dictionary, please? give borrow lend .
If you don’t leave now, you’ll ___ the bus catch take miss .
I haven’t got any money. Never mind ____ some from the bank I’ll get I get I’d get.
A friend of ___ phoned this morning but ___ didn’t leave a message you / her you / she yours / she.
I think most people ____ english for their Jobs in the future will need need will have need.
They went to Australia ___ a month ___ summer for / during for / last during / the .
I haven’t Heard from Jane for ages. I wonder ____ How does she How she is How is she.
A source of potential harm Risk Error Hazard .
The state in which the probability of harm to person or property is reeduce Incident Competenc Safety.
To put or place someone or oneself near the chance of injury or danger Hazard Risk Incident .
The minimization of human error and its consequences by optimizing the relationship people, activities, equipment ans systems Competency Incident Human factor.
A combination of skills, knowledge and attitudes required to perform a task to the standard Coaching Competency Training.
You must obey the safety precautions all the time to avoid any kind of injuries Possibility Ability Obligation.
You should wear gloves when you manipulate any kind of chemichals to prevent burns in skin Strong recomendation Prohibition Obligation .
The system can operate in several configurations Capacity Possibility Obligation.
When you set the switch to on the blue light will come on Future Capacity Possibility .
The right synonym of “LARGER” is: Smooth Small Big Narrow.
What is the correct synomym for “INHALED”? To breath To blow out To exhale To taste.
The best definition for the Word “RUB” is: A repeated circular or side to side movement An abraded area where the skin is torno r worn off To clean usually with soap and wáter To rinse, clean or empty with a liquid .
The Word “EYELIDS” refers to: A part of a device A part of your face A part of your body A part of your equipment.
What does “FURTER” mean? Being in a particular space or time Being near in space or time At or to a more advanced point, more extended At a particular distance from a place.
Chapter 51-40-00 ______ all fasteners used on all AIRBUS INDUSTRIE models by Standard Number. Type, head form, material and protection/lubrication. Identified Identifying Identifies identify.
Mark removes rivets _______ anyone else I know Best than Better than as better as More good than.
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