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Which of the following options best completes this question? "What time ________ Sheila go to work every morning" Does Did Do Are Is.
(1.1.1) Which option shows the correct time markers of the present simple tense? While - as - if Last year - yesterday - ago Since - for - yet Now - at the moments - this year Every day - always - on Mondays.
Choose the correct option for the blank. "A: What are you doing? ; B: ________ dinner." Am cooking Are cooking I cooking I´m cooking Cook.
(1.1.1) Which of the following words in plural is correct? Men Them Womans Shes Hes.
(1.1.1) Choose the correct option for the blank "____ men are running" One This A He The.
(1.1.1) Choose the right option for the blank: “the woman is eating ___ apple” Two An A And.
1.1.1) Choose the correct option for the blank. “A: What ….and the man woman eating. B:_____ rice” Are eating Is eating They´re eating They eat She´s eating.
(1.1.2) Which option is INCORRECT? "The ____ are drinking orange juice" Woman Girls Men Boys People.
(1.1.2) Which of the flowing options is an example of food? Bread Coffee Milk Water Cat.
(1.1.2) Which word does not belong in the group? Seven Two One Six Tree.
(1.1.2) Which word does NOT belong in the group? Bowl Egg Glass Plate Cup.
(1.1.2) Which of the following sentences is POSSIBLE in English? I feels a headache I am a stomachache My ear hurt I have high blood pressure I can´t stop sneeze.
(1.1.8) Read the text. Select the 4 ideas that are TRUE about Hiroko. “My name es Hiroko. I’m from Osaka, Japan. I am studding computer science in an American university, but this summer I am just studying English six hours a day! Also, I Joined club, and I am playing tennis every day. It is great. I am meeting lots of Americans.” Hiroko plays tennis in here free time Hiroko is a Japanese university student Hiroko is meeting lots of American people Hiroko is studying English this summer Hiroko born in America.
(1.2.1) Choose the correct option for the blank “Look over there! ______ is the biggest pumpkin I´ve ever seen” That´s This Those These That.
Choose the correct option for the blank "hello. My name is Isabella. And this is my brother. ______ name is Enzo." His Her Your My Their.
(1.2.1) Choose the RIGHT option for the blank. A:______ are you from? B: I’m from Colombia How What Who When Where.
(1.2.1) I feel lightheaded. I think I'mabout to _______: Shiver Sweat Fall Faint Scratch.
Which of the following articles of clothing is more appropriate for women? Suit Handbag Swimming shorts Football boots Tie.
(1.2.2) What´s the answer to this equation? “28+32” Six under zero Six oh Six times zero Sixty Sixteen.
(1.2.2) Look at the picture. Which option has false information? The boy is helping the mother The father is turning on the over The mother is hugging the boy The girls is beating eggs The family is cooking together.
(1.2.3) Read the following Text and answer the question that follows: “There are many other color in my summer garden. In December when it´s cold and gray, it´s a very happy place, but now in September, it´s wonderful. There are the red roses and we have other flowers that are green and yellow. QUESTION: What are the colors of the roses in September? Grey Red Yellow Green.
(1.3) Read the following text. What does IT (in the text) refer to?. "Ana Netrebko is an opera start. She is an incredible soprano with a beautiful voice. The magazine "Musical America” loves her. It say she is “a genuine superstar for the 21st century": Anna The magazine The soprano America Her voice.
(1.3.1) Choose the correct preposition to complete the blank in the following sentence: “The doctor usually works _____ the hospital” In On At Under.
(1.3.1) Choose the correct option for the blank "A: why are you washing your hands? B: They _______ bad" smell Are smell Are smelling Smells Smelling.
(1.3.1) Choose the correct option to answer the question. Who is your teacher? In the classroom Not very well Fine thank you Mr. Jameson Where are you?.
(1.3.1) Choose the correct option for the blank. “A: Do you speak Russian B:________ ” Yes, I am Yes I speak Yes I´m speaking Russian No. I don´t No I not speak.
Yesterday Timmy threw his baby bottle and spilled milk on the floor: I tried cleaning but it was very difficult until I replaced my old Wrench Boom Mop Faucet Roof.
Which of the following options is used to talk about weather conditions? Choose the best option. Rain Dry Wind Cloud Sun.
Which of the following comparatives can be used to complete the gap? A desktop computer is generally _________ Shorter Higher Smaller Thinner Bigger.
Which FOUR items do you usually turn on with either electricity or batteries? A flashlight A laptop A camera A cell phone A magazine.
Which word does NOT belong in the group? Moon Coat Skirt Dress Shirt.
Which of the following option is used to talk about the future in the following sentence? “ _______ study for next week´s English exam? I mean, it´s a difficult text so I think is a good idea to…. (incomplete) Are you going to Do you Will you Did you Are you.
Which THREE of the following options can be used to complete the gap in the following expression? “to tell somebody ______ ” The time The truth A lie No more Goodbye.
Which of the following sentences expresses an action that did not happen and will never happen in the future? Choose the best option If I worked harder, I could pass the exam If I or harder, I can pass the exam If I work harder, I can pass the exam If I work harder, I will pass the exam If I had worked harder, I would have passed the exam.
Which option is incorrect? “You can´t ________ in any important museum of the world” Use the lockers Shout Eat or drink Take photos Carry backpacks.
Which is the use of the relative pronoun whose? People Place Possession Objects Times.
Which of the following options is the correct reported speech adverb for the word "tomorrow"? The day before The day after The following week The next day The night before.
Which is the function of the modal verb in *bold letters* in the following sentence?: "At my primary school children *can* stay for lunch." Possibility Prohibition Necessity Advice Obligation.
Which option best describes the function of the phrase in *bold letters*?: “Rafting is as *dangerous* as rock climbing” Superlative Comparative Genitive Equality Possesive.
Which of the options below is the present form of the modal in *bold letters*? "You *needn't have* told Mary the truth about Jeremy." Didn't have to tell Didn't need to tell Mustn't tell Don't need to told Needn't tell.
Which FOUR of the following options best describes different kinds of relationship? Friendship Romantic Acquaintanceship City Family.
Which of the following options describes the emphasis of the present perfect progressive tense? On the habitual action On the duration of the action.
Which 4 (FOUR) of the following verb tense are used to describe different actions referring to future time? Present simple Going to Will Present continuous Past simple.
Which is the function of the modal verb in *bold letters* in the following sentence?: "Teachers *have to* hand in exams before the end of the term." Possibility Obligation.
Where is the family standing? In the yard On the street At the gate In the driveway At the back door.
Where is this family sitting? In front of the house In the driveway In the yard.
When are you going to the beach? B: we’re going _____ January. It’s summer time _____ Brazil, you know? on/at at/at in/at in/in at/in.
What’s answer to this equation? 22+15=37 Thirty-seven Three and seven Thirteen seven Thirty and seven Three seven.
What information is not in the text?. Penguin are aquatic, flightless birds that are highly adapted to life in the water. In fact they can spend up to 75% of their lives in the water. They are found almost exclusively in the southern hemisphere, where they catch their food underwater and raise their young on land. Penguins are social birds. Many species feed, swim and nest in groups. Penguins can’t fly Penguins live in the southern region of the Earth Penguins live in communities Penguins closer to the equator eat more fish Penguins are marine birds and spend most time in the water.
What are the four options that are related to keeping fit and healthy? have team spirit build up your strength lift weights train more than twice a week Over intensive exercise train often.
What is the function of the modal verb in *bold letters* in the sentence below?: “When I was 8 *I was able to* stretch my body in the gym class.” possibility advice ability permission obligation.
What is A doing? A: hello, I think you have a package for me. B: ok, what’s your last name? A: it’s Roberts B: and your first name? A: Mike. B: here you go MR Roberts Returning a package signing a package sending a package delivering a package picking up a package.
What idea is NOT expressed in the following text? THE HE ALTHEST LIFE STYLE IN THE WORLD? The people on Okinawa an island off the coast of Japan …… The Okinawans' diet is based on fruits, vegetables and fish The Okinawans have a positive attitude reinforced by good breathing People on Okinawa prefer quiet, relaxing activities to hard exercise One reason why Okinawans are healthier is that they live on an island There is a good number of centenarians in Okinawa.
What three statements describe ACTIONS you can see in the picture? The baby boy is walking in the park Three peoples are looking at the lake The man is sitting next to the dog The woman is looking at the man A little girl is talking to a friend.
What’s the matter with Paula? Her face is red. She´s burnt herself She´s warning a bandage on her arm She hurt her knee when she was riding her bike Her stomach hurts. She ate too much dessert Her temperature is too high. She has a fever.
What color is the man´s hair? Gray Brown Red Blond Black.
True or false. What create conflict in the workplace? Opposing positions, competitive tensions, power struggles, ego, pride, jealousy, performance, discrepancies, compensation issues, just someone having a bad day, etc. while the answer to the previous question would appear to lead to the conclusion that just about anything and everything create conflict, the really is that the root of most conflicts is either born out of poor communication or the inability to control one´s emotions. According to this text: good communication and emotional intelligence among employees are essential to avoid conflict. True False.
True or False. Aomori Nebuta is held from august 2nd to 7th every year in Aommori, japan. Over 20 linters floats, maximum 5 m tall, parade through the town with chanting festive music played on Japanese flautas and dumps. They are designed after mythological warrior or historical figures. A float is accompanied by 500 to 2000 dancers. This dynamic, lively festival attracts more than 3 million people a year. According to the text, Aomori Nebuta is one of the most important religious festivals in japan. True False.
The movie directors wanted _____ - to win _____ - to receive recognition for theirwork Not / and Either / or Neither / or Both / and Both / but.
The book ______ (write) Wrote Was wrote Was written Were written Writing.
Sarah, I need your help. Please call doctor Wilson's office and cancel my appointment on Wednesday at 2:00pm. Then, call doctor Reedy and make an appointment for me on Thursday at 4:00 pm. I have to get my eyes checked. Please call the plumber and ask him to install the new sin on Friday morning between 9:00 am , and 11:00 am. Also the customers service representative from the blank left a mess sage. Pease make an appointment with he on Tuesday at 4: pm. I have to give him a presentation. I’m going to go to work now, but I plan to return at 5:00 p. I’ll make a reservation for tonight at restaurant as a “thank you” for all your help. I think my cellphone battery is dead. Can I borrow yours? QUESTION: which on the following statements is TRUE about the text. She can use her cell phone to call Sarah in case of any problems Her appointment for her eyes problem in on Thursday afternoon Her appointment for her eyes problem is on Wednesday afternoon She made a reservation at a restaurant yesterday She got her eyes checked.
Read the following text about "selling a car" and decide what type of words are the ones in *BOLD LETTERS*: "Whether you sell your car *ONLINE*, at a dealer, or somewhere in between, this guide will help you get the most cash. It used to be a hassle, but the advent of online trading means selling your car has become remarkably *SIMPLE*. This 'sell my car' guide gives you tips and advice on how to sell your car, as well as getting the most amount of cash for your motor" Adjectives Verbs Adverbs Nouns Prepositions.
Read the dialog below. Where are the people in the conversation? A: Do you think it fits? B: It does, but I think it’s the wrong color. A: Should I try a darker one? B: I think so. A: What do you think now? B: That’s perfect. A: Excuse me. Is this on sale? C: No, I’m afraid it’s not. In a book store At someone‟s home In a clothes store At the beach In a restaurant.
Read the following text about appliances and answer the question that follow. “Batteries store energy and release it using direct currying (DC). Most household appliances, such as lamps, microwares and toaster operate on alternating current (AC). Connecting a car battery to a power inverted will allow the conversion of DC battery power to AC power for running these appliances. Emergency power batteries can run appliances as well. Witch of the following option is TRUEaccording to the text. Microwaves can only operate with DC Batteries usually release energy using AC Emergency power batteries are not useful DC is the method for batteries to maintain and release energy car battery is not good to convert power.
Read the following text and answer the question that follows. “the day of the math test was next Monday. He had three days to study he did not like math. It was his hardest subject. He has is Italy in….room. He turned off his phone. He shut off his computer. There could be not distractions. He left his radio on. Music helped his study. Every day he study for hours. After three days be stopped. He needed…. He …called his friend. His friend was good at math. He asked his friend if he could help. His friend say yes and came over. His friend helped him study for three hours. He was ready to take the text. His friend … came. He took the text. He passed the text. Studying has paid off. “QUESTION: What did this student do immediately after he called his friend.” He looked himself in his room He took a test He was ready for the test He asked his friend for help He left the radio on.
Read the text and choose the 3 options that are correct. According to the Royal Society for the prevention of Accidents (ROSPA), you are far more likely to be injured playing sports like football and rugby than hill walking or rock climbing. ROSPA reports 1.000 accidents per 100m hours for walking and 4.000 for rock climbing. Cycling scores 7.000 and horse riding 10.000. According to the next, more likely means more_______ More than spected Probable Possible Like more.
Read the text and choose ONE that are correct. We keep our bread in the fridge _____ it doesn´t go bad. So that If Since Although Because.
Read the text and choose the correct option for the blank. Few days left until the New Year! Say hello to the new with a bang in IBIZA Counting down to down to the next year with an amazing view of BGC skyline, Ibiza is giving you the ultimate Countdown Party Package : DJ John Robinson , Ibiza Shoe Team, and the Pop culture band are set on the time of your life, keep you on your feet, dancing the night away. For more details, call +632 755 1777 or +63917 633 7499 to pre purchase your tickets. In the text word pre purchase means ______ - Pay in advance Resell Pay in installments Give as a presents Reprogram.
Read the text and choose the options that is correct. A New York City woman is seeking her mystery Valentine via a large painted billboard in Brooklyn that describes the man she sparked a connection with on the subway. Woman seeks mystery man at mural describing chance encounter. He was wearing yellow shoes at that moment. According to the text, the woman _______ Is trying to find him through the mural Is looking for her missing boyfriend Lost a pair of yellow shoes she had bought Fell in with the man in the billboard Saw they had a special attraction.
Read the text and Choose the four correct options. Complaining about problems so often involves interacting with other people. However, if you are unable to solve your problems or find someone else to fix it for you, it is tempting to bury the problem under a mass of hardcore denial. Denying the existence of the problem all together can be a problem in itself as the problem often consequently resurfaces in an even more powerful state than when you initially buried it. According to the text __________, __________, ___________, or are NOT real solution. Keeping the secret to yourself Not accepting that you are having a problem Accepting you are having a problem Talking about problem showing dissatisfaction Asking somebody to solve your problems.
Read this text and choose the CORRECT option for the black. The blue Zones Project, a community well-being improvement focusing on environment, police and social changes, demonstrates the restaurants can play an important role in the health and wellbeing of residents. One of the core tenants of a Blue Zone certified restaurant menu is to de-convenience unhealthy choices. Instead automatically offering French's fries with every sandwich, it will come with a salad. Customers can still request files. But time and again when the healthy option is the easy option, people will eat it. Customers can still order fries. But time and again when the _________ is the easy option, people will eat it. Salad appetizer Delicious meal Vegetable meal Healthy option Cheap choice.
Read the text and choose the best title for it. Preparation is the key to nailing your music school one thing stands between you and your coveted music school admission: the music school audition. When you prepare for a music school audition, two things are key: learning material inside and out building your confidence. It can be intimidating, but don´t let it shake you. You cando this. Music school audition Preparing the audition.
Read the text and choose the best title for it. Why it matters: having to say bye-bye to mommy or daddy is often the most challenging part of starting preschool. The image of your kid clinging, crying, and refusing to enter the classroom may be among your worst first-day fears too. Get prepared: if you´re a working parent, your child has already adjusted to spending some time apart from you. If not, arrange to have hum stay with a babysitter or another family member whole you go out for a couple of hours. These short preparations enforce the message that you´ll always come back at the end of the day, say Dr. Berman. Starting separation. Follow the instructions Separating with parents Entering the classroom Separation of parents.
Read the description. How many forms of transportation did the tourist use? "Our flight departed from Colombia on Friday night and arrived in Italy the next day. Then we look a train to France, where we stayed for two days. Then we drove east to Belgium. And finally, we went to Germany by bus" 2 3 4 5 6.
Read the text. What does the Ivy League Include? "The Ivy League is the name for a group of eight traditional colleges in the northeast United States. All of them are well known for their excellent educational standards and their sports traditions. They include Harvard University, the oldest university in the United States, and one of the most famous in the world." All the colleges located in the northeast of the U.S. Some colleges from one part of the U.S.
Read the following sentence and decide which of the options describes the grammar pattern of the phrase in *bold letters*?: "I am glad *to know* that our new manager is from our city." Adverb + infinitive Adjective + infinitive subject + infinitive Infinitive + adjective To be + infinitive.
Mrs. Robbins will be available to talk to tour in a few minutes, please wait for him in the __________, which is on the __________ floor. Thank you. lobby / six lobby / ten lobby / tenth stairs / tenth couch / second.
My brother ________ to cook very well. He is a chef in a French restaurant Can Is able Was able Could.
My name is Jill and I'm a chemist and I work in a laboratory. For my chemistry experiment, I wanted to discover if the chemicals in coffee and tea are different. I put paper in coffee and tea and then looked at the chemicals on the paper with a microscope. I discovered that tea and coffee have many of the same chemicals, but also some different ones. I’m Vladimir and some time ago, I did a biology experiment to discover if music helps plant grow. I have two plants, and I gave them the same amount of water and light. I didn't play my violin for one plant, but I did play for the other plant. I discovered that the plant that I played my violin for grew two inches in two weeks. The other plant grew one ich. QUESTIONS: which of the following statement is TRUE about the texts? Vladimir used plants and animals in his experiments Coffee and tea have different chemical Jill used two different microscope in the experiment The plants grew the same amount Jill and Vladimir are friends.
Many people love taking actions to help the community, specially the homeless and orphanchildren. That’s why they _______ to gather _______ from important citizens and companies in their district Volunteer-donations Donate-unusual things Guarantee-useful things Volunteers-donate Feel-products.
Look at the picture. What option BEST completes the idea? The wooden bench _______ Is heavy Is faster Is made of Plastic Costs less than the house Is more expensive than the chair.
Look at the picture. Which idea is right? These clothes are the same size but different colors These are inexpensive men´s clothes All the options are offered with jewelry accessories The first outfit has more colors that third None of these clothes are casual.
Look at the picture. Which false about it? A coffee table is between the two sofas There are two grey sofas facing each other There is a reading lamp on the sofas These are green pillows on the sofas There are two pictures hanging on the wall.
Look at the picture. Choose the correct option for the blank: "Some people like to have __________ before the main dish" An appetizer Dessert.
I used to play with video games when I was younger, but I don’t play with them ________. Someday Sometimes Anymore Anything Moreover.
IKEA´s, ________ sells really high-quality products Where I bought my living-room furniture set, That I bought my living room furniture set. Where I shop my living room furniture set, Which I shopped my living room furniture set. Where I bought, my living room furniture set.
In the past, parents home was the __________´s home and they stayed until they got married or even sometimes parents´ home was the family home where all ________ together; children moving out in their teenage as changed the family patterns and the concept of family alot. Neighbors´ lived Friends´ shared Relatives´ moved Children´s lived Grandparents‟ moved.
In the sentence "Carol can´t be a doctor! She is only 20 years old, “The verb CAN´T expresses possibility": True False.
If the bus doesn’t arrive” I will be late for classes at university I won‟t travel I would be late for classes I must be late I would stay home.
I didn’t have time to finish all my assignments and they are ______ today. Anyway. I’ll hand in those that I‘ve already finished. Ended Announced Expired Closed Due.
Ho! If I ______ you wanted to quit your job, I _______ this vacation for next month!. Knew – wouldn´t have planned Know – will plan Hadn´t known – wouldn‟t have planned Had known – wouldn´t have planned Know – would plan.
“he has just had an accident. Now we can’t talk because he’s _______ ” Breathing Helping Colliding Bleeding Choking.
He’s using _________ to repair the couch A tool A screwdriver A pencil A hammer A bulldozer.
Fast casual chain eateries inspired by the Dirty Dozen. From flower child to Sweetgreen, trendy restaurants are committing to selling only organic versions of foods. The foods that made 2017´s list are hot peppers, potatoes, sweets bells peppers, tomatoes, celery grapes, cherries, pears, peaches, apples, nectarines, spinach and strawberries. Fast Casual Chain Eateries are ________ - Sell food only to children Make sweet dishes made with fruit Make their food with flowers Restaurants that sell organic food Make exotic type of meals.
Do you have any ________ ? I’d like to put in my coffee Lemon Butter Tea Sugar Bread.
Choose the right option for the blank. “Tom arrives at 4 today. Are you meeting _____ at the station? He’s Him.
Choose the CORRECT option for blank: A: I want to buy a new lamp! B: wait! In a week or two all shops are having ________ . At least, stores are forty percent off the regular price. For sale A sale.
Choose the CORRECT option for blank: “as they had closed the roads due to the heavy snow, Melany suggested ________ the night at a hotel Spending To spend.
A: I have an appointment with the manager, Miss. B: Sorry, Mr. Kent is a bit site. He has to make ________ telephone call, but he can meet with you in fifteen minutes. Would you like come coffee, sir? Many A few.
Choose the best option. “However” can be replaced by: Or And Since Because But.
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