Inglés 6 (Examen 2)

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Inglés 6 (Examen 2)

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1. Did you ______________ how serious his mistake was? A) look B) grab C) realize D) advertise.
2. Vicky ____________ with strangers at parties. A) bursts B) refines C) whirls D) mingles.
3. Joan is __________ at her husband’s laziness. A) pursued B) vanished C) disgusted D) encouraged.
4. Mr. Joyce’s guid ___________ is still necessary for his two sons. A) ion B) ance C) ment D) ence.
5. Dan had always ___________ for power and fortune. Finally, he has succeeded in his efforts. A) argued B) grabbed C) struggled D) advertised.
6. It is dangerous for any industry to run out of____________ A) raw materials B) foreign trade C) subject matter D) natural resources.
7. The town was evacuated because of the __________ caused by the heavy rain. A) wax B) goal C) crop D) flood.
8. Don’t cry after my ___________. I’ll come back soon. A) departure B) shipping C) distress D) arrival.
9. We must leave at once. Everything’s ________ for the trip. A) way of B) all set C) backup D) let alone.
10. She will help us with the plan, if she doesn’t _______ A) see us off B) come in handy C) have time off D) change her mind.
11. Jennifer was punished because of her __________ behavior. A) un B) in C) dis D) mis.
12. First I wished to marry her, but now 1 have _____________ A) made a deal B) talked over C) seen her off D) changed my mind.
13. Cindy should ________ out _________ strangers when she goes out at night. A) run / for B) look / for C) look / to D) run / to.
14. She should study harder__________ to get a good mark in the exam. A) as yet B) by way C) all over D) in order.
15. You shouldn’t be destruct ________ when you criticize other people. A) ive B) ous C) ing D) ise.
16. Will you remember _________________________? A) to your friends B) me when you’re away C) me to finish the report D) your father about the gas bill.
17. I _____________ my best __________ make her understand but failed. A) tried / to B) wished/ to C) planned /on D) intended / on.
18. I will remind you _______________ A) about our date. B) to your brother. C) a little everyday. D) when I listen to this song.
19. Bob should have ___________ harder to finish his projects. A) tried B) desired C) planned D) intended.
20. Our product was sold on the foreign ___________ last year. A) range B) market C) income D) sample.
21. I’m __________ a letter from Barbara these days. A) hoping B) waiting C) expecting D) thinking.
22. Please, sharp _________ all my colored pencils. A) en B) al C) ive D) ise.
A continuación se le presenta un texto que usted deberá leer con atención y EXCLUSIVAMENTE con base a éste, contestará las siguientes 3 preguntas. A major reason for conflict in the animal world is territory. The male animal establishes an area; she size of the area is sufficient to provide food for him, his mate (or mates) and their offspring. Migrating birds, for example, divide up the 5 best territory in the order of “first come, first served”. The late arrivals may obtain larger territories, but less food is available, or they are too close to the habitats of the enemies of the species. If there is really insufficient food or the danger is very great, the animal will not mate 10 In this way, the members of the species which are less fit will not have offspring. When there is conflict over territory, animals will commonly use force, or a show of force, to decide which will stay which will go. 23. Which of the following ideas is true according to the text? A) Migrating birds prefer to settle in large territories. B) Male animals select their territory according to their size. C) Large territories are the main source of trouble for migrating birds. D) The amount of available food animals need determines the territory they choose.24. What does the word “they”, underlined in line 7, refer to? .
25. The word “mate”, underlined in line 9, can be substituted by A) settle B) couple C) hunt D) eat.
26. Liz was shocked at John’s refus _______________ to divorce her. A) ance B) ion C) ing D) al.
Many devout Christians believed that the world would come to a sudden end just 1,000 years after Christ. This prospect of the “millennium” brought relief to many a weary person. Many journeyed to Palestine to be present in their Holy Land when the end of the world came. But the end of the world did not come, and the thousands of pilgrims who had journeyed to Jerusalem were ill-treated by the Turks They returned to Europe full of anger and humiliation, and spread the story of their sufferings in the Holy Land. One famous pilgrim especially, Peter the Hermit, went about staff in hand, preaching to the people to rescue their Holy City Jerusalem from the Muslims. Indignation and enthusiasms grew in Christendom, and seeing this the Pope decided to lead the movement. In 1095, a great Church council decided to proclaim a holy war against the Muslins for the recovery of the Holy City of Jerusalem. Thus began the Crusades - the fight of Christendom against Islam, of the Cross against the Crescent. 27. Which of the following titles best suits the text? A) “How the Crusades Began” B) “A World Which Didn’t End” C) “The Preachings of Peter the Hermit” D) “New Expectations for a Better World”.
28. In the express “went about” underlined in line 9, the word ‘about’ can be replaced by A) on. B) over. C) here and there. D) to the Holy Land.
29. Which of the following ideas is true according to the text? A) The pilgrims got sick and tired in the Holy Land. B) Angry and humiliated pilgrims proclaimed the Holy War. C) The Turks discriminated Christian pilgrims in Jerusalem. D) Humanity thought the world would end before the year 1,000 after Christ.
30. They discussed the plans for more than four hours. At last they come to an agree_______. A) al B) ance C) fy D) ment.
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