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1.What’s your name? a)It Angela. b)Its Michael. c)My name is Angela. d)My name Michelle.
Can take a message, please? a) you b)her c)your d)his.
3.I’m sorry but these seats are . a)my b)their c)them d)ours.
4.Sandy and are going to the café. a) I b)me c)her d)his.
5.Do you want to turn this off? a)I b)me c)my d)mine.
6.Let help you with that. a)he b)my c)him d)his.
7.I can’t talk now, I__busy! a)‘s b)‘m c)‘re d)Is.
8.We__students. a)aren’t b)no are c)isn’t d)is not.
9. __at work today? a)You are b)You’re are c)Are you d)You are not.
10.Are you a teacher? Yes, I__. a)‘m b)am c)do d)is.
11. __that a good book? a) Is b)Are c)It’s d)Am.
12.Is that your book? No, it__. a) isn’t b)doesn’t c)not d)aren’t.
13.We’re going to play tennis__morning. a) this b)that c)these d)those.
14.Can I have a look at__trousers? a)this b)that c)those d)these.
15.Let’s go to__new club in the city centre. a)this b)that c)these d)those.
16. __posters you gave me look great on my wall. a)This b)That c)These d)Those.
17.Look at__ring over here. a) this b)that c)these d)those.
18.We’ll have to do some work now;__isn’t a holiday, you know. a) this b)that c)these d)those.
19.Hi Stuart,__is my friend Sylvie. a) this b)that c)these d)those.
20.Where the toilets, please? a)is b)are c)be d)am.
21.They upstairs, on the left. a)‘s b)‘re are c)Am d)‘re.
22.When__? a)be the next train b)the next train is c)is the next train d)are the next train.
23. __in ten minutes. a)Is b)It c)It’s d)Are.
24.Put the words in alphabetical order. a)Library, classroom, desk, board. b)Board, classroom, desk, library. c)Classroom, board, desk, library. d)Desk, board, classroom, library.
25.Put the words in alphabetical order. a)Playground, subject, teacher, dictionary, book. b)Book, subject, teacher, dictionary, playground. c)Subject, teacher, dictionary, playground, book. d)Book, dictionary, playground, subject, teacher.
26.The person who helps students learn is the__. a)classroom b)library c)student d)teacher.
27.The__is the place where children can rest or play during breaks. a)classroom b)dictionary c)desk d)playground.
28.A__is a book that tells us the meaning of a word and how to spell it. a)library b)student c)teacher d)dictionary.
29.The__is the room where students have lessons. a)library b)dictionary c)classroom d)playground.
30.A__is a place where we can put books and other things. a)classroom b)library c)shelf d)student.
31.Maths, science, history, art and English are__. a)desk b)board c)subjects d)dictionary.
32.The place where the teacher writes things for the class to see is the. a) board b)playground c)teacher d)shelf.
33.A__is a piece of furniture where students sit and work. a)shelf b)desk c)classroom d)library.
34.A__is a person who is studying. a) Student b)Teacher c)Shelf d)Library.
35.A__is a room or building with books that you can borrow. a)classroom b)library c)playground d)shelf.
36.Choose the things that belong to the group “People”. a)Book, dictionary. b)Dictionary, playground. c)Student, teacher. d)playground, dictionary.
37.Choose the things that belong to the group “Places”. a)Book, classroom. b)Library, pencil. c)Playground, classroom. d)Book, pencil.
38.Choose the things that belong to the group “Furniture”. a)Board, classroom. b)Desk, shelf. c)Desk, subject. d)Board, subject.
39.Choose the objects we can hold in our hand. a)Desk, playground. b)Book, desk. c)Pencil, dictionary. d)Dictionary, desk.
40.Tomatoes and strawberries are __. a)brown b)blue c)yellow d)red.
41.The sky is__. a)blue b)black c)orange d)white.
42.Grass, many vegetables and the leaves on trees are usually__. a)brown b)blue c)yellow d)green.
43.When you mix black and white, you get__. a)Pink b)Grey c)Green d)Yellow.
44.When you mix red and white, you get__. a)orange b)blue c)yellow d)pink.
45.Milk chocolate is__. a)black b)brown c)blue d)orange.
46.The sky at night is__. a) black b)blue c)grey d)green.
47.The paper in a notebook is__. a)brown b)black c)blue d)white.
48.Carrots and basketballs are usually__. a) orange b)yellow c)blue d)green.
49.Bananas and lemons are__. a)orange b)yellow c)black d)white.
50.You look really__. Why don't you go to bed? a) tired b)tiring c)tires d)tire.
51.Can I call you? I've got some very__news for you! a)excited b)exciting c)excites d)exciter.
52.My neighbour is always playing loud music. It's very __. a)annoys b)annoy c)annoyed d)annoying.
53.My cats get really__when there's a thunderstorm. a) Frightened b)Frightening c)Frightenes d)Frightenings.
54.People use this to carry money. a)Keys b)Wallet c)Jacket d)Car.
55.This is a bag that you put on your back. a)briefcase b)backpack c)wallet d)purse.
56.You can use this to call people. a) Mobile phone b)Ticket c)Laptop d)Earphone.
57.Some people need these to see better. a) Glasses b)Letters c)Books d)Sunglasses.
58.This is a message on paper that comes in the post. a)Computer b)Letter c)Book d)Ticket.
59.You need these to open a locked door. a)Contact lenses b)Glasses c)Keys d)Sunglasses.
60.You can use this to send email or play games. a) Computer b)Purse c)Book d)Ticket.
61.This is a small suitcase we use to carry things for work. a) Briefcase b)Wallet c)Purse d)Jacket.
62.We need this to get on a bus or train or to go in a cinema or museum. a)Glasses b)Mobile phone c)Ticket d)Wallet.
63.This food comes from chickens. a)Butter b)Egg c)Chips d)Cheese.
64This food is made from milk. In the UK, many people put it on bread. a) Butter b)Cereal c)Pasta d)Bread.
65.This food is made from fruit and sugar. In the UK, people often put it on bread. a)Butter b)Cereal c)Jam d)Pasta.
66.You do this after a long day and just before you fall asleep. a)Go to bed b)Have dinner c)Get up d)Have breakfast.
67.You do this when your alarm clock goes off in the morning. a)Do homework b)Have breakfast c)Have dinner d)Wake up.
68.You do this in the morning because it is the most important meal of the day. a)Go to bed b)Have breakfast c)Wake up d)Do homework.
69.You do this at the dinner table with your family. a)Get up b)Do exercise c)Have breakfast d)Have dinner.
70.You do this to make your body and hair clean. a)Get up b)Have a shower c)Have breakfast d)Do exercise.
71.You do this after you wake up. a) Get up b)Go to school c)Do homework d)brush your teeth.
72.You do this so you can meet your friends and learn new things. a)Do exercise b)Go to school c)Do homework d)Brush your teeth.
73.You do this to learn after school. a)Get up b)Go to school c)Do homework d)Brush your teeth.
74.Your dentist will be pleased if you do this twice a day. a)Get up b)Go to school c)Brush teeth d)Go home.
75.You do this in the afternoon when your classes at school have finished. a)Go to school b)Get up c)Have a shower d)Go home.
76.I usually up at 6 a.m. when my alarm clock goes off. a)get b)go c)have d)wake.
77.I usually__lunch at 12:30 p.m. a)have b)get c)brush d)wake.
78.In my family we usually__dinner at about 6 p.m. a)get b)brush c)wake d)have.
79.Since I live in the city, I often__home by bus. a)get b)wake c)go d)have.
80.On the weekends, I to bed later than on weekdays. a)get b)go c)have d)wake.
81.On Sunday I don’t up until I , usually at about 8:30 a.m. a)get – go b)wake – get c)get – wake d)have-wake.
82.I always my teeth before I go to bed. a)have b)brush c)go d)wake.
83.On weekdays, I__to work at 8:30 a.m. a) go b)brush c)have d)wake.
84.Do you want__sandwich? I’ve got cheese and bread in the shopping bag. a) a b)an c)the d)Ø.
85.She wants to be__ambulance driver when she finishes school. a)a b)an c)the d)Ø.
86.Does she see__moon every day? a)a b)an c)the d)Ø.
87.I really hate__mosquitos. They always bite me. a)a b)an c)the d)Ø.
88.If you need to contact me over the weekend, please send me email. a)a b)an c)the d)Ø.
89.I’m a fun-loving person. I love__parties and dancing! a)A b)An c)The d)Ø.
90.I’ll be there in__hour. a)a b)an c)the d)Ø.
91.__teachers at my son’s school are great. a)A b)An c)The d)Ø.
92.Uncle David is my dad__brother. a)es b)s c)‘s d)s’.
93.Martina__hair is brown. a)es b)s c)‘s d)s’.
94.Those are my two colleague__desks. a)es b)s c)‘s d)s’.
95.These are Natasha’s shoe__. a)es b)s c)‘s d)s’.
96.Sara’s parent__house is in Sydney. They live near the beach. a)es b)s c)‘s d)s’.
97.Can you give me Aiden__phone number, please? a)es b)s c)‘s d)s’.
98.We have tickets for the men__final of the tennis competition. a)es b)s c)‘s d)s’.
99.That’s Mathias__sister. Her name is Emilia. a)es b)s c)‘s d)s’.
100.She__in a hospital. a) work b)working c)works d)workers.
101.I__the guitar. a)plays b)doesn’t play c)does play d)don’t play.
102. __you__tea? a)does – drinks b)do – drinking c)does – drink d)do – drink.
103.Where your friend ? a) do – live b)does – lives c)does – live d)does – living.
104.They__to the cinema very often. a)not go b)do go c)don’t go d)doesn’t go.
105.What__you__for work? a) do – wear b)do – wears c)does – wearing d)does – wears.
106.His English class__at 8 o’clock. a) finish b)finishing c)finishes d)finisher.
107.__we__time for a coffee? a) do – have b)does – have c)do – has does – has.
108.What time__he__? a)does – start b)do – start c)does – starts d)do-starts.
109.We__to the same place on holiday every year. a) go b)goes c)going d)gone.
110.My sister__chocolate. a)does like b)does likes c)doesn’t likes d)doesn’t like.
111.__they__a lot of sport? a) Do – do b)Do – does c)Does – do d)Does – does.
112.I__meals very often. a)not cook b)don’t cook c)does cook d)doesn’t cook.
113.Why__cats__all the time? a)Do – sleep b)Does – sleeps c)Does – sleep Does – sleeping.
114.__you__this question? a) do – understand b)does – understand c)does – understands d)do – understands.
115.He__to different countries for work. a)fly b)flyes c)flies d)fli.
116.__your friend a scientist? – No, he’s an artist. a) Does b)Can c)Is d)Do.
118. __Nuria live in Valencia? – No, she lives in Barcelona. a)Do b)Does c)Can d)Where.
118.When__you get home? – After class. a) Do b)Does c)Where d)Can.
119.What time__you get up? – I get up at 6:00. a) do b)does c)don’t d)doesn’t.
120. __the children go to the park? – Yes, they go there after school. a)Do b)Does c)Don’t d)Doesn’t.
121.Are__going to the office? – No, I’m going home. a) you b)your c)I d)we.
122.__you speak Korean? – Just a little. a) Do b)Does c)Don’t d)Doesn’t.
123.__do you live? a) Where b)Who c)When d)What.
124.Are you__to work today? a) go b)goes c)going d)gone.
125.How often do you__to the cinema? a) go b)goes c)going d)gone.
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