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He struggled desperately and survived ________ his age. invoice beneath despite distress.
The plane's ________ has been delayed because of weather conditions. arrival disgrace platform timetable.
Joan succeeded in life because she was always a very ________. undergone researched white - washed self - reliant.
I _____agree with all your points of view. in dis mis un.
After the war ________ came to our country in great numbers. famine incomes invoices immigrants.
Betty was ________ with medicine. drilled searched provided embarrased.
________ your bags. Someone may steal them. Keep an eye on Don't carry out Don't let alone Keep in touch with.
Attending Dr. Miller's lecture is ________ for the whole class. interfered compulsory advertised outstanding.
Instead of fighting. John ________. gave up blew out put away called by.
Atomic energy is perhaps the most ________ discovery of our century. weapon disgust accurate remarkable.
I was ________ to leave when the phone rang. over about in order by way of.
Will you be home this evening? I'll ________ by about seven. lay get call drop.
Only two members of the ________ survived the accident. crop dinning car crew reserved seat.
Jane was shocked by the ________ love story of Buñuel's film. hurey bitter status thrifty.
Due to scientific ________ modern societies are living better. resorts advantage development enterprises.
I didn't remember __________. you to phone her what did she want what she told me Anne about the milk.
We have to look at history to understand the ________ of our heritage. roots goals fields ranges.
Most of Brazil's coffee is ________ to the United States. packed mingled grasped exported.
Anne falled because she didn't ________ with all her strength. pursue achieve struggle encourage.
People should always be prepared to ________ all kinds of difficulty on their way to arquiring knowledge. face hire reach breed.
Alcohol made Tom leave his job and his town. He became a ________. crew tramp weapon settler.
Only children who prove ________ will be allowed to practice water sports. major spare harmless healthful.
I ________ two rabbits and a fox with the new instrument. grabbed trapped mingled collected.
We observed her walk away until she ________ in the mist. vanished realized diminished reasearched.
The company's main ________, should be to meet our customers demands. branch market purpose merchandise.
Bob ________, and he couldn't visit his mother for Christmas. kept up died down worked out caught cold.
Harry showed his _____agreement with teacher's ideas. un in mis dis.
Mary, ________ on the light. turn hold set get.
Mr. Adams ________ on coming home this week. tried thought planned menaced.
Our ________ is to achieve better grain product. purpose invoice device income.
Ralph will marry Ann. Nothing will make him ________ his mind. speak change let alone take apart.
Dr. Rusell gave you good advice ________ into account. set put keep take.
Toads and Lizards are completely ________ the wouldn't attack anybody. sticky thrifty harmless relentless.
The cat is lost. My sister is looking ________ it. up for ive ment.
Hard work is the ________ of my success. source mean range path.
________ an eye ________ your luggage, it might get stolen. Hold / at Hold / on Keep / at Keep / on .
The thief was ________ before midnight by two detectives. seeped argued trapped tramped.
I ________ for until nine o'clock. hoped waited reached expected.
The Government's main ________ is to create a solid economy. goal root status weapon.
There was silver ________ the surface of the Valley. beneath argue provide research.
South American ________ have settled in several Mexican towns. resources immigrants enterprise purpose.
I will have some time ________ tomorrow. I will call you then. spare free off out.
Billy ________ by about 5:00 pm. He wanted to see my sister. made apart picked dropped.
Don't let anybody ________ with your privancy. advice burst interfere confidence.
I hope our plane has enough ________ for the trip. awe fuel pipe fows.
Grandmother's agony was a ________ experience for all the family. bitter former drilling whirling.
One of the following questions is optional and the other is ________. major hardy accurate compulsory.
Our ________ will be postponed due to bad weather. arriving shipping departure timetable.
Sally was ________ for a part-time job in the new factory. hired labeled stroggled embarrassed.
Grandfather is very ________ for his age. actual disgraced undergone healthful.
I don't like to ________ about anything with my mother-in-law. face argue spare mingle.
Brenda's perform_____ at the ceremony was outstanding. ance ince ment ion.
China ________ tea to the western world. packs breeds labels exports.
Our country's industrial ________ is very slow compare to that of agriculture. income platform advantage development.
A plane's ________ must serve the passengers. crew fare mist branch.
________ lets you introduce your product to the costumers. Antiquity Advertising Self - reliance Purpose.
We must wear protect_____ clothing to do that work. ion ous ive ment.
Mexico ________ flowers to the United States. advertise exports ship pack.
An ________ is a list of goods with prices. invoice letter of credit sight draft time draft.
Please, ________ the baby. catch a cold cares keep an eye on have on.
If you study, you will have many ________. struggles advantages development searches.
The meeting was ________. postponing called off kept up by the way.
I had to ________ my car when the dog barked. keep up bring about slow down have time off.
It is a big ________ with many ________. income / enterprises enterprise / income range / branches enterprise / branches.
I would like to ________ you. run away let go of settle on keep in touch with.
A ________ broke into my house last night. skyscraper spare breed burglary.
The child was ________ his father. named after pointed out thought up hold on.
Please, ________ the lights. turn on slow down pick up go over.
I know this is very difficult, but don't ________. break into ask out give up show up.
Candles are made with ________. trap beneath wax furniture.
You have to stop smoking because it is very ________. ugly hazardous bitter molten.
Last night there was a ________ , the laundry was stolen. disgrace burglary disgust menace.
Mr. Harris looked ________ the documents he lost couldn't find them. in out for back.
We were ready to leave when ________ it started to rain. as yet by way of all in all all at once.
Don't slow ________ , we only have ten minutes to get there. off away out down.
The ________ is trained to evacuate the passengers from the plane in a few seconds in case of a emergency. crop screen crew crevice.
Our country's ________ with Europe was much higher last year. invoice foreign trade development natural resource.
Jane never ________ how much her husband loved her. grabbed struggled achieved realized.
We have sold all our goods. The new ________ will arrive next week. packing platform procedure merchandise.
Has your uncle ever ________ a liver operation? received undergone produced diminished.
My brother was ________ considered one of the best painters in the country. ago before whenever formerly.
Pete ________ his new product in the local paper. advertised collected labeled hired.
You must ________ your students to work hard. argue focus provide encourage.
The English ________ in the American Colonies were hard-working people. tramps incomes settlers arrivals.
They're trying to find out what the main ________ of employment is in this country. source path goal fare.
He needs a ________ climate to recover. minor sticky lovelier healthful.
When I was a child, my ________ were very strict. Mother used to punish me and Dad agreed with her. fathers parents families relatives.
John misses Mary a lot. He's ________ to date her again. thrifty willing pursuing relentless.
Has your favorite hobby ever ________ with your profession? researched embarassed interfered provided.
Our History teacher gave an original ________ on Greece last night. sample lecture reading advice.
We'll have to postpone our lunch because the ________ is full right now. dining car resort place self reliance reserved seat.
I can see the other room through that ________. root whirl range crevice.
I read two ________ novels last month: the best of the year in my opinion. burglary remarkable compulsory advertising.
A ________ involving a police car and a bus occurred this morning. weapon disgrace menace collision.
I saw the thief ________ the briefcase from the man. breed reach grasp search.
Our factory's ________ has been continually increasing. crew output purpose procedure.
The action of Tom's new film ________ in an African village. focuses portrays works out takes place.
They were not able to ________ the orders they had been given. carry out break in turn off bear up.
Tom wants to rob the big store, but he'll never ________ with it. come up run away get away make over.
Betty went into business by ________ with the New Import Bank. figuring out making a deal standing in line taking into account.
The players will feel better if they ________ the captain of the team. keep in touch with look forward to bring about drop by.
The last soldier had to ________ when he ran out of bullets. ask for give up die down leave out.
Liz was shocked at John's refusal_____ to divorce her. ance ion ing al.
The teacher _____liked your son's behavior. in un dis mis.
The National Bank has opened a new ________ near my office. branch market profit purpose.
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