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1.I from the United States. a. am b. is c. are.
2. John an artist. a. am b. 're c. is.
3. Mary a married woman. a. 're b. is c. am.
4.You _____from Brazil. a. am b. are c. is.
5.Their names _______ Kevin and Steven. a. am b. is c. are.
6. Our family name ____ Turner. a. is b. am c. are.
7. London ____ in England. a. 'm b. are c. is.
8. What is your middle name?.______ middle name is Sophia. a. her b. his c. my.
9. What ______ Paula´s email adress? a. am b. is c. are.
10. What ____ first name?. It is Will. a. are our b. 's his c. are her.
11.______ name is Jill. I am a teacher. a. Her b. His c. My.
12. ______name is Sarah and Andrea. We are artists. a. Our b. Her c. Their.
13. Juan and Jorge are students. _____ last names are Gomez and Ramirez. a. Their b. Our c. Your.
14. "What are _____names?" "Our names are Melissa and Doug." a. his b. my c. your.
15._______in your class? a. Am I b. I be c. Are he.
16. ______ from England? a. Be he b. Is he c. Am you.
17._____ in our class? a. Is I b. You be c. Are you.
18. "Is her name Anita?" "Yes,_____ " a. it's b. she is c. it is.
19. "Is she an artist?" "No, _____ ." a. her is b. she isn't c. she is.
20. "Are Guayaquil and Quito the biggest cities in Ecuador?" "Yes, _____." a. it is b. their c. they are.
21. He is ______ out every Saturday. a. eating b. eat c. eats.
22. I _____a nap on Sunday morning. a. is b. 'm c. aren't.
23. "How often _____ Maria make popcorn?" a. does b. are c. is.
24. She is ______ a game show at home right now. a. watches b. watching c. watched.
25.______we playing soccer right now? a. Does b. Are c. Is.
26. "Would you like to see a movie?" "No. We are ______up the yard now." a. clean b. cleaning c. cleans.
27. "Did you like the tour of that palace?" "Yes. It ______beautiful." a. did b. had c. was.
28. Rachel ______her new apartment. a. likes b. liking c. no like.
29. They are a car now. a. bought b. buys c. buying.
30. She _____the homework every day. a. doing b. does c. do.
31. When ______ you travel to Cuenca. Last year a. have b. did c. do.
32. He ____a nap last Sunday. a. take b. took c. taked.
33. Did you do excercise ______? a. tomorrow b. yesterday c. right now.
34. John and his friends _____to the mall. a. went b. gone c. going.
35. What time are you ___? a. traveling b. travels c. traveled.
36. If she ______a headache. She takes medicine. a. gets b. getting c. got.
37. _______you ever eaten sushi? a. Has b. Have c. Do.
38. My friend _____made a pizza since 2000. a. has b. have c. haves.
39. What book ______you read last year? a. do b. done c. did.
40. She has______her Friends in the afternoon. a. meet b. met c. meted.
41. I _____to exercise every day, but I can't because I work a lot now. a. use b. used c. used to.
42. John didn't ____a balanced diet, but he does now. a. used to eat b. use to eat c. used to eaten.
43. "I played soccer a week ” a. last b. ago c. yesterday.
44. The bus ______right on Oak Street, but it turns right on Maple now. a. use to turn b. didn't used to turn c. used to turn.
45. You use to email only in the morning, but you check it all the time now. a. did b. had c. didn´t.
46. We _____coffee, but we didn´t like it. a. took b. tooked c. taken.
47. Where ______they dancing on Fridays? a. were b. did c. be.
48. "Was she _____her homework?" "No, wasn´t." a. do b. doing c. does.
49. What _____Zarhy eating? It was a banana. a. were b. be c. was.
50. "Was_____a Peruvian student?" "No, she wasn´t." a. he b. she c. it.
51. Omar is a musician _____ play with my brother. a. which b. where c. who.
52._______do you live? a. where a. who c. how.
53.______language do you speak? a. that b. how c. what.
54.______is your name? My name is Sophia a. What time b. what c. how.
55. My friends are people_______a lot of different books. a. which read b. that reads c. who read.
56. His sisters are students______serious about their work. a. that are b. which are c. that were.
57. I like to design clothes______to wear. a. that like people b. which people like c. who people like.
58. I don't watch movies______me. a. scare b. that scares c. who scare.
59. They are actors ______don't work in movies. a. which b. who c. where.
60. Paul painted a picture of ______last week. a. he b. his c. himself.
61. I am than my sister. a. beautifuler b. more c. more beautiful.
62. I love Ambato; I think it is ______city in Ecuador. a. the best b. the worst c. Good.
63. Mary is than Teresa. She is 1.45 feets tall. a. short b. the shorter c. shorter.
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