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Inglés Técnico ASIR ITEP 02/22

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A process of ensuring that ads are shown in relevant areas. Geo targeting. Geo searching. Geo capping. Geo tolerance.
Resolution is... A computer or camera's ability to produce a clear image. A small amount of a colour in something. The length of time film is open to light when taking a picture. A small dot that makes up part of an image on a computer screen.
Using software that runs and stores information on the Internet. Clients. Manufacturers. Suppliers. Cloud computing services.
A patch is... A code to fix errors in a program. A part of a program giving undesired access. Someone who accesses a system without permission. A malicious virus that seems beneficial.
Able to be modified by the user. Free source. Open code. Open source. Free code.
Process of ensuring that visitors don't see the same ad repeatedly. Frequency targeting. Frequency hanging. Frequency capping. Frequency rating.
Automatic ___ occur when thieves try to guess your password. Lockups. Lockdowns. Lockcuts. Lockouts.
If you click on them, you get to a program quickly. Shorcuts. Shortpages. Shortfalls. Shoot-ups.
We do not use cable or wirew for our network. We have a ___. WLAN DHCP IP address. CAT-5.
An attachment is... A file that is sent with an email. A program that saves, sends and receives emails. A program that makes a computer work. A file that contains the account number to which you must make the payment of the registration or payment on account.
Part used to cool the processor of a computer. Heat sink. Hot sink. Sink heat. Hotless sink.
Mathematical instruction that performs spreadsheets calculations. Formula. Field. Database. Worksheet.
Hacker's method consisting in using a legitimate-looking website to trick people. Phishing. Pharming. Piggybacking. Pretexting.
FAQs are... Any type of media used on a webpage. Any word, phrase or image used as a link. A list of common questions and their answers. A storage device used to display videos.
Process of counting the number of clicks and advert receives weekly. Click traceing. Click searching. Click founding. Click tracking.
Time between the end of one computer communication and the start of another. Frequency capping. Latency. Self-stabilization. Fault tolerance.
From these four, which is not a web browser? Google Chrome. Apple Safari. Mozilla Firefox. Twitter.
SEO is an acronym for... Search Engine Optimization. Search Execute Optimization. Search Execute Open-source. Search Enhanced Online.
How easily a user can find a website on a search engine. Visibility. Usability. Functionality. Scalability.
CSS is used to... Change a website's style. Find a website. Advert a website. Share a website.
CPU stands for... Central Processing Unit. Central Process Unit. Central Processed Unit. Central Procession Unit.
The software or hardware that is needed to run a program. System requirements. System conditions. System requisites. System qualifications.
___ is a malicious type of software designed to enter your computer, gather personal information, and forward it to a third-party without your consent. Pharming. CPC Spyware. Raid.
Tricking people into giving information through email. Phishing. Pharming. Phialing. Phrasing.
Unwanted advert on a web browser. Pop-up. Patch. Protocol. Bug.
The process of identifying and fixing technical problems. Troubleshooting. Problem-shooting. Troublemaking. Problem-making.
Technical support means... Helping people use/understand technology. Programs/instructions added to computers. The act of protecting information. Putting secret information into code.
Putting secret information into code. Customizing. Encoding. Networking. Browsering.
Please, enter our ___ server for incoming email. POP 3 SMTP HTML ISP.
A single page of a spreadsheet. Field. Formula. Worksheet. Sheetwork.
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